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I am a 58 years old woman and my aging double eyelid over the years developed more eyelid folds that in effect made me look very tired or suffering from a long standing ailment. The developing folds on my left and right eye were not even symmetric and unnatural looking to say the least that bothered me in a great extent. Dr. Randy Wong performed the plastic surgery on my eyelid past August 2, 2012. He corrected the excessive folds, the unsymmetrical left and right eyelids, and thereby completely eliminated unnatural looks of my eyes and restored to the natural looks I had when I married my husband 36 years ago. I see that Dr. Randy Wong is a tremendously skilled and experienced plastic surgeon as well as a genuine person when it comes to dealing with patient’s desires and wants for instance having sufficient consultation and providing professional guidance toward the best and satisfactory outcome out of the plastic surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Randy Wong to everyone who is considering about a plastic
I am 3 months post-op on an upper and lower blepharoplasty performed by Dr. Wong. I highly recommend Dr. Wong. He took the time to answer all of my questions, gave me ample time to think over my decision, explained everything that he was going to do and how the healing process would go. He was very clear about what I could expect and did not pressure me in any way. I had the choice of doing the procedure in his office under mild sedation or in the hospital completely asleep. (Can't remember the proper terminology here.) I choose the office procedure. I was sedated but awake, which worked out very well. Dr. Wong explained what he was doing as he was doing it and at one point asked me to open my eyes so he could check his work. There was no pain during the procedure except for some discomfort when he injected the local anesthetic.. The healing process has proceeded exactly the way Dr. Wong said it would. Immediately after the procedure I was on vicodin for a day, then tylenol for another day. I had
I went to Dr. Wong for endobrow looplift and a bilateral upper lid blepharoplasty. In other words my eyelids were drooping and I did not want them to and for good measure had a loop stitch put in to support my browline. Dr. Wong was very patient with my questions and concerns, used holistic medications to speed recovery time and lessen scarring and treated me with respect that not all doctors do. I recovered much more quickly than anticipated and most of all LOVE the results. The changes I have made are natural looking and not overdone as I could imagine they could look if a less skilled surgeon were to do the procedure.
Excellent in every facet of patient care. Randy sincerely cares about each of his patients, not only before and during procedures but afterwards as well. He is in tune with cutting edge research, tried and true techniques and alternative approaches that make every experience better than you could ever expect from the average M.D. 24 hours after my face lift I was told I looked like it has already been a week! He guides you through everything with care and gentleness. Randy is the kind of doctor you dream of but don't really expect to exist. You couldn't place yourself in better hands. I recommend him to everyone.
I had a face lift and upper and lower lids done a couple of months ago. l am completely satisfied and happy with the results. It looks very natural and I have gotten a lot of compliments from friends and colleages. The recovery was short and painless. The results were positive soon after surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Wong to anyone that is interested in having plastic surgery. He is very professional and easy to talk to. You can feel confident that he will give you the best results.
I'm about 6 weeks post op after having a cyst removed from my wrist. I am very happy with my results. Many of you probably have no clue what RSD is, but it makes my case just a bit more tricky. I came through my surgery with flying colors!! I will recommend Dr. Wong over and over again to anybody who is in need of a plastic surgeon. I can hardly see my scar and had very little pain at all. Just unheard of from an RSD patient. Whew! Thank you very much to you and to Melissa!
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Honolulu , HI 96814

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University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine
University of Hawaii
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Top Plastic Surgeon , Hawaii
Summer 2013
Top Plastic Surgeon , Hawaii
Winter 2013
Thought Leader, Hawaii
Winter 2013
I've published
Diffusion versus iontophoresis in the transport of gentamicin in the burned rabbit ear model.
Plast. Reconstr. Surg., Dec;92(7):1342-9; discussion 1350-1 (1993)
Pre-reconstruction tattooing eliminates the need for skin grafting in nipple areolar reconstruction.
Plast. Reconstr. Surg., Sep;92(3):547-9 (1993)
Soft tissue expansion.
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