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Dr. Jonathan Scharf

Dentistry - Cosmetic
Exton, PA
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I endorse this dentist. I have worked with Dr. Scharf on numerous cases over many years. I have found John to be a talented dentist who blends the science and artistic aspects of cosmetic dentistry, frequently exceeding the patients expectations. John remains an advocate for his patients and appreciates the steps required to have exceptional results.
I have worked with Dr. Scharf for over 17 years and can say he is one of the very best cosmetic dentists I have ever worked with. He is always available to discuss cases with me and is very caring towards his patients. He is an asset to the dental community, and able to perform any procedures needed to treat all types of dental needs
Dr. Scharf has excellent cosmetic skills and has a long standing history of providing care . I know of countless patients that have also been pleased with treatments as simple as a tooth colored white filling to more complex care involving restored dental implants I certainly endorse this dentist.
I have worked with Dr. Scharf for over 25 years and have consistently found him to be an excellent and caring clinician. He has a passion for creating healthy and beautiful smiles. We are fortunate to have this cosmetic dentist in Chester County.
As an associate of Dr. Scharf's I've seen firsthand, numerous examples of his high-quality, aesthetic work. Patients who come to Dr. Scharf can not only expect to receive 'a new smile' but highly personable treatment from a skilled clinician.
I endorse this dentist. We have worked together on several patients and all have been extremely pleased with his final cosmetic restorations. They all stated they would return for future treatment if needed or desired.
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I am located at
101 John Robert Thomas Drive.
Exton , PA 19341

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Medical / Graduate School
University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
I've won the following awards
Top Cosmetic Dentist, Pennsylvania
Winter 2013
Top Dentists-Cosmetic Dentistry, Philadelphia Magazine
Top Cosmetic Dentist, Be Well Philly