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Dr. Raya Ben Dor

Phoenixville, PA
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I specialize in
Dentistry - Cosmetic
I have been in practice
26 years
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Child Health
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I have known Dr. Ben Dor for many years, both as a student at UPenn and now as a colleague. It is great to have Raya in our dental community and I have always been impressed by how caring Dr. Ben Dor is for her patients. We discuss the cases in detail, and Dr. Ben Dor is always trying to develop the best treatment plan for each of her patients. It is a pleasure having Raya in this area
I have known Dr. Ben Dor for many years, both as a student at UPenn and now as a colleague in private practice. We have been co-treat a lot of perio and implant cases for long time. Patients love Raya so much by her caring and patience. It's really pleasure to work with her.
Dr. Ben Dor was a dentist in my Practice before she opened her own practice. She was one of the best dentist we had. She is a hard working, very dedicated and on time. She is very knowledgeable and the Patients and staff loved her. I endorse this dentist.
I endorse this dentist. I was a classmate of Dr. Ben Dor and had a chance to see her work. She was my personal dentist and her work meets the highest standards of care.
I endorse this dentist. Raya has excellent clinical skill and is very caring to the patients. I certainly enjoy working with her.
Dr. Ben Dor is a caring dentist with great passion for perfection. She and her staff are very dedicated to their patients.
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I am located at
795 Starr Street
Phoenixville , PA 19460

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I was educated and trained at
Medical / Graduate School
University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv University
I've won the following awards
PASS-International Dentist Award, University of Pennsylvania
Dr. S. Gary Cohen Award in Oral Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
First place in class Excellence Award, Tel Aviv University