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I hv PCOS .Whenever I take vitamin E it gives me pains in my left ovary . Why ?

I hv two kids, my 1st delivery was cesarian n 2nd one normal but I took epidural, now I hv a bad back pain, what treament I want to take?

I hv upper back numbness suddenly and I don't hv any previous medical conditions so it's a bit puzzling. And I'm only 20 years old and this condition has lasted for around 4 days aleafy which has made me very worried. And my back does not have the pins an

I hv z muscle of the right cheek is thicker thn the lft one. Dntists told me that this is due to a problem in my jaw and no solution, any other help?

I hve a pain underneath my ribs on my left its going on for 2weeks nw it is very sore i can barely move what can it be i treated 4muscle pain stil sor?

I hve anmia for hvy menstrl blding and everytime on hvy blding day I have brthing difficulty, chst pain, bloating .Why ? I also have mild asthma.

I hve m.S. Y am i constptd most of the time, stmch tied in knots. I am on copaxon inject. Stool soft. Lax tea. 43 & rec diagnd. 1 mnth now. Back hurts?

I hve pain in upper abdomen below rib I hve dne wth endoscopy is nrmal.I noticed few thng whn I run there wl be cramp lke sense pain bfre pasing stool?

I jst fel now tht when i pres right uper abdomen near ribs their is like a smal round lump i cant tel if its in skin or somnhg internal shuld i wory?

I just had my embryo trasfer yesterday..wht precautions i should take...wht about laying on left side?

I keep getting a pain just under my right breast. I av ad a scan but no results as of yet do u k ow wot it cud be pls?

I m 27 years old n i want some supplements as i feel dul n hav pain in knees sometimes n hair also gettin brittle i think i've lost freshness?

I m 31yrs old, i got inj tt immunized 2days back, the deltoid muscle is still paining, what shall ido?

I m 47years old.I always hav pain while laying on bed since 2yeaes what should i do?!

I m feeling pain in right upper abdomen, i hv been also diagnosed wid liver haemongioma, kindly suggest what to do...

I m having bulky left abdomen with constant heaviness and stretching...wats dat??

I m hvin mild pain in lower abdomen its consistent since last few days shud i b concerned shud i show a doc piercing pain smetimes.Mostly on right sid?

I m hving severe back pain from 3 days can u tell me symtoms please thz ?

I met wid an accident on friday...I hv a very bad pain in my back(full)..N also neck...Wat shld I do..M very worried.?

I nasopharxnogneal neurofribroma tumor. On the lf side. With lt facail numbness. Passed mth. I haved had more pain than usall. My dr. Put me on an abt?

I never had problems wih my back until i dieted and lost wt. Was 320 now I am at258. My upper back on rt side b hurting for mths. Deep ache.

I still have chest pain after i went to my doc and xray result said theres no prob.. Wat can be the cause of my chest pain?Wat medicine can I take?

I took hmg d17-d20, hCG on d21.Did bd on d22. Vagina became dry on d 23. I am feeling pain 4m d24 at my rt side of lower abdomain n back.Whts the prob?

I tryd cold compressions but that throbbed n had burnin sensation. its intense chronic pain. wat would you suggest until i cn get to th doctor?

I usually hv estomac pain can u help me for that?

I was got an accident in 2012 jan my left kidney 40%dmged&spleen remvd.Rcntly scaned report is left kdny is nrml.Right kdny is hypoplastic wt cn i do?

I woke w 6 unknown bites - swollen/itchy/painful- on abdmn/groin and felt ill 4days. 1mo later flu-like sympt r gone but now hav joint pain-what cud it b?

I ws diagnsed wit a asymptomatc syrinx in my midcord 3 yrs ago. 2 weeks ago strtd hving back pain went to ER thy did a CT said it was gone...Possible?

I'm 22 years old and I had Xray n blood test everything is normal but I still have nodule in underarm and sumtimes I have pain in it n in full arm?

I'm 22, hav had a lump each on both my breasts for a few years now, they don't pain except before periods, don't move either.Dint hav ny prob yet.Shd i worry?

I'm 30 m from india, for last afew mnths am facing chest pain on the heart side, earier it was seldom bt now its regulr for last 3-4 days.Wht shud i do?

