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Dr. Johanna Fricke

Pediatrics - Developmental & Behavioral
Las Vegas, NV
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Pediatrics - Developmental & Behavioral
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Dr. Fricke takes the time to provide answers rich in substance and educational information. The more I read of her contributions, the more I am humbled by the extraordinarily high quality of her responses to even the most complex questions. Although we share a specialty, I learn from her every day and strive to approach her level of knowledge and ability to teach.
In reading and reviewing Dr. Johanna Fricke's answers I am impressed how she is able to convey information about the precious things in our lives - our children - in a concise and detailed manner and at the same time some how make you feel reassured at the same time. I wish I live in Las Vegas so she could be my pediatrician! I highly recommend her.
If your child has a developmental, learning, or behavioral problem, a developmental-behavioral pediatrician, Dr. Johanna Fricke , has the training and expertise to evaluate and care for your child. Do not hesitate to refer your family ad friends. She is the best in Las Vegas, NV. Sincerely and respectfully, Dr.Paul Grin.
I have known Dr. Fricke for many years, having trained at the same institution. I have reviewed many of her answers and consultations on HealthTap and have found them to be insightful and thorough. Her documentation is clear and easily understood by patients. I would recommend her highly.
I find myself wishing I had a Dr Fricke to turn to while I was raising my daughter. Her combination of knowledge, understanding, clarity, compassion and good sense is just... well, great. Children and parents will all benefit from her answers and warmth.
Excellent well thought out answers. An excellent resource for patients and an asset to healthtap. Anybody who takes their personal time, to answer patient questions and does so without anything in return is fine by me.
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I was educated and trained at
Medical / Graduate School
University of Alabama School of Medicine, AL
I've won the following awards
Top Pediatric Developmental and Behavioral Specialist, the Nation
Spring 2017
Top Pediatric Developmental and Behavioral Specialist, National
Winter 2015
Top Doctor, Nevada
Winter 2015