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Dr. Allen Menkin

Flanders, NJ
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57 years
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My son developed 'behavioral issues' by his 6th birthday; and, was diagnosed as having multiple mental health issues. As a result, he was placed under a psychiatrist's care; and for the next several years bounced from 'special' school-to-school. At the same time the psychiatrist was prescribing multiple strong meds; including lithiam, anti-psychotics and ADHD scrip. None of this fact, both his emotional and physical health were deteriorating at an alarming rate. On one visit to Dr. Menkin's office, the colleague who usually treated my son was out; so, Dr. Menkin did the examination. He told me straight out that we needed to wean my son off the meds; and, then look for the physical root cause that Dr. Menkin said was at the bottom of the problems. My wife and I followed Dr. Menkin's course of action...within a year, my son was weaned off the meds, and had been diagnosed with extreme sleep-apnea. Removal of his adenoids and tonsils led to a 100% resolution of all issues; and, my son is now an hono
Dr. Menkin is an amazing doctor! #nationaldoctorsday2015 #virtualflower1
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Flanders , NJ

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I was educated and trained at
Medical / Graduate School
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Rutgers University
Drew University
I've won the following awards
Army Commendation Medal, US Army
Migratory behavior or alveolar macrophage, Research Fellowship NIH
Electrophysiology of Odonate vision, Research Fellowship NIH