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I had not heard of Dr. Poelstra until I was referred to him by my General Practitioner. My case was much more complex than an average spinal injury. I had fractured my neck at C-7. As a result of the x-rays, CT scan, and MRI, it was determined that cancer had consumed the inside of the vertebrae and the weakened vertebrae was compressed and on the verge of a catastophic failure which could result in paralisis. Dr. Poelstra did not panic. He explained the seriousness of my condition but stated with confidence that everything would be alright and he could address the issue. He explained in detail his preferred course of action. He then explained in detail other options that he felt would be less successful. After taking an enormous amount of time to answer all my questions, Dr. Poelstra allowed me to choose the corrective procedure. I followed Dr. Poelstra's recommedned procedure. The procedure was successful, the cancer has been removed, and I am recovering nicely. Dr. Poelstra is a tremendously comp
I traveled from Illinois to Destin, FL to see Dr. Poelstra because he was so highly recommended and because he said he could help me. I had two previous back surgeries, and as a result I was very bent over, not only forward but also to the side. To walk or stand caused such excruciating pain I could hardly stand it, even though I was on very strong pain meds. Dr, Poelstra said he could help me, which was music to my ears. He had various testing done and explained what he would do the first time I saw him. He not only helped me, he (with God's help and guidance) worked miracles. He told me a progressive reconstruction of the spine was the only answer. He put a metal plate in my back and attached it to existing hardware. He then cemented the top of it to prevent my back from breaking in the future. I could try to write what his plan was, but unless a person was in the medical field they wouldn't understand it. I can't thank him enough for all he did for me. I feel blessed to have met him. He is
Dr Poelstra performed the 7th surgery on my lower body and I would rank the experience and results as the best of all these. His exceptional skill as a surgeon is obvious -but- he is heads and shoulder above his contemporaries because of his personal and dedicated relationship with the patient. A surgeon who will talk with you on a direct, detailed, personal basis and spend the time required to answer all your concerns and questions-----PRICELESS! The decision to procede with my surgery was quick and decisive. With progressive worsening symptoms of back pain, lower extremity weakness, tingling, and numbness----I had a quick turn around MRI (closed tube for 30 minutes----tough if your claustrophobic to any degree!)--back to my original doctor in couple of days--and--- an immediate consult and handover to Dr Poelstra whom I then saw two days later as first patient of the day. Almost his first words on Thurs morning----emergency decompression/surgery "crack of dawn" Monday morning!! Then a detailed exp
I have had several surgeries in my life, all of them have been successful for the most part. None of them have been major until the one performed by Dr. Poelstra on my neck. I had been having serious neck and back pain for approx 15 years due to several injuries and the results of 20 some years working in maximum custody prisons. I attempted to gain relief from many doctors and most of them treated me with drugs. In desperation I left my area and found this wonderful and extremely talented and intelligent man. Doctor Poelstra, from the first interview explained my condition in such detail and in terms that I could understand. He is the most personable doctor I have ever come in contact with. My recovery was a breeze and 100% of the pain I was having in my neck is gone. 99% of the numbness in my hands and arms is gone. Doctor Poelstra's P.A. John Needler is another A # 1 excellent professional. He also is extremely intelligent man who takes all the time to assure his patients understand everything and are comf
We visited Dr. Poelstra's office in Niceville, FL to determine the cause of my husband's neck, shoulder, arm and hand pain. Dr. Poelstra's wonderful Physician's Assistant, John Needler, met with us first, asked a myriad of questions, took his time and listened intently. A physical was performed and X-rays were done, an MRI ordered and a determination of discs C3-C6 bulging into his spinal cord, this was a very concise and effective meeting with PA Needler. After many questions and attempting the patience of PA Needler, (he had all the answers) --we decided the best course was to proceed with surgery. When we met with Dr. Poelstra, he took his time, answered all questions, was very professional, yet extrememy friendly and courteous. He is full of energy and spunk and even knew our names when we returned 2 weeks later for post operative checkup. On our first day home from hospital, we needed to call Dr. Poelstra to determine if my husband's side effect was normal. Dr. Poelstra immediately ordered a new m
How blessed we are to have Dr. Poelstra in our area. He is an amazing physician. So talented in his field and so very caring. I was born with scoliosis and as I aged the spinal curves grew more and more evident. My body was twisted and I could not stand up without a good deal of pain. Every doctor said surgery would not work because I was too old. Then I met Dr. Poelstra and he said "I can help you". Two years ago - I was 74 years old - Dr. Poelstra preformed the surgery that allowed me to be able to stand up straight and added nearly 2 inches to my height. It was a lengthy surgery but my family and I were so confident because everything had been explained to us and I was treated with such care and concern by Dr. Poelstra and his staff and the staff at Sacred Heart Hospital in Destin. It is now two years since my surgery and I am still pain free and still standing tall. What a blessing after years of being told there was no hope. I am so very grateful to this wonderful surgeon.
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I've published
Central cord syndrome.
J Am Acad Orthop Surg., Dec;17(12):756-65 (2009)
Reduction of postoperative spinal implant infection using gentamicin microspheres.
Spine., Mar;34(5):479-83 (2009)
Minimally invasive posterior fixation.
Neurosurgery., Sep;63(3 Suppl):197-203 (2008)
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