Healthier Employees
Lower Costs

Provide your employees with anytime/anywhere access to world-class doctor care - and save up to 20% on claims costs in the process

Give your employees personalized answers to any health question

Enable access to 2.6 million doctor-provided answers on any device

Give your employees control over their own health profiles

Make virtual care visits faster and easier with customized health profiles

Give your employees symptom assessment and guidance to the right care

Provide tailored answers and recommendations with our doctor-trained A.I.

Give your employees trusted advice & treatment - anytime, anywhere

Reduce sick days and increase engagement through virtual care

Give your employees timely reminders to help them get well and stay well

Drive improvements in post-care follow-up and wellness with in-app notifications

Give your employees a selection of the best practitioners

Simplify the process of finding the right doctor and in-network referrals

Reduce costs while providing more care options

Our A.I.-powered virtual care guides your employees to the right care, avoiding unnecessary doctor and emergency room visits

Real claims cost savings

19.9%Average annual reduction in claims costs for engaged employees

HealthTap is proven to generate real, measurable, and substantial reductions in annual claims costs for employers

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Implementation that's as fast as it is easy

HealthTap is a configurable solution that provides all the tools, resources, and people you need to get up and running - and ensure that your employees do the same

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Discover touch points & users


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Features, new programs

Three Months After

Data-driven program evolution


Finish profile, add dependents

Real engagement. Real satisfaction.

Net Promoter Score

5.3 times higher customer satisfaction than the healthcare industry average

Monthly Active Users

18.2 times better user engagement than stand-alone telemedicine solutions

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See how employees are being made healthier, happier, and more productive with HealthTap

Featured customer

Flex, a Fortune Global 500 company that employs more than 200,000 workers across 30 countries, has been a HealthTap customer since 2015.

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"If I took HealthTap away from my employees, I'd have a revolt on my hands."

- Paul Baldassari, Chief Human Resources Officer at Flex


"Within 5 minutes, I was able to visit a doctor, have a prescription sent to my favorite pharmacy and that was just amazing to do all that from the privacy of my own home."


"I've shown the app to my wife... and she is already using it... and we have listed our three kids in it..."


"You know whether it's three o'clock in the afternoon or one o'clock in the morning... you get that information right in your hands, super convenient."


"...This way I have a variety of doctors that can answer my question and not just give me one specific answer. I have multiple answers."

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