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Child Psychiatry

Irvine, CA

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Dr Brutoco is a board-certified MD in the practice of psychiatry, specializing exclusively in Developmental & Behavioral Medicine.The approach is comprehensive including the expert use of psychoactive Rx coupled w/ individual & family-centered counseling.Behavioral systems & fam dynamics are an important emphasis of his assessment &advice. Many complex families seek our care,& we frequently help patients who travel here from other parts of the country.

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  • Lifestages Center for Behavioral & Developmental Medicine
  • 4 Venture, Suite 220
  • Irvine CA 92618
  • 9497531233

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  • Child Psychiatry
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Dr. Rudolf L. Brutoco's Education & Experience

Academic Appointments

  • Chair, Dept of Behavioral & Developmental Medicine, Childrens Hospital of Orange County (CHOC)
  • Visiting Lecturer, Adolescent Development, Dept of Psychology, University of Notre Dame
  • Visiting Lecturer, Health Law and BioEthics, Santa Clara University Law School
  • Attending Faculty, Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles (USC Medical School)
  • CME Faculty, University of California, San Diego (UCSD), re Medical Ethics
  • Pediatric Subspecialty Faculty, Children’s Hosp of Orange County Pediatric Residency Program
  • Guest Lecturer, University of San Diego (USD) Law School


  • Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles
    Pediatrics, 1979


Medical Schools

  • UCLA School of Medicine, CA 1977

Dr. Rudolf L. Brutoco's Awards & Affiliations


  • National Chairman’s Award: “Special Honors for Saving Lives”, Leukemia Society of America
  • Courage Award, International Myeloma Foundation
  • Ignatian Award, Santa Clara University, “for Distinguished Service to Mankind”
  • Men of Character Award, Boy Scouts of America
  • Distinguished Service Award, Optimists International
  • “America’s Top Pediatricians”, Consumers Research Council of America
  • Thomas A. Kiefer Humanitarian Award
  • Elie Wiesel "Humanism in Healing" Award, Western University of Health Sciences
  • Honorary Service Award, Parent-Teachers Association (PTA)
  • Multiple commendations and certificates of recognition from governmental figures and entities, including The White House , senators, governors, congressmen, municipalities, counties


  • Expert Medical Reviewer, Medical Board of California
  • Reviewer, Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics
  • Contributor, Brown University Child & Adolescent Psychopharmacology Update
  • Consultant, Health Services Research Division, RAND Corporation
  • Research/Manuscript Reviewer, Journal of Perinatology
  • Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics
  • President’s Advisory Council, College of Arts & Letters, University of Notre Dame
  • Board of Regents, University of Santa Clara
  • Director Emeritus, Board of Directors, National Marrow Donor Program, National Institutes of Health (N.I.H.)
  • Board of Trustees, Leukemia Society of America
  • Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
  • Consultant, NBC Television and Viacom Productions
  • Director of Adolescent Services, Sierra Royale Mental Health Hospital
  • Editorial Board & Advisory Board, Medicine.Net.com (later "WebMD")