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My husband 32yrs old overweight, having TLC- 15000 and he is a smoker.He is feeling weekneess,wants to sleep most of the time,feeling more hungry.

pallative lung cancer ad weight loss 8 stone to now 6 ,in the last week cough as gne much worse n shes sleepin mre is this signs of end of life comin?

(F)20yrs old.3rd time ive had a nose bleed and all the times comes with tissue or mucus (blood ) dizzy, hot and heartbeat fast? Wht shld i do?

1.5yrs ago had sudden acidity,IBS N left eye blurred,it recovered in an hr.I took vitD n B12 n things improved,now I have leg weakness n fatigue. MS?

10 weeks pregnant. Stopped my 10mg/day dydrogesterone n start having mild shortness of breath n can't walk/move as fast as b4. Should i b worried?

110/90 wen i woke up in the morning. But i feel dizzy, headache and nape pain.Taking up amlodipine 5mg everyday. Im 26 f?

13 w/1 d preg. Had to break hard while driving bt didnt feel any pressure on the abdomen. Should i be concerned?

13 yrs of gaining weight n tiredness. Goiter too.Thyroid enlarged but blood tests normal. I jyst don't feel right n gp wont help find answer. Idea?

13weeks pregnant very tired and sleepy at work right now! will one cup of coffee hurt?!-:/

16wkspreg. I've had nasal congestion 2days. I use to feel flutter movements alot b4 sickness. But the flutters have reduced alil. Shud I be concern?

18 months ago i weighed 121. Went down to 110 without trying.. Am back up to 115 but stuck there.Always achey, tired, no energy.Ideas? Many tests.

19yr old m very good health tired very quikly while doing anythng.Any sugestions?

2 mnths ago was hit by BPPV. Later diagonised as MAV. Now feels dizzy all the time. Can't sleep or walk in dark. Feels like getting vertigo.Wat to do?

2 months after csection i've bn havin really bad headaches seems any medicine i try stop workin after a while. Bp was high last dr appt 160/140?

23,Today i felt very angry,i am afew days aways from my periods,i could not concentrate on my study,i felt edgy,wt is actual cause of this if its pms?

24m worried bout ALS muscle twitching all over body nothing really feels any weaker than norm just really worried about this awful disease?

26-year-old f, feel dizziness/fatigue for a few minutes sometimes(once/twice in 2months)h've the same frm childhood itslf, bp/sugar r normal wen checkd.?

28 wth family history heart attacks paternal side.m fasting n lil sleep deprived my bp is continuously 130/90 since three days.also ache in arm n back?

3 mnths ago after i was hit with BPPV, i've noticed tht, wen i'm on period or near to it, i feel very dizzy and tendency to get vertigo on those days.

30yo male.Int vib/mus twitches all over a year ago.Went away with lexapro. Still have constant shaky hands.Doc says anxiety. Should I worry als/ms?

30yrmale.since 6mnth have orthostatic hypo(ever since i had vitD3 n B12 def N severe acidity).Feel weak esp legs.Why is this happening at 30?solution?

30yrmale.Strange prob since a yr.had digestion prob n anxiety.With morning bowel movement ,bp becomes 90/65.and entire day fatigue n body pain.Scared?

36wks prgnt.feel tired &need to lay if i work standing up,or if i get hot.after meals get nausea.anemic,gestational diabetes undr control.normal?

39wks preg. 3cm open lots of presure but no pain been like this for 15hr +. Feel real uncomfortable. Should I go to hosp n get chekd?

39wks preg. Histfof GERD anxiety pots. Past few weeks get a random drop rolling anxious feeling in midchest area. Lasts a few min and goes away.Help?

3yrs chronic anxiety n stress lit ev second like my heart is goin to give way n straining it irregular heartbeat chest pain will this shorten my life?

4 a wk hav unexplainable abdom/pelvicpain,strange feelin n head+vision,heart pumpin hard/fast,very small bm w/sticky mucus,not flem lik low temp!Caus?

4yr old w/morning hdache 3morn. In a row. Last only a few min, acts fine, says same spot hts, a kiss or rub makes it feel better? No other symp.

9yrold son has 'asthme allergy acariens'. Is there a cure like i was told? Can that also affect concentration b\c he sneezes n seems tired allthe time

A week ago went on ferry journey since then been feeling like still on ferry had ears checked & theyre ok cud it b disembarkment syndrome& wot do I do?

About 3 weeks ago out of the blue i started losing control of my bowels and bladder while i was asleep in the middle of the nite. Wats up with that?

After bein in da cool air i started coughing n short of breath (around 7). Had to pt head down. By 3rd pd (10:40) i was fine. Wat is dis?

After wrk i had an headache n i tuk 2 ibuprofens 4 my headache n i ended up feeln dizzy like i was spinning in 1 place. Whn i walk i had 2 cntrol my balance, went 2 sleep now I have another headache?

