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Dr. Felicia Mata

Cosmetic Dentistry
Chicago, IL
25 years experience female



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As a general practitioner focusing on holistic approach, Dr. Mata studied further in orthodontics, orthopedic, TMJ, and Sleep Medicine. Dr. Mata is also board certified by American Academy of Procefural Medicine and trained to perform Aesthetic Medicine that includes Botox,Dermal Fillers, and Thread Lift procedures. Her practice is mercury fillings free ; she is certified and trained to use laser that doesn't require shots and no need anaesthetic on initial stage cavities. Amalgam fillings has mercury and other toxic materials that doesn’t belong in the mouth. For missing teeth, Geneva dentures can bring back confidence on people who lost their teeth so they can smile again. Veneers and crowns, root canal therapy, treatment of gum disease,e.g. Chao Pinhole Technique,.. are also offered.

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Cosmetic Dentistry


Sleep Medicine


United States: Illinois, Wisconsin

Languages spoken

English, Filipino

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A 55-year-old female asked:
Dr. Felicia Mata
Cosmetic Dentistry 25 years experience
Good Airway is very important and the most common problem of sleep apnea is obstructive. Not being able to breathe properly cannot oxygenate the whole body and can lead to serious diseases that can shorten life. The best treatment is preventive even from birth.
A 29-year-old female asked:
Dr. Felicia Mata
Cosmetic Dentistry 25 years experience
Hi! You have no specific question re: Airway but merely a statement. Since you already visited your physician already, you must be feeling better now. We are here to help & have great information about Airway.
A 34-year-old member asked:
Dr. Felicia Mata
Cosmetic Dentistry 25 years experience
Frenum: Gum recession can also be due to attached frenum tissue too close to the gum margin. During function and brushing can pull the tissue and can later expose the neck part of the tooth- and the root in severe cases. It can cause sensitivity esp to cold temperature.

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Nov 30, 2012
Dr. Mata is a welcomed addition to the Avvo community. Her answers are well thought out which shows she takes time to provide truly valuable education and insight to her patients. I endorse and reco...Read More
Jan 8, 2013
I endorse Dr. Mata. It's quite apparent that she cares about the quality of her treatment and the well being of her patients. It's also evident that she spends a great deal of time educating her pati...Read More
Nov 30, 2012
I would like to endorse Dr. Mata and welcome her to the AVVO.Com community. She is providing a public service by providing timely, acurate and insightful information on dental and medical matters..
HealthTap member
My obgyn said its not allergies, a cold. I would go to doctor but don't want to subject myself to flu germs everywhere. Trying here first.
HealthTap member
Thanks for your quick reply! Thank you for your answer also. I think it might be as a result of how my posture is when I work.
HealthTap member
Thank you I'm just trying to figure out what happened I know I may never know but right now this is something I need to do

Education & Training

Medical/Graduate school

University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry

Medical/Graduate school

Graduated 1996MD


Recognition Award (President 2002-2003), Phil-Am Dental Society of the Midwest
Top Cosmetic Dentist (Spring 2015), HealthTap


Academy of General Dentistry
Loop Dental Care, LLC
American Dental Association
90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions, provide medical advice, write prescriptions, and more.
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