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Dr. Marguerite Myers

Phoenix, AZ
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Dentistry - Cosmetic
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43 years
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Dr Myers is an avid participant and a true example of someone who cares for her patients and is able to apply her knowledge and share with the rest of the community without hesitation, she remind me how important is to apply science and compassion to everything we do.
I believe that Dr. Myers is an asset to her profession and to her community. She demonstrates not only exceptional knowledge and expertise, but also an extraordinary level of compassion. Her patients are truly fortunate to have Dr. Myers as their dentist.
I have been impressed by Dr. Myers expert opinion, dedication, helpful answers and attitude. I always make a point of reading her postings. Her patients are lucky to have her on their side. I endorse her with no reservations.
I highly endorse Dr. Myers. I have known her for several years and found her to be pleasant, knowledgeable and dependable. Her work is always focused on quality in both patient relationships and dental care. First class!
Not only do I endorse Dr. Myers, but I would recommend her to anyone in her area. Her answers on AVVO are invaluable, articulate and well thought out, which only points to how caring she is as a dentist.
Dr. Myers is an asset to AVVO. Her answers are always informative and precise. Her presentation of each answer shows her caring and compassionate nature. I endorse Dr. Myers without any reservation.
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I am located at
7227 N Dreamy Draw Dr
Suite 3
Phoenix , AZ 85020

Accepted Insurance Plans
Delta Dental
I was educated and trained at
Medical / Graduate School
Loyola University School of Dentistry
Cornell University
I've won the following awards
Top Dentist, Arizona
Fall 2017
Top Dentist, Arizona
Spring 2017
Top Dentist, Arizona
Winter 2013
I've published
A point mutation in the maxi-K clone dSlo forms a high affinity site for charybdotoxin.
Neuropharmacology., 39(1):11-20 (2000)
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