Flow and Align Guided Meditation by Ahnalira, part 2 of Align Within series
by Laughing Place Communications, LLC

Flow and Align
Building upon the concepts of the first guided meditation, Refresh and Renew, this meditation continues the exploration into the subtle energy fields. Enhancing awareness of the subtle energy body and the ability to maintain a clear and open emotional/mental body, Flow and Align opens the way for the more refined energies of light and love to influence the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. This guided meditation develops and evolves our ability to access Guidance and restore alignment and well-being among the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Flow and Align is an excellent tool for both healing unresolved patterns and expanding conscious awareness.

In addition, the App has several advanced features:
•Use this meditation as a wake-up alarm, to start the day aligned into the wellbeing of an open and relaxed state.
•This guided meditation can also be used when falling asleep; it facilitate lucid dreaming and insights upon awakening.
•The Flow and Align guided meditation also includes a Notes Journal to write down immediate insights upon completion of the guided meditation or awakening.
•You can put the meditation into repeat or loop mode, so you can listen to it over and over again.

Ahnalira’s training as a Meditation Teacher with Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer ensures a high quality guided meditation; her instructions are easy to follow, and the quality of her voice enhances relaxation. Refresh and Renew is the first meditation in a three part series, Align Within; each building upon the next.

Listen to a sample:

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