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Hi, I would like to share my wonderful experience with Dr. Rian Maercks. I am a mother of 3 and I used to have beautiful natural breast before my 3 kids. And after 3 pregnancies along with breast feeding I found the need to enhance my breast from stretch marks, sagging and all the other damages due to my pregnancies. Throughout the year s I felt very uncomfortable with my breast due to all the above. I had to be very selective with the clothes I choose to wear to hide my droopy breast and I was very unhappy with my cleavage. It was a constant struggle to get dressed to go out for many reasons. I then decide to do research and plastic surgery was my solution. I had my first breast reconstructive procedure a few years ago and in order to reconstruct my breast s and to lift, the doctor decided to intervene through my areola and that left a big scar and my areola was way too large. I was also left with a wide separation in my cleavage are and my breast did not have a natural fall or movement. I was unh
Dr. Maercks is the King of injectables! This is my second Botox and Juvederm treatment by Dr. Maercks and my results went far beyond my high expectations....I was more than pleased with the results and I couldn't wait to show off my younger, fresher, and very smooth skin. To achieve all the corrections I wanted, 2 treatments were necessary. I didn't think my facial lines or structure could get any better after the first treatment....but I was amazed by Dr. Maercks work. He gave my lips a sexy boost....and it looks natural and even....with NO bumps or lumps. He basically gave me a face lift with Juvederm....defining my cheek bones and softening my jaw line. He softened my parentheses lines along the sides of my nose and mouth. He gave me a beautiful eyebrow arch and opened my eyes....I don't look tired anymore. I had a runaway line under each eye from the sun and he smoothed it away. The amount of Botox he used was perfect....I still have my expressions that make me "me", but the distracting lines are gone.
I would like to share my opinion on Dr Maercks and his practice. I have met very few Physicians who take the time to create relationships and trust with his patients. Dr Maercks is dedicated first and foremost to making his patients trust his vision and technique. Secondly, it is of high priority that his results are impeccable. It is very important to find someone who practices for the right reasons and focuses on minimal recovery, minimal scarring and makes patient satisfaction his main priority. I love that Dr Maercks does not advertise himself as a product but as the person who's passion for being a surgeon shines through all his work. I suffered for more than 10 years with chronic migraines. I had given up on everything until I came to see Dr Maercks who improved my attacks and now I have been migraine free for a long time. His craniofacial expertise worked wonders for me. I am so glad I was referred to him and I would recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Maercks is an artistic mind as well as a plastic surgery innovator. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic surgery. I am thrilled with my results from his Cold Subfascial Breast Augmentation. My breasts are STUNNING. As a model, my body is my job and I do not trust anyone else with it but Dr. Maercks; a professional, a gentleman, passionate about what he does. GIFTED!
From the moment I met him, the doctor listened to my concerns and offered suggestions that were sensible and pertinent to my needs. Great self assured personality and made me certain I had made the perfect choice. All went perfectly fine as expected! His assistant, Marie, also very professional and just perfect.
Dr. Maercks is the #1 doctor to see for lip enhancement. I went in a few weeks ago and he gave me perfect, natural lips. I recommended all my friends to him!!
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Miami , FL 33133

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Duke University School of Medicine
I've won the following awards
Unrestricted Research Grant, Misonix Medical
Unrestricted Research Grant, Integra Life Sciences
Unrestricted Educational Grant, Synthes
I've published
The vastus intermedius periosteal (VIP) flap. A novel flap for osteoinduction
Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery
Tertiary Plus Rhinoplasty: Recreating Deep Structural Subunits for Optimal Aesthetic Outcomes
Endoscopic Monobloc Advancement with Ultrasonic Osteotomy: A feasibility study.
The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery
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