I'm 38 white male, ovr a yr now I've hve unbearable pain in my rt arm btwen my shldr & elbow. No injuries, pain is cnstnt worse @ nite, nthng hlpspain?

I'm having leg ache foot ache breast itching tiredness breast ache sometimes. Active sex fr 2 months no periods fr 4 mths.Wat can b wrong? Ty

I'm so scared for these shooting pains n prssure i get n my head with headaches i've had a mri&ct 5mths ago both normal could this b serous i'm scared?

I'm suffering from spondelitis problem n please tel me what are the correct sleeping positions and to mention i'm a sleeper on stomach n my neck paining ?

I'm using splint since last dec because i hv TMJ problem. It does help me to reduce the pain but i feel the pain increase lately. Wht happen?

I've been burping a lot n having heartburn wl that cause chest pains if so what should I do cause I've had xrays n EKG done n everything was fine?

I've been having pain under my left shoulder blade for almost 1yr.. At first it's on and off. I suffered frm stiff neck 3x in 2 yrs. What cld b d cause?

I've been suffering frm past 1 month frm tingling in my buttocks which conts with pain in my outter thighs n calf but anyone leg at one tym?

I've bn hvin pain in the muscle btw my armpit & breast for over a yr nw, & given painkillers n muscle relaxers, bt stil persists. Do i need physio?

I've experiencing severe chest and back pain for almost a week.I hav my xray result and it says i hav thoracic dextroscoliosis.Wat medcine can I take?

I've had this pain in between my shoulders 4 a few weeks now cud it b from the pulimanary embalisim i can't afford 2 c a dr what can I do?

I've swollen face,weakness,shoulder &arm pain,hairloss,irregular periods,pcos,depressn,low BBT.My TFTS came bck normal.Cud i still have hypothyroidism?

Iam 22yrs and i get pain when iam in menses... With low BP and body pains. I can't even stand for 2min with this pain. Please help me?

Iam 4weeks pregnant with Rh artritis and didn't take any medicin for that , I have a swalling with sever pain in fingers, toies joints help me what doing?

Iam a cervical lordosis paitent from 2yrs.Nd i get constant headaches that last for 2-3days.What should I do?

Iam a MCTD pationt. Now I have chest pain. Dr. Gave me gel and paracetomall . Iam getting everyday 625mg Is it ok or not?

Iam in 5 week pregenancy I have leg pain and iam very sleepy what need i do?

If i m ppd+ is it sure that its tuberculosis my chest xrays normal but i hav fever every night & bone pain on my hand n legs what test do I hav to do?

Ihadwisdom tooth extraction at feb25, 2014. Still ihave toung numb.At dat time i met doctr dis condtn called paresthesia.How long my toung will numb?

Ihv pain in my knee, not very frequent n not very severe can I hv reason n remedy?

Im 30 my neck and back cracks constantly I hv done a lot of general labor in past tho I hv smkd for 15 years cld this be early stages of lung cancer?

Im 37wks pregnant n I have a swollen sac on my lower abdomen. Few days ago 2 bruises showed up now the whole area is bruised n red shld i b worried?

Im 4weeks post partial hysterectomy n have gained weight especially around my lower abdomen n numbness there too n some frequency n fatigue had bikini?

Im 5mnths pregnant and have sprain n my lower back. Wat should i do?

Im am 9 weeks pregnant and hav a vry sore back in the middle low down. What can I do to releive this?

Im diagnosed as GERD does tht causes tiredness n heaviness n discomfort n chest .. No chest pain or sweating i feel heaviness ten after a burp gud?

Im havin trouble swalowing again, but barium swalow showd no narrowing had fundoplication n april even tho it didn't show narowing i no i need itdone?

Im six months plus two weeks pregnant my baby pressure is very low i hv pain im my pubic bones n vaginal bones what to do?

Is lg intestine supose 2 b below hip bone down 2 sup pubic area,havin lot of pain gurglin so its got 2B intest.on rt side goes 2left,or hav they drope?

Is that ok if i hv same pain after my TMJ surgery..Nd how much time to need to recover it..Its been done 3 weeks ago bt still having headachs nd pain?

Its been teo weeks know I do hve a pain in liver area ... No other symtopms at all just pain ... What coul it be ? ... Thank u

Iwas having high cholesterol problem 6 mnths back...Now its on borderline..Wenever i eat sumthing spicy, i get acidity an it pains me in left portion?

