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A 40-year-old female asked:

hx of uti's currently battling a severe infection. two days of antibiotics- now having nausea low back pain bone pain and fatigue- kidney infection?

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Dr. Janet Roberto
Family Medicine 36 years experience
UTI, worse: Possibly could be in Kidney. DO you have a fever? If so You want to be checked, especially if progressive nausea, vomiting, fever, chills
Dr. Carrie Cannon
A Verified Doctoranswered
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Yes, could be.: Could be symptoms of a kidney infection. Please return to your physician. With a history of recurrent UTI's, you need a culture with sensitivities done off antibiotics and a change to an antibiotic that treats Pyelonephritis like Ciprofloxacin. Please return to your physician. If high fever, vomiting, to ER. Sorry you feel bad.
Dr. Rex Mahnensmith
A Verified Doctoranswered
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Uti: If you had symptoms of UTI for more than 3 or 4 days before you started your antibiotic, then the likelihood of a kidney infection is high. MacroBID is a slow-to-work antibiotic, also. You mention "severe" infection, so I wonder what you mean, also. Given the increase in your symptoms, I suspect you do have a kidney infection. I recommend you get checked, as MacroBID may not be sufficient.
Dr. Mark Roberto
Preventive Medicine 41 years experience
Kidney or Sepsis: You could simply be having a reaction to the AB. Pyelonephritis (Kidney) is usually assoc w/ severe flank (not low back) pain, high fever, as well as cloudy or even bloody urine. Occasionally, bacteria get to the bloodstream and cause fever, malaise, weakness, aches and generalized symptoms w/o localizing in the kidney. Call the Doctor who saw you! He/she needs to know!

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A 25-year-old member asked:

What exactly is potassium and why is it important for someone with chronic kidney disease?

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Dr. Kevin Griffiths
Specializes in Nephrology and Dialysis
Danger: Potassium is a chemical element that is needed for many metabolic processes like cellular function in the human body. People with CKD are at risk for developing higher levels of potassium because the damaged kidney can not excrete as much potassium as a normal kidney. High levels of potassium can cause cardiac problems and potential death. Therefore CKD patients should have low potassium diets.
A 30-year-old female asked:

What causes severe muscle pain brain fog numbness tingling food alergies eye lid tick chemical allergies swollen lymph nodes and glands inside cheeks?

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Dr. Michael P Vaughn
Allergy and Immunology 34 years experience
Multiple symptoms: Many times when person develop multiple symptoms, they seek one unifying diagnosis. Unfortunately, one cause may not be the answer. Seek an opinion for each problem. I would start with the swollen lymph nodes. The evaluation of swollen lymph nodes may be best addressed by a general surgeon who might need to perform a biopsy to establish an accurate diagnosis.
A 18-year-old member asked:

I have bad headaches, foggy pee white discharge stomach pains headaches foggy vision weak muscles belching and gas always have to pee and back pains?

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Dr. Stephen Noga
Medical Oncology 34 years experience
See your doctor: With all these symptoms, no one can tell you what this is without examining you. See your doctor as soon as possible.
A 35-year-old female asked:

I suffer migraines, nasal polyps, pain that moves round upper rear torso, heartburn, constipation, swollen ankles, eczema on feet, cold feet n hands?

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Dr. Jerome Litt
Dermatology 71 years experience
Many Problems: With all the problems you have, it might be best to see your primary care physician. He or she will be able to first examine you and then prescribe appropriate medications for each of your complaints. Don't let it go . .
A 18-year-old female asked:

Im 18 I have a 6 month old baby and 10 days late for my period I have back pains headches abdominal pain took a test it came out neg white discharge?

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Dr. Albert Pizzo
Family Medicine 60 years experience
Pregnancy symptoms.: You may be pregnant but not far enough along to get a positive test. Keep repeating the home pregnancy test. If your tests continue to be negative and the symptoms continue then you should see your doctor.

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Last updated Aug 5, 2014


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