Dr. Louis Scala

Cape Coral, FL
27 years experience male



Established in 2007, Cardiac Care Group, LLC was created by Dr. Louis J. Scala, Medical Director and Anthony Giordano, Director of Operations. Dr. Scala brings with him vast experience in clinical cardiology from Orlando Florida, as well as specialistic academic training from Cedars-Sinai Hospital (UCLA) in Los Angeles. Cardiac Care Group provides comprehensive adult cardiology services that include noninvasive/invasive diagnostic procedures and therapeutic interventions. To support referring physicians and to achieve the highest degree of quality and efficiency close to the community in this ever-changing healthcare environment, Cardiac Care Group utilizes most of the major hospital systems and participates in most of the major insurance companies in the Lee County area. Commitment to quality is fundamental to Cardiac Care Group. Dr. Scala is board certified in Cardiology and Internal Medicine and has extensive experience in Nuclear Cardiology protocols originally pioneered in Cedars-Sinai Hospital (UCLA) in Los Angeles. We try to adhere to standards of practice guidelines and monitor our clinical and functional outcomes. We use state of the art diagnostic equipment in our office to assist in our high quality health care delivery. We emphasize on positive patient experience. We want each and every patient to leave our facility feeling that we have exceeded their expectations, both medically and professionally. At Cardiac Care Group, we believe that a successful partnership between the patient and family, the primary care physician and the cardiologist is the recipe for a healthy heart. To provide easy access for patient referral, for better communication and for better access to our patient records, we have implemented a detailed Electronic Health and Medical Record (EHR/EMR) system that is uniquely integrated with our diagnostic testing systems and is fully secured. Today, Cardiac Care Group is uniquely positioned to respond to the needs of our referring physicians and patients close to their communities. We will pursue opportunities to expand geographic coverage and services as we explore new technologies and treatments. Our goal is clearly to bring quality healthcare to our patients close to the community they live in.

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Languages spoken

English, Italian

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HealthTap member
Nov 26, 2015
This Thanksgiving, I wanted to share my appreciation for all that you do! Thank you, doctor! :)
HealthTap member
Mar 31, 2015
Dr. Scala is an amazing doctor! #nationaldoctorsday2015 #virtualflower1

Education & Training

Medical/Graduate school

State University of New York Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine, NY
Graduated 1994MD


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90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions, provide medical advice, write prescriptions, and more.
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