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Dr. Larry Eastburn

Family Medicine
Boca Raton, FL
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Family Medicine
Sports Medicine
Urgent Care
I have been in practice
23 years
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Saved 2 lives
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Here are kind words from others
Most people spend more time shopping for a new car than they select a physician. It's important to find a physician you trust and feel comfortable with. Dr. Larry Eastburn is the only one you and your family need to know. He is a human being who cares about people. I'm really learning a lot from him. Highly recommended.
I endorse Dr. Eastburn. He has a wide breadth of knowledge in medicine & is providing an invaluable service to the public via Healthtap.
A respected specialist in Family Medicine with good insight and communication skills. Highly recommend.
Good diagnostician.
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I am located at
Holy Cross Urgent Care and Imaging Center
1799 S Federal Highway
Boca Raton , FL 33432
Office hours
Sun 9:00am - 4:00pm
Mon 9:00am - 9:00pm
Tue 9:00am - 9:00am
Wed 9:00am - 9:00pm
Thu 9:00am - 9:00pm
Fri 9:00am - 9:00pm
Sat 9:00am - 5:00pm
I was educated and trained at
Medical / Graduate School
Saba University School of Medicine
I've won the following awards
Top Family Physician, Miami Region
Summer 2014
Top Family Physician, the Miami Region
Fall 2017
Top Family Physician, the Miami Region
Spring 2017
I've published
Medical Malpractice Update
Modern Medicine, 67:58-62 (1999)
Lawrence S Eastburn
Health Care Law
Modern Medicine, 67:58:62 (1999)
J Herbster
An Update on Selected Pediatric Respiratory Infections
Modern Medicine, 67:57-62 (1999)
J Miller, David Fregeau