All bones hurt ep legs, hands, Feeling hot @ 17c bad headache cant remember anything feeling like memories getting worse panadol (acetaminophen) not helping cnt af dr

Am a 19yr old female.plz wat painkillers shud i take.i hv severe menstrual cramps? dat makes me feel dizzy & weak esp on day 1 & i have peptic ulcer.

Am i bloated? Stomach kindf tighten am burpin consipatn, shortnes breath, irregulr heartrate, feeling to vomit, did blood wrk n everything dr sed amok

Am in first trimester i really feel fatigue more sleepy feel tachycardia inc in heart beat n nausea n vomiting plz tell me reason n solution?

Am in first trimester vomitting 4 daily going to dehydration wat are its effects n plz tell me the solution?

Are a few (1-4) pvcs normal after exercising? I've never had them until lately after running. They scare me pretty bad even tho they r prob harmless

Bad health anxiety.Everyday i hve pain somewhere different, 2day i hve bak/ stomach cramps and night sweat r these symp 2 anxiety!worry 24/7 gets wors?

Been eating a banana everyday for th past 1year w/o fail. Been experiencing cough without pain and phlegm lately for abt 3 mths. Any concerns?

Been feelin dull bloaty cramp feeling for months now hav anxiety too gas sumtimes diriea constip other tyms doc wont listen thinks its anxiety?

Been feeling tired and lightheaded checked spo2 n found it dipping to 94% even at rest. Right now it is 98-99%. Should i be worried?

Been feeling under the weather, got parkinsons, struggling to walk even more and cold, wife has to help pee in the night from every 30 min to 2 hours?

Been getn headaches on n off for bout two months more on then off what could this b from its bothering my right eye severely?

Been to specialists n had scans n no answers I've been waking up w.Headaches everyday for years tired of taking Excedrin it hurts my stomach.Any help?

Been traveling...and family here. Stressed..muscles hurt from goin goin goin. Today im sweaty and exhausted! Can that cause a rise in temp? It was 99

Been vomiting after meal n smtimes in the morning fr 2 weeks, w chest pain after, also while drinking or eating smthing, plus bad headache at night?

Beginning to work out 6x a week to help my knee & weight loss. Been using my sleeve. Theres lil aches bts dats all. Somedays worse. Is dis da norm?

Bf is 41,heavy potsmoker w severe ADHD,breathless dizzy attacks,had vasectomy in late sep.Now seems like he esp has trouble getting erect.What to do?

Brain edema due to japanese encephalitis, nw she's conscious bt hvng difficulty in swallowing nd hr left limbs r little weak, suggest some exercises.

C. Diff. Stool looks like spegitti n mead balls. Which i did just eat. Good sign? Still feel weak. Temp and feel out of it.

Can anxiety or worrying cause vision to be weird not right I've been worried over tick bites n being staying lightheaded from panic I think n worried ?

Can blood pressure 148 over 98 for a day n a half cause a bleed to the brain?ive been feeling pressure n my head not really bad tho. Should I get CT

Can just worrying n stuff with anxiety cause weird vision n head funny lightheaded I keep going to drs they all anxiety I worried more it's 6 yrs?

Can someone b having a heart attack n her blood preasure n heart rate is fine she just fell like theres sumthing wrong n feeling sick on of stomach?

Can stress causes sever COPD to get worst n a 67 yr old man?

Can you give me some examples of exersize i can do at home to get rid of my stomach I am 39 years old n got bad coesterol depression and feel tired all the time

Can't sleep. Sitting lll&rhand feels cold/tingly/numb p lying for bed both rul&lll feel cold tingly sympt 4 1 wk low BP high stress possible dx?

Choke till face puffy and purple.2wks ltr headaches dizzy numb n ting dwn L rm lot conf. And mem issues went away aftr week. Was it min stroke?

Chrnic fatigue, low energy, difficulty sleping bt deep slep for 7-8 hours whn I sleep, dont feel rested, leg numbness. on metformin 1000mg. wht to do?

Constant headache causing me unable to sleep, isit bcuz of stress and lack of sleep? Im 19 and growing wisdom tooth, will dat cause it too?

Contin heavines in the head for 13 days now, no other sympt feel tired by eveng. doctor said could be congestion or weakness, can it be coz of anxity?

Could candles cause lightheadedness n swaying motion nausea feeling or could it just b anxiety Drs say ears look good n allergies don't cause this ?

Dear doctor I am healthy n well but I had sudden fewer n then my hands n feet tend to get numb for while but .I am tensed doctor... Please advice...

Dear doctor, I having a uneasy feeling...shortness of breathing..anxiety n fear...unableto sleepn hands n feets gets numb have zing se?

