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Dr. Louis Delcampo

Springfield, MO


Ozark Anesthesia Associates (OAA)

Springfield, MO


Turner Center, 1000 E. Primrose, Suite 520, Springfield, MO, United States

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Jordan Valley Community Health Center (JVCHC)

Springfield, MO



Born and raised in NY. I attended the oldest medical school in the western world, The University of Bologna, Medical School, Italy. I love pharmacology and the biochemistry of pain modulation. I completed my residency in Anesthesiology at the University of Missouri Kansas City. My focus was on Acute as well as Chronic Pain. The conundrum of acute pain progressing to chronic pain is extremely interesting to me. I am an Active member of the America Academy of Integrated pain Management. I treat many patients with chronic pain and tailor each treatment regimen to the individual patient understanding that each patient reacts to and manifests pain differently. Treatment can include several strategies, as simple as medical management, hormonal replacement therapy, nutritional therapy, diet, exercise, physical therapy/ occupational therapy, psychological approaches to name just a few. Realizing there is no magic therapy and different people respond differently to different treatment regimens. Some pain suffers may require epidural injections or spinal cord stimulation and other instances surgery may be necessary. The most important idea is that each patient is an individual and one size doe not necessarily fit all. Chronic pain has many manifestations and may not be able to be eliminated entirely. Unfortunately pain medicine (opioids) are not always beneficial or in some circumstances may even make chronic pain worse. Pain medicines usually just wind up masking chronic pain, not improving/fixing the underling problem that caused the chronic pain and have dangerous side effects. Finding the correct strategy or combination of strategies / therapies should be the goal. Decreasing the level of pain and suffering and restoring function in order to be able to participate in those activities of daily living that are joyful and meaningful to each individual. I look forward to participating in the treatment that will make your chronic pain and discomfort more tolerable.

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United States: Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri

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A 31-year-old female asked:
Dr. Louis Delcampo
Specializes in Anesthesiology
N. root inflamation: Herniated discs may very well be the cause of hyperactive nerve reflexes. However it could be caused by other situations also, Like for example Rx medications, too much pop/caffeine, hyperthyroidism, electrolyte imbal, Serotonin Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Rye Syndrome to name a few. The most common cause of "hyperrelexia" is spinal cord injury or inflamed nerves exiting the spinal column.
A 19-year-old male asked:
Dr. Louis Delcampo
Specializes in Anesthesiology
CT w/o contrast: MRIs ate great but not the gold standard for strokes or bleeding. A CT w/o contrast is usually what is used to determine if you are bleeding in your brain. In any event Imagining is only a small part of the puzzle, your history plus how you hit your head and your current symptoms plus vital signs all need to be looked at together. IF Recurring symptoms or worsening get to ED/ urgent car
A 16-year-old male asked:
Dr. Louis Delcampo
Specializes in Anesthesiology
Moderate pain: Excruciating pain would not allow you to function in any way shape or form. You would not be able to type on the computer, read, eat. Most people who experience excruciating pain often become unconscious and require some type of assistance regarding breathing, fast heart rate, profuse sweating. If you are able to type on the computer and carry on a conversation this is NOT excruciating pain.

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HealthTap member
Dec 3, 2016
HealthTap member
This was very helpful. Thanks! I couldn't write a alot. 42 yrs old, BMI 24, non smoke, <5 drinks a week, try to do 10,000 steps daily but painful, not diabetic, no bone loss, knee replacement 2015, 12...Read More
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Thank you very much for your reply! The question was for research purposes only, for a book I'm writing.
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Your answer made me feel good, thanks! Well, it was a complete success. Thankyou for your advice doctor

Education & Training

Medical/Graduate school

University degli studi di bologna


Completed 1999


American Academy Of Pain Management
American Society Of Regional Anesthesia And Pain Medicine
American Society of Anesthesiologists
90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions, provide medical advice, write prescriptions, and more.
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