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Dr. Erik Suh

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Bellevue, WA
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I was at work the day that Dr. Suh called to convey his concern and sympathies with respect to my impending diagnosis of Stage III Breast Cancer. The compassion, shock, and sincerity in his voice evidenced kindness paired with a true and sincere apology for the ordeal to come. As it was, Erik Suh had performed my annual exam in March of 2007, which included a breast health checkup. From that call, I truly took my next customer who was searching for work in shock, and as timing would have it, I listened as the job seeker told me about their cancer while I processed mine in silence. I noticed the first sign of my cancer—a prickly-itchy, swollen spot on my left breast; which caused me to grow increasingly distressed, up to the point that I left my job—on Saturday morning, 07/01/07. Seeking immediate medical attention, I drove to a community clinic. There, I was treated as if I were a histrionic. At 34, I was told that I was too young for breast cancer and that the area I referred to was a part o
My family and I have been well taken care of by Dr. Suh and his staff for almost 4 years. I first encountered Dr. Suh's clinic when I moved to Redmond from Texas. I had an awesome doc in Houston, and initially it was very difficult to find a comparable doctor. I actually went through 3 docs before finding Dr. Suh. I've been living with panic disorder and insomnia for several years, and for me, it's very important that I keep up to date with my treatment. Dr. Suh is always available to answer my questions, and has suggested at least one good alternative medication to help my condition. His bedside manners are excellent. He takes his time with patients, is courteous, professional and polite. The clinic itself is always clean, and his staff is superb. Aside from treating my family, I've recommended several co-workers to Dr. Suh. He's an awesome doc and we certainly appreciate having him nearby.
I had heard about the new HydraFacial treatment and wanted to give it a try. I called when the office opened in the morning and they were able to accommodate me the same day due to a cancellation. The treatment was wonderful and quick enough that it could easily fit in during lunch or a break in the day. The facial has a nice balance of exfoliation and hydration... both of which my skin terribly needs, particularly since it's winter. The tone and texture of my skin has immediately improved. I'm looking forward to trying the other options that the HydraFacial apparatus offers.
Dr. Suh is an amazing doctor! #nationaldoctorsday2015 #virtualflower1
Dr. Suh is an amazing doctor! #nationaldoctorsday2015 #virtualflower1
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First Choice Health
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Medical / Graduate School
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
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university of washington
pacific northwest university
seattle university
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Top Family Physician, Seattle, WA
Winter 2013
Top Doctor, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine
Best Doctor, Best of Western Washington