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Dr. Sherry Broadwell

Clinical Psychology
Gainesville, GA
23 years experience female


360 Therapy

Gainesville, GA


2565, Thompson Bridge Rd, Gainesville, GA, United States

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I graduated from UNC, Chapel Hill, and have over two decades collective experience teaching at various universities in departments of Psychology and Public Health. I also have experience in intervention research in the areas of Trauma, Cardiovascular Health, HIV/AIDs and other STDs, Hepatitis C, Chronic Fatigue, and Substance Abuse. I have peer reviewed publications in the areas of the impact of stressful relationships on cardiovascular health, sexually transmitted diseases, and the psychiatric complications in the treatment of Hepatitis C. I have received clinical training in time limited dynamic psychotherapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, solution focused therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, motivational enhancement techniques, emotionally focused therapy, and cognitive processing

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Clinical Psychology


United States: Georgia

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A 27-year-old female asked:
Dr. Sherry Broadwell
Clinical Psychology 23 years experience
Certainly possible: In the context of health anxiety, it is possible that recent symptoms are stress related.Best to see an MD for evaluation and treatment recommendations. The treatments that have most research support, currently, are CBT and medications, usually SSRIs, but your MD can guide in the latter. After ruling out physical basis for your symptoms, consider seeing a clinical psychologist. Hope this helpful.
A female asked:
Dr. Sherry Broadwell
Clinical Psychology 23 years experience
Multiple areas: Correlations have been demonstrated between the symptoms of dissociation and the right temporo parietal junction, an area involved in perspective taking, sense of self and integration of information between self and environment. There are several aspects of mental dissociation, and brain areas involved in those domains, e.g., visual/auditory/tactile processing, attention, are associated with each.
A 68-year-old female asked:
Dr. Sherry Broadwell
Clinical Psychology 23 years experience
Avoid tricyclics: The older cyclics with their stronger anticholinergic side effects tend to be more problematic in this regard while SSRIs are less likely to cause urinary retention. Medications should be based both on presenting psychiatric symptoms and medical considerations. Your personal physician, who knows your history, can best guide you in selecting a medication that is best for you. Best wishes.

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Dr. Philip Miller
Aug 22, 2016
I highly endorse and recommend Dr. Sherry Broadwell as an expert in clinical psychology and associated clinical issues. She is astute, empathetic, concise and articulate. Dr. Broadwell is an asset to ...Read More
Oct 24, 2016
I am so glad that Dr. Broadwell has chosen to join us on Healthtap. Her knowledge, empathy and extremely useful links are very welcome. She is both kind and wise: a winning combination!
Aug 25, 2016
Dr. Broadwell's comments are clinically sound, thoughtful and caring. She adds much to the HealthTap community. Highly recommend!
HealthTap member
This was very helpful. Thanks! Other family members put all the burden on me to do 24/7 & do not want me to have a respite, ever. Otherwise, they feel I have abandoned my responsibility. They never th...Read More
HealthTap member
This was very helpful. Thanks! thank you for replying. really don't want to start any that make me gain weight though as I took mirtazapine once and the gain was horrendous but will disscuss
HealthTap member
This saved my life. Thank you. Thank you Dr. Sherry for your compassion and detailed answers. i actually don't see a doctor, i had a very bad experience with them

Education & Training

Medical/Graduate school

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Graduated 1998MD


Syracuse VAMC


American Psychosomatic Society Student Scholar
NIMH Fellowship
Association of Teachers for Preventive Medicine Fellowship


International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation
The International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy
EMDR International Association (EMDRIA)
90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions, provide medical advice, write prescriptions, and more.
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