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Dr. Vikram Patel

Pain Management
Algonquin, IL
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Pain Management
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36 years
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Back pain
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Dr. Patel was wonderful. He was knowledgeable, caring, and listened very carefully and recommended helpful specialized tips for my complex health situation. He was very pleasant as well. Thanks doc!
Dr. Patel is a pain doctor and not one of the docs I needed. But he did give me good advice and helped as much as he could; very kind. And he was helpful in referring me to a specific doctor.
Dr Patel was very informative and very helpful and I felt much better having received his expert advice.
Excellent information and was good to speak to someone about my problems thank you
Dr. Patel is an amazing doctor! #nationaldoctorsday2015 #virtualflower2
Dr. Patel is an amazing doctor! #nationaldoctorsday2015 #virtualflower1
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I was educated and trained at
Medical / Graduate School
Gujarat University, B. J. Medical College, India
Pain Medicine Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, OH
Academic Appointments
Director, Pain fellowship, Loyola Uni. Hospital, Chicago (2003-2007)
Associate Professor, Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Loyola Uni. Hospital, Chicago (2000-2007)
I'm affiliated with
Loyola university medical center
Algonquin Road Surgery Center
Loyola Ambulatory Surgery Center at Oakbrook Terrace
I've won the following awards
Top Pain Management Specialist, Illinois
Fall 2017
Most Influential, the Elgin Region
Fall 2017
Top Pain Management Specialist, Illinois
Spring 2017
I've published
Systematic review of intrathecal infusion systems for long-term management of chronic non-cancer pain.
Pain Physician., 12(2):345-60 (2009)
Intrathecal infusion systems for long-term management of chronic non-cancer pain: an update of assessment of evidence.
Pain physician, 16, SE185-216 (2013)
F J Falco, V B Patel, S M Hayek, T R Deer, S Geffert, J Zhu, O Onyewu, S Coubarous, H S Smith, L Manchikanti
American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP) guidelines for responsible opioid prescribing in chronic non-cancer pain: Part 2--guidance.
Pain physician, 15, S67-116 (2012)
L Manchikanti, S Abdi, S Atluri, C C Balog, R M Benyamin, M V Boswell, K R Brown, B M Bruel, D A Bryce, P A Burks, A W Burton, A K Calodney, D L Caraway, K A Cash, P J Christo, K S Damron, S Datta, T R Deer, S Diwan, I Eriator, F J Falco, B Fellows, S Geffert, C G Gharibo, S E Glaser, J S Grider, H Hameed, M Hameed, H Hansen, M E Harned, S M Hayek, S Helm, J A Hirsch, J W Janata, A D Kaye, A M Kaye, D S Kloth, D Koyyalagunta, M Lee, Y Malla, K N Manchikanti, C D McManus, V Pampati, A T Parr, R Pasupuleti, V B Patel, N Sehgal, S M Silverman, V Singh, H S Smith, L T Snook, D R Solanki, D H Tracy, R Vallejo, B W Wargo
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