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Dr. Andrew Somlyo

Internal Medicine
Los Angeles, CA
I specialize in
Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine - Nephrology & Dialysis
I have been in practice
23 years
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Helped 20 people
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I am located at
2276 Duane Ave
Los Angeles , CA 90039

Accepted Insurance Plans
Premera Blue Cross
I was educated and trained at
Medical / Graduate School
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
I've published
Automated electron tomography with scanning transmission electron microscopy.
J Microsc., Dec;228(Pt 3):406-12 (2007)
Crossbridge cycle in smooth muscle: kinetics assessed with flash photolysis and fluorescent probes.
J. Muscle Res. Cell. Motil., 25(8):611-2 (2004)
Telokin mediates Ca2+-desensitization through activation of myosin phosphatase in phasic and tonic smooth muscle.
J. Muscle Res. Cell. Motil., 25(8):657-65 (2004)