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Dr. Christopher Smith

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Winchester, TN
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Family Medicine
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40 years
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Thank you so much for taking time out to speak with me tonight. Although the hospital didnt do anything but run a urine. He said I had a pinched nerve and muscle spams in my back. That was it.
Many thanks др to Smith! I the Russian, live in Russia. Not too well I know English. He well explained everything and calmed me. Very much I recommend this doctor!
very sweet! very polite knows what he's talking about knew exactly what my problem was faster then the er ppl! great job an thanks soo much!!! god bless you!!!!
The only doctor I want to talk to on health tap. No problems with other doctors, but this dr answers in a timely manner and is friendly and very helpful.
Was limited on my choices for Dr. offices on the weekend and was ill and he helped me out very quickly and efficiently! Thank you so much Dr. Smith!
Very Nice, Genuine, From My First Consult Felt Nerviness at first, but he put my mind at ease With Words Of Wisdom .Thank You Dr. Smith
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I was educated and trained at
Medical / Graduate School
Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific, CA
I've won the following awards
Top Family Physician, Tennessee
Spring 2015
Thought Leader, Nashville Region
Fall 2014
Top Family Physician, Tennessee
Fall 2014