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Dr. Inaam Schneider

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Raleigh, NC
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Dr. Inaam Schneider is an EXCELLENT doctor. She is very caring about her patients and has a very good bedside manner, which is very hard to find these days! She treats you with respect and always stays on top of your health conditions. She is very attentive to every little detail of your overall health needs, which makes for a more comprehensive view and understanding of your health.
Prior to Dr. Inaam Schneider's move to another city, she was my physician for 25+ years. She is the most professional, thorough and compassionate physician I've ever had to privilege and honor of knowing. She takes excellent care of her patients. If she should make the decision to practice in her new location, I would travel 3+ hours to stay under her care. She is irreplaceable.
Dr. Inaam is one of the most personable, caring doctors anyone could hope for. She has a heart of gold, and will take the time to listen, to speak to you, and to find what works for you. I am privileged to know Dr. Schneider and count myself very blessed to have her services as a doctor!
Dr Inaam is a great listener. She listens to what you have to say and she finds out what will work best for you. Her smile and mannerisms put you at ease when she walks in the room. She is a great doctor and person.
I have known Dr. Schneider for over 25 years and have always found her to be a very competent physician. Her bedside manner is top notch. I'd recommend her to anyone who wants quality care.
You are the best Doctor I know and take time to answer all questions. I rate you #1.
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I was educated and trained at
Medical / Graduate School
Wayne State University School of Medicine, MI
I've won the following awards
Top General Internist, North Carolina
Spring 2015
Top Doctor, Raleigh Region
Spring 2015
Most Influential, Raleigh Region
Spring 2015