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Dr. Albert El-Roeiy

Fertility Medicine
Upland, PA
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Fertility Medicine
Obstetrics & Gynecology
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34 years
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I came to Dr. El-Roeiy after seeing another well known infertility doctor in my area for 6 months with no luck. He came highly recommended by an acupuncturist I was being treated by. I went to him as my last hope to have a baby. In November of 2010 I scheduled a consult with him. At that time we went over all my testing that I had done at the other clinic and he questioned why the HSG test wasn’t done. I told him that the staff there had said “they would get to it before I went thru IVF”. So in December I scheduled the HSG test with Dr. El Roiey and at this time we were shocked to find that both my tubes were blocked. I felt like someone punched me in the gut…all this time and money spent at the other clinic was for nothing. In January 2011 I scheduled the laparoscopic surgery and this found that my one tube was being blocked by a fibroid and my other tube was defective and deformed. Dr. El Roiey opted to not remove the tubes since that could affect my ovaries. After the surgery we discussed
Dr. El-Roeiy and Staff are the best, hands down! Prior to going to him, I had been to two other fertility dr's who were much closer, but they had no heart and you could tell...Not only are his prices SO affordable, BUT he didnt dismiss me to "only option being a donor egg" bc of a low amh and hand me a box of Kleenex as did the other RE's...Every woman is different but I can tell you that I just got a positive pregnancy test today 9/5/12 and Im the happiest woman alive, age 39...The staff are awesome, kind, understand, and just on it!! I truly would have recommended him even if I hadn't had the results and I husband's friends were going to come but they just found out yesterday that she was pregnant naturally!! Any couple i know of struggling as we did, I will do all in my power to send them to Dr. El-Roeiy...He is the best!
I saw Dr. El-Roeiy when I had trouble getting pregnant, and he discovered through surgery, that I had endometriosis. He walked me through my diagnosis with compassion and warmth and helped me explore all of my treatment options. After a series of treatments, I became pregnant, but miscarried. Dr. El-Roeiy was there for me like a family member. He always remained positive and helped me to continue to move forward. I now have two healthy, beautiful little boys. He truly cares for his patients and is dedicated and passionate about what he does. He goes above and beyond the role of doctor and provides his patients with a safe and supportive environment.
My husband and I went to Dr. El-Roeiy for help when we were trying to get pregnant with our first child. He took the time to listen to us, address our concerns, and advise us on what would be the best treatment options for our situation. He is very thorough in his examinations and was very good at helping us stay patient as we went through the IVF process. When complications arose he was quick to act while being reassuring that all would be fine. His staff has the same compassion and desire to help his patients that he does. Overall, a wonderful practice to work with!!
We came to Dr.El-Roeiy when we were having trouble getting pregnant. We found out after a few tests that IVF was our best option. Dr. El- Roeiy and his whole staff made the process much easier than I ever anticipated it being. They were always kind and compassionate, I felt like a friend there, not just a patient. I would highly recommend Dr. El-Roeiy and his staff, especially since without them, we wouldn't have our most precious gift in the world, our daughter.
I would highly recommend Dr. El-Roeiy and his practice. I had undergone four IVF treatment. Dr.ElRoeiy and his staff were helpful in giving us the knowledge we needed to know about our fertility treatments. They were understanding to our emotional well being along with the medical aspect of IVF. I was one of his first patients and was very happy with my outcome. My twin sons will be 18 in less than a month.
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ACP Suite 531
Upland , PA 19013

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Villanova University
Villanova University
Saint Joseph's University
Hebrew University, Hadassah Medical School
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Top Doctors, Main Line Today Magazine
Top Doctors, Main Line Today Magazine
Top Doctors, Main Line Today Magazine
I've published
Localization of human herpesvirus type 8 in human sperms by in situ PCR.
J. Mol. Histol., Sep;36(6-7):401-12 (2005)