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Guaynabo, PR
A 40-year-old female asked:

i am taking lyrica75mg & effexor (venlafaxine) 75mg to control fibromyalgia, but the horrible pain in neck&shoulder especially the left shoulder led me wish to die!?

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Dr. Bettina Herbert
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 20 years experience
Don't "feed" the FM: Even tho' it will take longer, try eating a diet with foods as close to their natural state as possible - that means nothing with labels, no refined sugar, wheat, etc. Try strictly eliminating all dairy, gluten, soy for at least a month, or a real "elimination diet" that can be found online. Try some d-ribose (5 grams 3x/day), vit d 2000 ius/ day) and get to a hands-on osteopath and a good pt.
Dr. Walid Osta
Pain Management 19 years experience
Fibromyalgea: Lyrica and Effexor are indicated for fibromyalgia but are not magic pills. It may take several months and higher doses before you notice benefit. Cymbalta or savella (milnacipran) may be more effective than effexor. Psychiatric problems may exacerbate the pain perception. I suggest that you see a psychiatrist asap if you are considering suicide. Increased social and physical activities may help as well.
Dr. James Marx
Pain Management 48 years experience
Look for Causes: All of the previous answers are great! you should also be evaluated for underlying causes of pain such as myofasciitis (trigger points), ligamentous injuries and other arthritic conditions. Trigger points are extremely common in this area and respond well to simple interventions such as "spray and streach", deep-tissue massage and trigger point injections if the above treatments doesn't work.

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A 40-year-old member asked:

What could be the cause of swollen glands in my neck, fatigue, loss of appetite, headache, and itchy eyes?

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Dr. Andrew Shatz
Ophthalmology 26 years experience
Possible infection: Swollen glands are almost always a sign of infection. Fatigue, appetite loss, and headache are all non-specific symptoms that can also be related to infection. This should be evaluated by a physician.
A 48-year-old member asked:

Should I take ibuprofen to get rid of pain from eye swelling?

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Dr. David Kira
Ophthalmology 21 years experience
Maybe: Ibuprofen works fairly well as an analgesic. Just make sure there isn't any acute problems that needs treatment now. Best to be seen by your ophthalmologist just to make sure.
Las Vegas, NV
A 39-year-old female asked:

Headaches I hadn't experienced feel like migraines for they come with nausea vomiting dizziness weakness also cold toes cold sweats neck pain clammy?

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Dr. William Goldie
Pediatric Neurology 48 years experience
See your doctor: These extra symptoms are just more severe migraines. Migraines are the body's warning system. Something is stressing you that is making your migraines more complex. You may have infection, allergic reaction, toxic reaction to food or drug, or some emotional crisis. You need a good medical checkup.
Miami, FL
A 19-year-old male asked:

I have an enlarged lymph node near my jaw. I have earaches and I also feel pain in my legs, arms, feet, and hands. Could it be HIV or some other dise?

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Dr. Gaston Moran Celayes
Dr. Gaston Moran Celayesanswered
Internal Medicine 26 years experience
Get tested: If you have high risk sexual behavior or use IV illicit drugs, get tested. Don't wait for symptoms because you might not have them until really late. Only one lymph node is not very dangerous but i would have a consultation with the physician to be on the safe side.
A member asked:

My mother is suffering through rheumatoid arthritis and can not walk much and always feels the pain on both the knee joints .?

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Dr. Fernando Austin
Gastroenterology 46 years experience
Rheumatoid: She should be seen by a rheumatologist and placed on the appropriate medications pain medication and anti-inflammatory medication. Physical therapy may or may not be part of the treatment as well.

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Last updated Jan 27, 2017


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