Dear doctor,I having a uneasy feeling...shortness of breathing..anxiety n fear...unableto sleepn hands n feets gets numb have zing se?

Diagnosed with a PFO in 2011 its now 2013 and I've noticed latley that everytime im walking i get really tired or outnof breath. What can I do?

Did slight workout yest after year of lazeing in bed due to anx and gerd. I feel ext nasues n had hard time sleeping is this norm n will it go away?

Dizzy when gettng up from bed past 4 days.Blotchy rash under breast ,stomch, back of neck /shoulders.No med chnge.Quit hair vitmn last wk what is it?

Dizzy, hard hands, hard breath, colic, headache, stomachcramp, indigestion. Got paroxetine n carpamecipine. Why?

Do I have to check echocardiogram n ecg24hr from faint 2x in 1month? But heart didn't feel hurt/anything, just numbness arms n legs n nausea.

Do I need to c a doctor if iam dizzy all the time n I do suffer from anxiety attacks n hiw do they stop ?

Do they put you to sleep during beratric surgery im scared n do they give you something to calm you? Will I feep it. Will I b in pain

Do you have any idea's for fibromaligia pain, my medications aren't working. I hurt all the time. I go to be around 12am to 1am then i wake up at 3am eat a bowl of cereal and then i can go back to sleep, until 8am. Iam sick of hurting and sick of not sle

Doc app in 2 weeks im sev depressed n mood seings what can I do to help relieve them i can barely function n goin nuts with anx attacks n random cryin?

Doc.i have slight headaches for 4 days now.i had my hair wet fr almost an hour 2 days before i had this.can it be cold as i dont hv any other symptoms?

Doctor I have stopped masturb. for alteast 3 months and the symptoms like lit. pain in penis and loss of senst. is still der what is d prob. No overind?

Does this make since i wouldn't stress if i didn't get all these ha's & pains n my head i'm falling apart test r normal but i don't feel that way help?

Dr.I wanted to know that i frequently get tired with small amount of wrk i get frequent cramps while walking or writting.And sm prob while walk?

Dream of sumthn really wrong with my throat I have bad anxiety and i constatly worry about my throat but lately i haven't been woring. Wat cld it be?

Ekg at dr normal, still havin chest pain, nausea, sweatin n dizzy spells, feel flush, fatigued.Dr gav lorazapam.No help. Wait and if cont. Er? Admit me?

Every 3-4hrs,have to eat,else i sweat,feel like i'll faint but sugar n BP are normal.ct /endo/D2 biopsy normal.cant eat much(indigestion).Docs gave up?

Father feels ill, dizzy, slurs speach at least once a werk since gettin pace maker in december. ..Why?

Feel likeiam on a boat when i walk or laydownear feelfull docsay its anxity-fluidon my earbeenlikethis3years could there be somthingbadwrong noscans?

Feeling dizzy and un balanced at times wut could it be?

Feeling fatigue and heavy eyes .. Almost all time .. And when i walking it's like i'll down on the road . Is any serious prblm bkz i don't hv any pain?

Feeling low n skeepy alwsys?

Feeling nausea & tired 8days. Cant walk 5mins without chest tightness. Doc ran bloods, scared they wont show what's wrong. Do you think they will???

Feeling sleepy.fatigue.hedache.for 5days.cant drive car.HB 9.9 mg/dl.period finished today .waht the cause?!

Feeling weird movemnts in abdomen 15dys post c sec lik kicks intestines movin,happens usually after getting up from sleep or staying in bed for longm?

Feels like my left side eyesight is goin bad and my left hearing going bad but no headaches? Wat can this be? Can it b my anxiety tricking my mind?

For about 4days now, ive had probs sleeping. I doze off for a bit, but its definitely not much.worried about my body shutting down.Quickest solution?

Frd was unconscious,sweating lips bluish bt was conscious in 30mins. Complained of stomach pain. Pls suggest how is stomach pain n unconscious related?

Frm two nights I've been running fever 99 f esp at night. I've been physicaly exerting.N a cold to I stayed up all nights styding.. Could it be dengue?

Gas formation leads to stomach pain at morning severely .I couldnt be able to turn at mng wen i sleep.Oly after i went bathroom i feel free.Wat I do ?

Goin thru breakup of 2 years i cried n stuff b slight stomach pains but not super sad like past breaks is this a sign of depression cuz im not upset?

Got to work and my b/p was 212/114. I'mvery tired and a bit dizzy. Don't want to leave work, I have students who need me. What else can I do?

Had a baby 6wks ago n i nearly started feeling dizzy , off balance, n fainting feeling , why is this ?

Had a baby in Dec 2012, ever since I have been very tired and having trouble getting up in the morning, and I feel sluggish all day. Developed bad memory, brain fog . Thyroid fine. Drs aren't alarmed?