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Dr. Robert Harland

Surgery - Transplant
Greenville, NC
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Surgery - Transplant
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36 years
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Many patients in Chicago missed him after he left U of C. Dialysis patients in Phoenix, AZ are so lucky to have him.
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I've published
Implications of immunohistochemical detection of C4d along peritubular capillaries in late acute renal allograft rejection.
Transplantation., Jan;79(2):228-35 (2005)
Dr. Michelle Josephson, Dr. Shane Meehan, Dr. Pradeep Kadambi, Dr. Richard Cohn
Case report: robot-assisted laparoscopic pyeloureterostomy in a transplanted kidney with ureteral stricture.
J. Endourol., Jan;20(1):31-2 (2006)
Changing attitudes toward influenza vaccination in U.S. Kidney transplant programs over the past decade.
Clin J Am Soc Nephrol., Sep;5(9):1637-41 (2010)
Dr. Michelle Josephson, Dr. Pradeep Kadambi, Dr. W. james Chon