Mudras: Concentration, Healing, Energy and Relaxation Techniques
by OnLine Studio Productions LLC

99 Therapeutic mudras is the application that will become a tool for our times of meditation, suitable after study or work. Each mudra will help you overcome those physical, mental and spiritual difficulties. Furthermore, the application offers a dynamic and interactive introduction to the mystical world of yoga.
The mudras (hand positions) are a great source of energy, where each finger represents one of the five elements: fire, air, sky, earth and water. Its different combinations will allow you to find the right balance in physical, mental and spiritual level for life.
Relax, heal and energize yourself with 99 therapeutic mudras.

• Full color (ideal for the Retina Display of the iPhone / iPod Touch 4th Generation) and HD (ideal for iPad with retina) app.
• Four types of mudras to visualize and practice: energy, healing, relaxation and concentration.
• Each mudra has its name in English and Sanskrit. Touch the mudra you want and it will automatically display the position of the hands; its physical, mental and spiritual benefits; and the time of practice of each one.
• You can leave the window anywhere on the screen to see another random mudra.
• Mark the mudras you like the most with the 'Favorites' option to check them at a later time by accessing the Favorites button on the main menu.

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About this app
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