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A 44-year-old member asked:

whats littman cardiology iii or master classic ii?

16 doctor answers29 doctors weighed in
Dr. Nassir Azimi
Interventional Cardiology 23 years experience
Types of Stethoscope: These are name brands for sethtoscopes.
Dr. Robert Koch
Cardiology 31 years experience
Ears too short: You are describing the names of famous stethoscopes used to listen to heart tones. The littmann was famous for it's design that combined both listening channels fused as one tube, eliminating the possibility that separate tubes would bump into each other and add noise to the examination.
Dr. Frederick Tibayan
Thoracic Surgery 23 years experience
Stethoscopes: Both good (i use the master classic ii).
Dr. Satyabrata Chatterjee
A Verified Doctoranswered
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Stethoscope : These are advanced hearing devices to hear ( auscultate) heart sounds, called stethoscopes.
Dr. Carlos Orrego
Cardiology 28 years experience
Different types: They are 2 different types of stethoscopes. Cardiology III supposed to have better acoustic than the other one.
Dr. Richard Goldman
Cardiology 36 years experience
Stethoscope models: They are different models of the most common stethoscopes that are used by doctors, nurses and others. Simpler is usually better.
Dr. Payam Mehranpour
Cardiology 23 years experience
Stethoscope: These are two different kinds of stethoscopes made by Littmann.
Dr. Rony Gorges
Internal Medicine 12 years experience
Stethoscopes : Different models of stethoscopes.
Dr. Mark Balek
Dr. Mark Balek commented
Cardiology 17 years experience
Different models of stethoscopes. Cardiology III model has thicker tubing compared to master classic II. They both work great, difference is in the cost
Jul 5, 2014
Dr. Raghuraman Vidhun
Cardiology 14 years experience
Stethoscopes: I am sure you know that they are both stethoscopes... Depending on how much money you want to spend and the purpose- you could buy either of them... You will be pleased with Littman
Dr. Frank Amico Jr
Internal Medicine 11 years experience
Stethoscope: They are two different types of stethoscopes.
Dr. Mary Callahan
Cardiology 29 years experience
Cardiology III: Both of these are stethoscopes that physicians use to hear heart sounds, breath sounds and bowel sounds. These are both scopes that are used by cardiologists but can also be used by other physicians.
Dr. Shashank Jain
Specializes in Internal Medicine
Stethoscope : they are stethoscopes, used to examine - listen to body organs by medical care providers.
Dr. Robert Henson
Cardiology 32 years experience
Stethoscopes: different types of stethoscopes - devices for comfortably listening to body sounds, like heart sounds
Dr. Christian Assad
Cardiology 14 years experience
Stethoscopes: They are both sthethoscopes. Not sure if that was your question. Definition if such "The stethoscope is an acoustic medical device for auscultation, or listening to the internal sounds of an animal or human body"
Dr. Michael Curren
Cardiology 14 years experience
Stethoscopes: they are both types of stethoscopes, which are the instruments health care providers use to listen to the heart and lungs.
Dr. Yaw Adjei-poku
Internal Medicine 12 years experience
Different types: These are all different types of cardiology stethoscopes.

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A 46-year-old member asked:

Where can I get a cardiology exam?

6 doctor answers17 doctors weighed in
Dr. Mazen Ghani
Radiology 24 years experience
What do : You mean by a cardiology exam? Consult your doctor; they may refer you to a cardiologist.
Houston, TX
A 51-year-old female asked:

Please suggest a cardiology doctor in houston, texas.

3 doctor answers6 doctors weighed in
Dr. Shalabh Bansal
Pediatrics 13 years experience
Houston heart: Contact baylor and they should be able to provide some contacts.
A 37-year-old female asked:

In terms of cardiology what is a biv pacer?

5 doctor answers9 doctors weighed in
Dr. Marybeth Lambe
Travel Medicine 45 years experience
Helps Both Sides: A biv (biventricular pacemaker) helps coordinate 2 of the hearts 4 chambers proper heart beat so they can pump more effectively. This implanted device is placed in patients with advanced heart failure. Sequential pacing helps move blood through the heart in a stronger progression. Improves quality of life, ability to exercise, decreases hospitalizations, can lengthen life.
Dr. Frank Amico Jr
Internal Medicine 11 years experience
The device paces both the left and right ventricle allowing for a more efficient pump.
Jul 21, 2014
American Samoa
A male asked:

Were can I get free and in online cardiology books, magazines, articles, and more but let it be about interventional cardiologist or just cardiology?

3 doctor answers7 doctors weighed in
Dr. Ehsan Ansari
Cardiology 30 years experience
Probably not free: Carlos, most of the medical publications are by subscription, therefore you should pay an annual fee. You might be able to search some abstracts online. As far as medical book suggest check on some web sites you should be able to buy a used one. Sometimes libraries when they replace the old addition they give them free to anyone who is interested.
A 45-year-old member asked:

What does it mean in cardiology to have apical septum mildly hypokinetic?

6 doctor answers10 doctors weighed in
Dr. Payam Mehranpour
Cardiology 23 years experience
Poor movement: Hypo kinesis means poor movement of the heart muscle. Apical septum is the wall between the right and left side towards the tip of the heart. Mild apical septal hypokinesis means that there is mildly depressed function of this territory.

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