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A 24-year-old member asked:

will your nipples feel funny after breast augmentation?

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Dr. Brian Klink
Plastic Surgery 38 years experience
Maybe: Usually not, but augmentation can cause a change in sensation, from discomfort to absence. The vast majority of the time the sensation returns to normal in 6 months or so.
Dr. Robert W. Alexander
Plastic Surgery 47 years experience
Very rarely: Very rare cases have reported some loss of nipple-areolar sensitivity, but this is not a common occurrence. Vast majority have no impact on sensitivity.
Dr. Kirk Churukian
Plastic Surgery 35 years experience
Short term - yes...: Right after surgery most patients either have numbness or overly sensitive nipples. As the swelling goes down sensation returns to normal. Very rarely does permanent numbness occur. The larger the implant, however, the greater the risk for this complication. Another interesting nerve manifestation...Nipples remain erect for several months!
Dr. Todd Sisto
Breast Surgery 37 years experience
Sometimes: Hypersensativity and loss of sensation usually improve.
Dr. David Yan
Plastic Surgery 20 years experience
Sometimes: Some patients notice some changes in their nipple sensation after breast augmentation. Some describe numbness while other describe hypersensitivity. These changes are usually temporary and resolve within a few months.
Dr. Kirk Churukian
Plastic Surgery 35 years experience
Count on it!: I always tell my patients that the rule is nipple sensation is always temporarily altered. Sometimes they are numb and sometimes they are very sensitive. The sensitivity can take weeks or months to normalize based on the amount of swelling and the size of the implant. Bigger implants = slower recovery on average.
Dr. Bryan McIntosh
Plastic Surgery 19 years experience
Yes: Nipple sensation is usually altered after breast augmentation. There can be numbness, increased sensitivity, any anything in between as well as changes in erotic sensitivity.
Dr. Annette Occhialini
Plastic Surgery 36 years experience
Different: Most women complain of a change in nipple sensitivity. It can be increased or decreased sensitivity. Usually the sensitivity returns to what it was before surgery. Sometimes this may take several weeks.
Dr. Otto Placik
Plastic Surgery 34 years experience
Nipple sensitivity: There are a range of changes the nipple sensitivity after breast augmentation that are generally related ot implant size. Initially numbness is quite normal followed by a period of hypersensitivity followed by a slow return to normal. While permanent hypersensitivity is rare, loss of sensation may occur and has been reported in the 16% range. This may be lower with fat transfer to the breast.
Dr. ELizabeth Kinsley
Plastic Surgery 34 years experience
Maybe: Sometimes the nipples will be too sensitive for a while, and occasionally they will be less sensitive. Permanent changes in sensation are rare but possible.
Dr. Frederick Coville
Plastic Surgery 39 years experience
Possibly: Most patients don't have any change at all in nipple sensation after a breast augmentation. What seems to make the most difference according to a recent paper is the incision used. There is a slightly increased chance of alteration in your nipple sensation if the incision is placed around the nipple as opposed to an incision below the breast. Discuss this with your plastic surgeon.
Dr. Barry Handler
Plastic Surgery 32 years experience
Maybe: Transient numbness on the breast is not uncommon after any breast surgery but the incidence of nipple numbness after implant surgery is around 15% and it may or may not improve with time. It does not appear to be related to type or location of incision but more to size of implant chosen. The thinking is that oversized implants stretch the nerves that go to the nipple and lead to numbness.
Dr. Richard Tholen
Plastic Surgery 41 years experience
Sensation can be les: Sensation of the nipple is different from breast skin sensation after augmentation. Breast skin almost always has decreased sensation in some areas, and this usually recovers (nearly) completely over time. Nipple sensation is related to a specific nerve, which may or may not be cut in creation of your implant pocket (depends on your anatomy). 5-10% have numbness in my practice; the rest are fine!
Dr. Daniel Careaga
Plastic Surgery 18 years experience
Usually temporary: Alterations of nipple sensation are relatively uncommon after breast augmentation and they are usually temporary.
Dr. Khashayar Mohebali
Plastic Surgery 17 years experience
Only initially: Initially after breast augmentation due to the increase in size and swelling, there will be some stretching of the nerves to your nipples. Sometimes this changes the sensation or feeling to them. However, after healing is complete and swelling is improved, they return back to normal in most cases.

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I have started feeling growth under my right nipple for the last one and half year when toucvhed it pains sharpely. There is no oain wothout touching

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Dr. Nicholas Martin
Family Medicine 49 years experience
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Last updated Jan 19, 2017

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