Oxidative Phosphorylation
by 3Dme Pty Ltd

The chemistry content of this App was produced under the direction of Griffith University academic Prof Tony Perkins. The creative content of this App was produced by 3Dme who received a Global Finalist Award for the video portion of this App.

Fundamental biochemistry for senior high school chemistry students and first year undergraduate medical students. Through a fascinating process called oxidative phosphorylation, oxygen is used by the mitochondria to absorb electrons & help generate energy. The included video uses beautiful, high definition 3D visualisation to take a look inside the human body to follow the path the oxygen molecules take from the in breath, diffusion, through the arterial membrane, bound by haemoglobin in red blood cells, to reach the mitochondria. Once inside the mitochondria, the powerhouse of all cells, we demonstrate how oxygen is used to produce energy. This process includes the oxidation of macronutrients, electron carriers such as NADH, the electron transport chain & the cytochrome oxidase complex. Creative imagery has been used in this video to facilitate assist to conceptualise the process of oxidative phosphorylation.

After viewing the video, to assist your understanding of this topic, you can complete a Quiz consisting of 20 multiple choice questions. The Quiz includes an optional ‘hint’ button which enables you to review the portion of the video related to the question. However if a ‘hint’ is used to answer the question, the maximum score out of 1 for a correct answer will be .5. You also have the option to Tweet your results to others.

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