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A 39-year-old member asked:

is eyelid surgery worth the trouble?

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Dr. Timothy King
Plastic Surgery 20 years experience
Depends: Cosmetic surgery is a very personal decision. Only you can answer that question for yourself. If you are considering having cosmetic surgery, i recommend scheduling an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon. They will be able to discuss your personal concerns and recommend a treatment plan that is best for you.
Dr. Robert W. Alexander
Plastic Surgery 47 years experience
Yes: Many people feel self conscious or "tired" appearing which effects many aspects of life (work and social). The eyes are a prominent feature when meeting people, and excess skin, muscle ridges or large bags suggests aging or tiredness. It is a personal decision, driven by whether you feel it makes your features unattractive or if you have excessive hooding restricting your visual fields.
Dr. Darab Hormozi
Plastic Surgery 38 years experience
Yes: Eyes are center of the face. We judge people's age of state of tiredness by the way their eyes look. Therefor eyelid surgery can drastically give youth and freshness to the face with relatively simple procedures.
Dr. William Adams
Plastic Surgery 50 years experience
Yes: Eyelid surgery will improve the upper portion of the face. People view the eyelids for aging, tiredness and emotion. Improving the appearance of the eyelids may enhance your overall appearance.
Dr. Mike Bowman
ENT and Head and Neck Surgery 19 years experience
Yes-not much trouble: Blepharoplasty (eyelid rejuvenation) is typically done under local anesthesia without any hospitalization and with minimal postoperative pain or discomfort. With good postop care, there isn't too much bruising or swelling, and the recovery is generally very easy. The surgery can improve your appearance to rejuvenate the face in a subtle but very noticible fashion.
Dr. Francisco Agullo
Plastic Surgery 20 years experience
Depends: This is a personal decision.
Dr. Steven Harris
Plastic Surgery 37 years experience
Nearly always: As dr. Agullo correctly states, this is a very personal decision. However, when done to improve peripheral vision, it is very much "worth the trouble!" because we look at each other's eyes when we converse, rejuvenating the eye area can really improve how we appear to others and decrease the "are you tired?" and "are you mad?" questions that people with excess eyelid skin get all the time.
Dr. Otto Placik
Plastic Surgery 34 years experience
Upper lid lift: When used for the upper eyelids, this is generally a procedure with a high degree of satisfaction and realtively low rate of complications for isolated dermatochalasis without borw ptosis.
Dr. Tito Vasquez
Plastic Surgery 25 years experience
Depends on you: Worth is dependent on the value this particular procedure has to you. The price is dependent upon the complexity and time it takes to complete the procedure, anesthesia, and the facility fee. It involves a certain amount of staff, consumed items, and the maintenance of equipment. It also involves the training and experience of that surgeon. Only you can decide if that is worth it to you.
Dr. Tal Dagan
Dr. Tal Dagan commented
ENT and Head and Neck Surgery 24 years experience
Any cosmetic surgical procedure is worth the trouble if it corrects a complaint that is disrupting your quality of life. Your quality of life may be measured in termsd of emotional value or actual health detriment. For instance, upper eyelid surgery is occasionally covered by insurance because it can impair you field of vision but it is more often performed because the heaviness of the skin is cosmetically displeasing. The factors you should weigh in considering the value of eyelid surgery should include the degree to which you are bothered by the aging changes or cosmetic deformity present, the type of procedure, risks and downtime, expectations from the surgery, the experience of your surgeon and last and least the price (low or high price are irrelevant to the quality of care you may receive).
Dec 7, 2012
Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal
Plastic Surgery 44 years experience
Yes: Eyelid surgery is very rewarding for those who have extra skin and fat on the lids. The eye(lids) are the central focus of the face when someone is looking you. Having a bright and wide awake appearance goes a along way.
Dr. Janet Turkle
Plastic Surgery 35 years experience
Absolutely!: The benefit is usually quite impressive. The downtime is fairly brief. Often the result gives the impression that one appears much more youthful and energized.

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Dr. Ben Fergusonanswered
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