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Dr. Pamela Pappas

Scottsdale, AZ
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Holistic Medicine
Integrative Medicine
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41 years
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Here are kind words from others
Dr. Pappas is kindhearted, intelligent, practical and an achieved psychiatrist who possesses a broad yet solid knowledge of medicine. Her perpetual support of patients and colleagues is the ultimate sign of an altruistic physician. Her endless patience and stepwise approach to treatment by integrating holistic and natural means is truly valued as a source of sustenance for all who cross her path
Dr. Pappas is a compassionate, sensible, knowledgeable psychiatrist who uses her broad training in medicine and complimentary modalities to give easily-understood answers to complex questions. I especially value her common-sense and naturalistic recommendations because they always seem scientifically grounded while not being rigidly traditional. I trust her expertise.
I can recommend Dr. Pappas without hesitation. Her clinical acumen, resourcefulness, empathy, tact, ethics, and broad base of knowledge are to be emulated. I have learned much from her and I greatly appreciate her undaunting dedication to Healthtap as well as her willingness to help those who are new here, such as myself. A+ recommendation!
What do you say about someone like Dr. Pappas? I am so glad she is a doctor! She is not just caring and bright, but she is genuine, and a great person. Her answers reflect a doctor who has thought out a custom answer for a patient's question. A true pleasure to read her responses. Her patients are fortunate to have her.
Fast, Fantastic answers to often complex questions, truly an asset to the Medical Community. A true national leader in Mental Health Care. She is a truly engaged physician and her broad knowledge base is demonstrated in her advice to the health tap audience. Thank you for being a terrific doctor and colleague...
Dr. Pappas is an extraordinarily talented doctor. She’s a board-certified psychiatrist and a classical homeopath with broad knowledge and rare clinical wisdom. She does what’s best for patients and finds it truly satisfying to help others live healthy lives. She gets my highest recommendation.
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I am located at
Pamela A. Pappas MD, MD(H)
Optimal You
8114 E. Cactus Rd., Suite #240
Scottsdale , AZ 85260
Office hours
Mon 9:00am - 6:00pm
Tue 9:00am - 5:00pm
Wed 9:00am - 5:00pm
Thu 9:00am - 5:00pm
I was educated and trained at
Medical / Graduate School
Wake Forest University School of Medicine, NC
Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry (Psychosomatic Medicine)
Integrative Medicine
Academic Appointments
American Medical College of Homeopathy
Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, contract faculty
I'm affiliated with
Optimal You
Association of Socially Active Physicians (ASAP)
American Psychiatric Association
I've won the following awards
Top Psychiatrist, Arizona
Fall 2017
Top Psychiatrist, Arizona
Spring 2017
Top Psychiatrist, Arizona
Spring 2017
I've published
The 1918 influenza pandemic and homeopathy.
Arizona Medicine, 18:12-14 (2008)
Pamela A Pappas
Homeopathy and Women’s Health (Book Chapter)
Integrative Women's HealthIntegrative Women’s Health, Maizes V and Low Dog T (eds.), New York, NY, Oxford University Press (2010)
Iris R Bell
Homeopathy and its Applications in Psychiatry (book chapter)
Natural Medications for Psychiatric Disorders, 2nd Edition. Mischoulon and Rosenbaum (eds.), Philadelphia, PA, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins (2008)
Iris R Bell