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A 34-year-old member asked:

my son is 2, and refuses to eat almost anything at all. what do you suggest to ensure hes getting the right amount of nutrients/vitamins/minerals?

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Dr. Pedro Hernandez
Geriatrics 40 years experience
Discuss with Pediatr: Pediatricians well know that most. Children do not eat from age 1 to 8. One strategy is to leave them to take food in their hands. Give multivitaminic supplements. If they are not diabetic ....Give them milk shakes ( add olive oil and sugar to them ). Avoid snacks, sodas, candies between meals.
Dr. Cornelia Franz
Specializes in Pediatrics
Not to worry: I agree with dr hernandez. Children are clever...But parents are more clever! you provide him with a balanced meal and if he chooses not to eat that is his choice (not the best one mind you!). He will eat when he is hungry. Avoid becoming a short order cook trying to find something he will eat. Provide the food and if he doesn't eat don't worry. I have seen toddlers go 7 days not eating solids.
Dr. Cornelia Franz
Specializes in Pediatrics
Provided original answer
Then they will eat a lot. He will not starve and his body will get the nutrients it needs when he chooses to eat.
Mar 1, 2012
Dr. Susan McCreadie
Holistic Medicine 23 years experience
I agree. Also love the 2-bite rule. Consistency in parenting is the hardest thing to do - but pays off in the end. Be consistent. Every time food is offered, 2 bites are required to hit the stomach! After that, you can be excused from the table. Science shows taste buds are trainable - generally within 21 days. Worked with my girls and spinach!
Mar 2, 2012
Dr. Nguyen Nguyen
Pediatrics 50 years experience
Agree with all above. One research group had gone into the home of parents of toddlers, asked the parents to prepare a balance meal for their kids but not to force the issue, then they counted the calories eaten for a period of time. They found that for a three-week period, the kids eat the exact amount of calories required for proper growth. Science did support the above advice. Just don't force.
Mar 7, 2012

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A member asked:

Do I have to feed my baby formula to make sure he is getting the right vitamins?

7 doctor answers9 doctors weighed in
Dr. Kathleen Forcier
Specializes in General Practice
Yes: Breastmilk is a near perfect food for baby. The only thing it's missing is vitamin d, so breast fed babies should get 400 iu of vitamin d a day (1 ml of poly-vi-sol or d-vi-sol). As long as mom is eating a healthful diet and your pediatrician thinks your baby is growing well, you shouldn't have to supplement with formula. Around 4-6 months start giving your baby rice cereal for extra iron.
A 22-year-old member asked:

Is it safe to take vitamin C while pregnant?

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Dr. Padmavati Garvey
A Verified Doctoranswered
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Yes: In recommended standard doses, yes. You probably already have enough in your prenatal vitamin. Taking "more" vitamins and minerals in the form of supplements does not improve health.
A 36-year-old member asked:

How can I ensure I am making the best decisions during pregnancy and birth?

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Dr. Megan Bird
Obstetrics and Gynecology 19 years experience
Get information: The reality is we never know if the decisions we make turn out for the very best. We can't. But we can make the best decisions with the information we have at hand. Be sure that you understand all your options and the most common risks. If you don't understand something, ask again. Then keep in mind your goals: a happy healthy baby and mom.
A 42-year-old female asked:

My son had small bumps in his face-chicken bumps as they call.Is there any cream to apply to treat it.?

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Dr. Cornelia Franz
Specializes in Pediatrics
More info: "chicken bumps" are more commonly seen on the arms and legs and do well with cod liver oil (orally). On the face...Depends on the age. If a newborn is one thing. Older children i would want to see the rash before offering suggestions. In general there is a great cream..Called schmoove. Can be ordered from maker. Check it out at www.Franzcenter.Com under herbaceuticals.
A 32-year-old member asked:

What is the best vitamin C supplement?

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Dr. Randy Baker
Holistic Medicine 40 years experience
Lypo-Spheric C: Until recently i would have said most vitamin c is created equal, but a relatively new formulation called lypo-spheric c is much better absorbed and can cross cell membranes better. See http://www.Livonlabs.Com/ it is pricier than other forms of c, but if you are motivated you can make your own liposomal vit c at home: see http://www.Quantumbalancing.Com/liposomalc.Htm.
Dr. Peter Nefcy
Dr. Peter Nefcy commented
Radiology 39 years experience
After searching on their web sites, I can tell anyone who is interested that Lypo-Spheric C does not contain ANY vitamin C. Sodium ascorbate sold as "vitamin C" is not vitamin C and does not have all the components of complete vitamin C. It may be digested easier, but will not help your health or well being. The same is true for most ascorbic acid and sodium acetate products sold in the USA.
Apr 26, 2016

90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions or offer you advice, prescriptions, and more. Get help now:

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Last updated May 7, 2016

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