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Dr. Maki Ishii

Dentistry - Periodontics
Rosemont, PA
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Dentistry - Periodontics
I have been in practice
22 years
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Helped 3,367 people
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As Dr. Ishii's colleague for about 6 years now, I can confidently say she is an individual with impeccable moral character and integrity! She sincerely wants and does what is best for each patient's oral health, and treats you like a member of her own family. In the health care field, this combination of virtue and personal kindness is a rare gem to find!
I endorse this dentist. She is very intelligent and capable Surgeon I know. She is the one I go to for advice and help if I need anything. Therefore I recommend Dr. Ishii to anyone!
Dr. Ishii is truly an expert in her field. She not only is knowledgeable but also has a very good bedside manner. More importantly, she cares about her patients.
Dr. Ishii is one of the most caring dentists I know. She is very dedicated to her patients and will provide outstanding care. I highly recommend Dr. Ishii.
As a colleague, I admire Dr. Ishii's professionalism and skills. We are very lucky to have her in our community.
I endorse this dentist.
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I am located at
1201 County Line Road
Suite 201
Rosemont , PA 19010

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I was educated and trained at
Medical / Graduate School
University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
Johns Hopkins University
Saint Paul's College