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Dr. Claudia Leonard

Internal Medicine
Portland, OR
I specialize in
Internal Medicine
I have been in practice
29 years
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Helped 20 people
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This Thanksgiving, I wanted to share my appreciation for all that you do! Thank you, doctor! :)
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Portland , OR

Accepted Insurance Plans
BlueCross BlueShield
Providence Health Plans
I was educated and trained at
Medical / Graduate School
Harvard Medical School
I've won the following awards
Top Doctors, Portland Monthly Magazine
I've published
Narcoleptic orexin receptor knockout mice express enhanced cholinergic properties in laterodorsal tegmental neurons.
Eur. J. Neurosci., Jul;32(1):130-42 (2010)
Dual orexin actions on dorsal raphe and laterodorsal tegmentum neurons: noisy cation current activation and selective enhancement of Ca2+ transients mediated by L-type calcium channels.
J. Neurophysiol., Oct;100(4):2265-81 (2008)
Voltage-clamp analysis and computer simulation of a novel cesium-resistant A-current in guinea pig laterodorsal tegmental neurons.
J. Neurophysiol., Jun;79(6):3111-26 (1998)