The age-old question, often asked after midnight...Do we need to see a doctor?

Seeing a doctor on HealthTap is so easy and affordable, you don't need to wonder if it's really necessary, or worry about the cost.

Peace-of-mind is on tap

You can request a virtual consultation from any device, 24/7 via text only or live video. We'll pair you with a doctor that best meets your needs, and they will give you a treatment plan and next steps to put you or your family member on the road to recovery.

  • Avoid unnecessary urgent care and ER visits
  • Get doctor-ordered prescriptions sent to your pharmacy or home
  • Order lab tests and see results on HealthTap
  • Get reminders to help you follow your treatment plan
  • Receive referrals to specialists
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AI-powered guidance based on your symptoms

Not quite ready to see a doctor? Tell HealthTap AI about your symptoms by responding to question prompts with easy taps or clicks. You'll get a list of potential causes of the symptoms you reported, as well as guidance on next steps. If you decide to see a HealthTap doctor, they'll get this information up front.

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Search content from doctors, not Google

HealthTap gives you access to HealthTap's massive library of member-asked, doctor-answered questions on any health-related topic or symptom. Avoid the confusion and uncertainty of searching the internet at large.

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Ask a question directly

Submit a written question to HealthTap doctors, and you will get a written answer from a qualified doctor that's specific to your situation, in 24 hours or less.

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24/7 access to your complete medical profile

HealthTap members have 24/7 access to their treatment plans, medical and lab records, prescriptions and even the doctor's virtual consultation notes, with unlimited storage. As always, HealthTap safeguards you and your family's data with industry-leading tools and practices.

How much does it cost?

Most of our members get HealthTap subsidized or paid for through their company or other organization, but anyone can sign up as an individual! Want your employer to pay for HealthTap? Let us know here.

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24/7 virtual visits using video or text chat with a board-certified doctor in less than 1 minute on average — all for one low fee that comes out to $10 per month!
  • Prescriptions sent to your pharmacy or home
  • Lab tests and results on HealthTap
  • Reminders about treatment plan
  • Referrals to specialists
$10 per month

Most of our members get HealthTap subsidized or paid for through their company or other organization, but anyone can get HealthTap and pay for an annual subscription for 24/7 virtual visits on their own.

The cost of prescriptions, lab tests, or in-person doctor visits are not included in the cost of the subscription.

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Instant guidance to the right level of care for your symptoms through HealthTap AI
Searchable doctor-answered questions
Personalized answers to your anonymous health questions from doctors in 147 specialties


Health records and virtual visit history available securely at anytime
24/7 US-based support by chat, phone, or email