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Avatar_mask Img_howitworks_members_quote-avatar1 I love that HealthTap is backed by doctors in all areas of health, so I know the information I find is validated. I'm not going online in the middle of the night and getting some crazy parent. I also love that you can connect with your doctor on HealthTap or with the other doctor's at their practice so in-and-out of the office, I feel at ease. Leah D., HealthTap Member

Avatar_mask Img_howitworks_members_quote-avatar2 The absolute best feature of HealthTap is the level of involvement from experts in the Medical community. It makes me feel confident that when I search a condition or have a question, the knowledge and insights are not only helpful, but they're accurate. It makes me feel at ease as a new mom. Alison J., HealthTap Member

Avatar_mask Img_howitworks_members_quote-avatar3 I just went on and become a member of HealthTap. I love the concept and already found some useful information for my daughter! Kate, HealthTap Member

Avatar_mask Img_howitworks_members_quote-avatar4 I love having HealthTap doctors 'on call.' It's better than a... copay... or waiting 2 hours for the pediatrician's office to open Ileana B., HealthTap Member

Avatar_mask Img_howitworks_members_quote-avatar5 I think Googling for information is great for many things, I just don't think your health is one of them. With HealthTap, you know you're hearing from a doctor, not just another parent, or an anonymous stranger in cyberspace who doesn't really know what they're talking about. Jennifer J., HealthTap Member