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After finding out from my regular dentist that I had to have gum surgery, I was terrified. After seeing pictures of the procedure online, I knew I had to find an alternative solution. So I did some research and found Dr. Linden's website. A short time later I went in for a consultation and Dr. Linden told me I was a good candidate for LANAP. Feeling much more comfortable because of Dr. Linden's and Patti's genuinely caring manner, but still nervous about the situation, I made my appointment to have the procedure done. I can only tell you that there is nothing to worry about! No pain, no bad sounds or smells, nothing! And no pain after the procedure is over. The hardest part was remembering to stick with soft foods for a while afterwards. I remember walking out of Dr. Linden's office completely relieved. I would recommend Dr. Linden to anyone who is considering having periodontal work done. I have roughly a three hour drive to his office and back home again and it is worth every minute!
I was treated by Dr. Linden for a mild case of periodonture disease. I did not want to have the routine procedure of treating my gum disease by cutting the gums and damaging healthy tissue. I wanted a more up to date treatment. I was evaluated by Dr. Linden and he indicated that I was a good candidate for the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. In December 2010, I had the procedure done. It took a little over 2 hours and I had no bleeding or discomfort. I went back to work the next day as a speech pathologist and I was perfectly fine to do my job. In less than a week I was able to eat regular food textures. Since the treatment, I have seen much improvement in my gums. I am so grateful to Dr. Linden's skill. He is very well trained and very knowledgeable. I always feel comfortable when I have my appointments with him. I am continuing to go to Dr. Linden several times a year for cleaning my teeth. And I travel over 140 miles one way to his office. The drive is well worth it.
After a number of months trying to work up the courage to face my worsening gum problems, I saw Dr. Linden's web site and read about him and his marvelous laser procedure for gum disease. It was so interesting and informative, I decided to face my fear and make an appointment. It turned out to be an excellent decision, and the procedure is marvelous, with no pain or trauma, not to mention an amazingly quick recovery - without question the best dental experience I have ever had. Dr. Linden's experience and professionalism are top notch, and his engaging personality combined with exceptional sensitivity put me at ease and gave me confidence that I was in extremely good hands, which I was and am. I would recommend him heartily to anyone who is in need of a periodontist and wants the very best.
I had been advised by another periodontist to have gum flap surgery in some areas and implants in others. Dr. Linden felt I was a good candidate for the LANAP surgery instead. The procedure itself was completely painless and as the numbness wore off I braced myself for pain, and there was absolutely none. I have not had any bleeding when brushing any longer. I have gone back for a few cleanings and will have my one year assessment at the end of August. Dr. Linden and Patti were comforting and reassuring during the procedure.
I was terrified before my LANAP surgery, but Dr. Linden answered all of my questions and made sure that I was not in pain. It was such a quick and easy procedure, such a relief! My recovery was so fast, that I actually forgot that I had it done. If you need gum surgery for periodontal disease, I highly recommend LANAP and there is no one better to perform it than Dr. Linden!
Dr. Linden is an amazing doctor! #nationaldoctorsday2015 #virtualflower1
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I was educated and trained at
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Boston University, Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine
University of Kentucky College of Dentistry
MSD - Master of Science in Dentistry
State University of New York at Binghamton
Laser Periodontics IALD
Academic Appointments
Columbia University
I'm affiliated with
Columbia University Professor of Periodontics, Dental Implants and Bone Regeneration
Columbia College of Dentistry, Department of Oral Medicine and Post Doctoral Periodontics
I've won the following awards
Top Periodontist, New York
Summer 2013
Top Periodontist, the Nation
Fall 2017
Top Periodontist, the Nation
Spring 2017
I've published
Journal of Periodontology- Comparison of Post Op Pain Experience Utilizing a Local Anesthetic
Journal of Periodontology (1986)
Eric T Linden
Laser Periodontal Surgery Review Article
Journal of the American Dental Association (2011)
Linden T Linden
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