Dr. Lance G. Anderson


Psychiatry , Board Certified

Portland, OR

Dr. Lance G. Anderson's bio

Dr. Anderson, a private practice psychiatrist specializing in advanced psychopharmacology and breif therapy, spends approximately half time in software & office solutions. For at least 11 years, he has specealized in MH specific EMR and Office Management software, customizing software that is specific to your office, and Private Practice consultation from start-up to question answering. My bio: "I began an adult psychiatric private practice when I graduated residency at OHSU. My initial office was a 5 year lease at SW 9th and SW Washington. During that time my self-employed status became a Corporation, Northwest Psychiatric Group, PC. I purchased a building in NE Portland (a dumpy duplex) and did a beautiful renovation into a commercial building with 4 doctor / therapy offices, and room for administrative assistants. I really enjoy seeing new people. So, even though my practice is full, we keep appropriate attrition with people moving and improving, I try to see 1 - 2 new people a week. I do this by referral only as there are about 15 - 20 requests to be a new patient daily. It is extremely important for me to stay ahead of the information to learn, so I am doing a Master's "Online Fellowship" in Advanced Psychopharmacology. I also have a strong interest in computer and database programing, and am in the process of altering the EMR I wrote over the past 10 years (which is desktop with SQL backend) into wed based with a front end usable in any browser and a cloud based SQL database."

Dr. Lance G. Anderson's Locations

  • 3583 NE Broadway Street
  • Portland OR 97232
  • (503) 827-0298

Dr. Lance G. Anderson's Visit Information


  • http://www.nwpmd.com



  • Psychiatry

Dr. Lance G. Anderson's Education & Experience


  • Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine, OR

Medical Schools

  • Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, MI 1996

Dr. Lance G. Anderson's Awards & Affiliations


  • Honors in Psychiatry, Surgery, OB/GYN, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine
  • Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honors Society
  • Resident of the Year, OHSU, Psychiatry, 2000-2001