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Dr. Andrea Brand, Family Medicine

"This has been a wonderful experience. I have had the opportunity to help people while learning from the patients and my colleagues, all in a relaxed setting. The appreciation from patients and recognition from my colleagues is rewarding."

Dr. Greg Sorkin, Emergency Medicine Specialist

"HealthTap provides me with an interactive forum with tens of thousands of patients and colleagues. While expanding my network, I've also expanded my patient base."

Dr. Hermilando Payen, Pathologist

"I am so thrilled that I am part of your HeathTap consultant group because you have given me the opportunity to share my unique combination of knowledge and experience."

Dr. Richard Scratozzi, Opthalmology-Retinal Surgery

"My local practice patients were delighted to learn that I spend some of my free time continuing to help people about medical issues that I am passionate about."

Dr. John Lipman, Interventional Radiologist

"I've really enjoyed working with HealthTap, as it becomes a leading Internet healthcare solution for people looking for medical information."

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