Dr. Thomas F. Bliss


Orthopedic Surgery , Board Certified

Providence, RI

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Dr. Thomas F. Bliss's Locations

  • 124 Waterman St
  • Providence RI 02906-2052

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  • M



  • Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Thomas F. Bliss's Education & Experience


Medical Schools

  • Georgetown University School of Medicine 1969

Dr. Thomas F. Bliss's Awards & Affiliations


  • East Side Orthopaedics Inc
  • Rhode Island Hospital

Doctors in Dr. Thomas F. Bliss's Network

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Heidi Fowler

9 9 DocScore


Newport, RI

known for: Feeling suicidal, Low self esteem, Inappropriate sexual behavior, Persistent sadness, Excessive self consciousness, Loss of confidence, Shyness, Fear of spiders and arachnids, Fear of public transport, Waking up in the night, Uncontrollable crying, Cognitive impairment, Getting Piercings Safely, Group A strep rapid test, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Being Inspiring, Acupuncture, Sore throat, Sleep, Exercise, Cold sore, Melatonin, Dysmenorrhea, Acupuncturists, Sunburn, Ginger, Flu, Weight training, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Sleeping better, Post traumatic stress disorder, Alcohol intoxication, Aloe lotion, Home remedies, Natural remedies, Sleep hygiene, Flea bites, Cyclothymia, Alcohol abuse programs, Stopping alcohol, Fear of being judged by others, Fear of embarrassment, Fear of humiliation, Fear of abandonment, Veterans and military health, Tropical fire ant allergy, 12 step programs, Common cold or symptom agent, Fear of closed spaces, Infectious Disease, Dealing with Bed Bugs, Lifestyle changes, Group B strep culture, Being Dedicated, Stress, Insomnia, Alcoholics anonymous, Common cold, Tetanus shot, Anxiety, Wellness and lifestyle, Waking too early, Mild nausea, Irrational fear, Grief, Fear of dying, Excessive menstrual cramps, Moderate nausea, Poison ivy allergy, Earlobe piercing closure, Being Flexible, Being Nurturing, Psychiatry, Depression, Fear of crowds, Streptococcal infection, Stress less, Agoraphobia, Aging gracefully, Fear of losing control, Aromatherapy herbal therapy, Herbal medicine services, Yellow jacket allergy, Wasp allergy, Sleep and health, Alternative sleep methods, Panic attacks, Scabies, Panic disorder, Generalized anxiety disorder, Alternative medicine, Relaxation techniques, Fear of public or open places, Viral infections, Domestic violence, Exercise program, Being Good Humored, Bipolar disorder, Self mutilation, Exercise more, Hyperbaric chamber, Self help, Anxiety disorder, Hemorrhoids, Motion sickness, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Female Health, Infectious diseases, Suicide, Dealing with loss, Aromatherapy, Chronic Back Pain, Shoulder stiffness, Alcohol dependence, Exercising Your Brain, Schizophrenia, Eat Healthier, Meditation, AntiAnxiety Agents, Back pain, Anti anxiety drug, Scar treatment, Healthy eating, Losing weight, Stress management, STD prevention, Poor sleeping, Hydrotherapy, Patient safety, Holistic medicine, Complementary and alternative medicine, Claustrophobia, Post concussive syndrome, Alcoholism, Hydrophobia, Dysthymic disorder, Night terrors, Asperger's syndrome, Overeating, Dealing with depression, Vaccinations, Breast lump, TBI, Upper back pain, Sciatica, Backaches

Newport RI 02841

Avatar_mask Neutral_expert_thumb

James Arrighi

8 0 DocScore

Nuclear Medicine

Providence, RI

known for: Chest pain, Heart failure, Coronary artery disease, Heart attack, Dobutamine, Sarcoidosis

Providence RI 029034923

Avatar_mask Neutral_expert_thumb

Albert Most

8 0 DocScore


Providence, RI

known for: Heart attack, Chest pain, Oxygen, Hospitalization, Pneumonia, Case management, Dobutamine, Lactic acid, Adenosine, Fluorouracil, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Providence RI 02903

Avatar_mask Neutral_expert_thumb

Karen Smigel

7 2 DocScore

Family Medicine

Fall River, MA

Fall River MA 02720

Avatar_mask Neutral_expert_thumb

Mark Ridlen

7 0 DocScore


Providence, RI

known for: Kidney diseases, Liver diseases, Colic

Providence RI 02903-4923

Avatar_mask Neutral_expert_thumb

Robert Lambiase

7 0 DocScore


East Greenwich, RI

known for: Palliative care, Abscess, Kidney diseases, Sepsis, Ischemia, Parenteral nutrition, Intermittent claudication, Venous insufficiency, Pleural effusion, Bone diseases

East Greenwich RI 028182413

Avatar_mask Neutral_expert_thumb

Peter Evangelista

7 0 DocScore


Wakefield, RI

known for: Osteoporosis

Wakefield RI 02914

Avatar_mask Neutral_expert_thumb

Brian Murphy

7 0 DocScore


Chelsea, MA

Chelsea MA 02914

Avatar_mask Neutral_expert_thumb

Douglas Gnepp

7 0 DocScore


Morgantown, WV

known for: Mastectomy, Immunoglobulin G, Adenoma, Karyotyping

Morgantown WV 26506

Avatar_mask Neutral_expert_thumb

Jeffrey Brody

7 0 DocScore


Barrington, RI

Barrington RI 02914

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