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Dr. Brad Goldenberg

Primary Care, Pediatrics
Oakbrook, IL
36 years experience male


Optimus Pediatric Pediatric Subspecialists

Oakbrook, IL


900 S Jorie Blvd Suite #186, Oakbrook, IL

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I have been a Neonatologist and Pediatrician for over 30 years, and simply love playing with babies and children - what better job could a doctor have ? I have been an academic professor of Pediatrics at Loyola University for 9 years, I have been a private Neonatologist and Pediatrician for over 20 years, and in the middle of my career, spent 5 years as a national medical director for the second largest managed care company in the US. I've seen Pediatrics from almost every viewpoint. This is my dream come true, to be able to serve adults and children that need advice, and start solving their problems now ! Find me on Health Tap, lets discuss your clinical problems, answer your questions, and hopefully start you on the road to a healthier life with you or your children.

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United States: Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Wisconsin

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A 37-year-old male asked:
Dr. Brad Goldenberg
Pediatrics 36 years experience
There is a real risk here but impossible to place a number on that - all you can do is be vigilant and look for signs of illness related to food borne illness- bloating, diarrhea, malaise, muscle aches, fever, if severe infection, headache, neck stiffness, lethargy, and convulsions… the incubation is long, if you have no S/S of food poisoning or fever, you are OK if a month passes and no symptoms
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A 35-year-old female asked:
Dr. Brad Goldenberg
Pediatrics 36 years experience
Listeria cannot be passed via breast milk. Direct contact could cause infection if the mother inadvertently contaminated her baby with infected secretions (hand/mouth) , however this transmission is very unlikely when good hand washing practices are in effect
A 20-year-old female asked:
Dr. Brad Goldenberg
Pediatrics 36 years experience
Recommended imaging is either lateral neck plain x-ray, or CT to evaluate tonsils, as well as direct examination and culturingrapid screening testing methods...

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Sep 13, 2014
I have had the pleasure of conferring on a network case with Dr. Goldenberg as well as had the chance to review a body of his work thusfar on HealthTap. I am impressed that as a dedicated pediatricia...Read More
Nov 1, 2014
Dr Brad Goldenberg is an excellent physician very knowledgeable,passionate and on the top of his field he is a great value to the peolpe of IL and to the family of health tap
Aug 26, 2014
Talented and diverse physician with exceptional skill set. A tremendous asset to the HealthTap community. highly recommended!
HealthTap member
This made me feel good. Thanks! Sir i going to many doctor for my diagnosis, taken antibioitcs but not get relieved, but your answer chicken and egg make me laugh at my situation. in my depression sta...Read More
HealthTap member
I am really thankful for the reply doctor.I am 23 years old and the tumour is only in right eye.There is no vision in that and tumor can't be removed.I always find difficulty in remembering things
HealthTap member
This was very helpful. Thanks! Thanks Dr. Goldenberg. Will make an appntmnt with endocrinologist if the symptoms continue for another two/three days. Have great holidays.

Education & Training

Medical/Graduate school

University of Illinois College of Medicine, IL
Graduated 1985MD


University of Chicago
Completed 1988


Golden Apple Award - 1995, Loyola University


Neonatal Resuscitation Program - Regional Trainer. 1985 -
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Loyola University. 1992 - 2000

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29-year-old female
May 31, 2021 Lyndon Station, WI
58-year-old female
May 30, 2021 Westland, MI
Dr Goldberg...EXCELLENT
28-year-old female
May 23, 2021 Pekin, IL
Thank you! I bet she’ll be feeling better soon
90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions, provide medical advice, write prescriptions, and more.
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