Kept feeling pain around my left scapula n now its radiating to the center n downward. Wht is it? This really bother me since the past year.

Leg paining frm 1month why iy is,???

Lift side lower back is ur liver there n could it cause very unconformable pain ? I have hep c n I've had it for 12 years now

Lower rite bak pain next to spine, presure on rite side frm waist to groin, numbish rite leg, rite neck pain&headache on rite, rite eye presure.Cause?

Lump on lowr left side of back in Jan. from fall on concrte steps nevr went away. It felt sore when exrcise other day. Xray =no fracture .What 2 do ?

M 26 n hving a lymph node infection in left back of head wid vision prbm n pain in left side of head n neck can it b a brain tumour or cancer????

M feelin sensation n slight pain while doing exercise in the thumb in which i met wit fracture. Hw many days to cure completely?

M having dis painful bump on left lower back of my head in my hair. M having severe pain dis side. N in mrning I had balckout I cudnt speak properly?

M suffering vit my leg pains...Dat too wen m in sleep ... Wat to do..

Mom suffers frm left sided headche 30 yrs. Doc gave up medication nd wants to inject her neck beneath her skin and msucles cortizone (hydrocortisone). Is this wrong?

My ankle was paining wwith out reason I had consulted to docter he said nothing is wrong with it please suggest me a idea to relieve from pain plse ?

My armpit is in pain.i hav my ultrasoud breast nd axilliarry ol r nrmal.during my period the go away after the pain cme 30yrs old.hav 2kids.

My aunt is 60 yrs n having BP 130/100 n having pain in left shoulder and above chest.Hvng insomnia . Suggest.

My back is slightly paining so wht can I to minimise the risk n any special exercise n medicines for it?

My bld prsre HS bn elvted. Then i had sucongnvl hmrge in lft eye. Left tmpl is swln, and sore, prsure in head&face down jaw, hdach, rng ears, pfy eyes?

My body posture is gettng bad evrydy cud be due to sitting study for long hours or complete nights bck is bending bckward tumy is bulging out please hlp?

My daughter is 2.5yrs old she got little bowing,on her left leg,i took xray ,report ws ok but still i feel bowng,is it curable ? m gvng vita d nd calc

My father has dystonia frm13yrs.he's on good effective medicines but frm a week he got constant pain in his neck muscles.nw physiotherapy or what else?

My father has pain in his legs n he has checkups for bone n muscle but no results are there?

My father has rsd not to sure what that stands for but hes constantly in pain in his neck shoulder n back wht can he do to take the pain away?

My father suffering fr back pain one side of backbone ?

My friend was diagnosed early ganglion in her left wrist. Nd she have lot of pain due to that, please advise to reduce pain?

My husband HS bk pain his lvl 4-5 disc HS come out he goes fr physio bt no improvememt d doc says his muscles r stiff -will dis be cured or operate i?

My left ribcage is higher than right due to scoliosis does its normlly painful coz i got pain and when i take meloxicam it bcme ok ?

My legs n foot pain a lot m 24 years n have three kidz?

My lower stomach is swolln/bad pain n dbl over when standin.Legs r swolln & itch, I have hep c but no severe yellow of eye or skin yet so, b worried?!

My mom has diabetes for 15yrs...recently its not controlled n now she has pain all over her back...she did an ECG n evrythin is normal?

My mom is sufferrin wid right chest pain.Wat are the precations are to be taken?

My mother has pain in her knees frm last 7 yrs.I have seen many doctors but no effective treatmnt. What is the treatmnt for her to get rid f this pain?

My mother went through hysterectomy 2 years bak.. Nw she has a tumour type bulge in the lower abdomen she doesn't xperience ne pain. What is it?

My right arm n forearm pains a lot for past one day! what may b d cause? Nd what s d remedy for it?

My right chest are swelling nd my armpit is in happen after I clean my room..after 2days i feel it tendenitis?I'm 30yrs old nd have 2 ki

My sis is 5 months preg. Since 3rd mnth she is having swlng in her legs n fingrs of hand. All reports r normal. Wt could be the psbl reason for that.?

My thumb is paining due to excessive wrting wht to do?

My urin is fine no funny smell or color lidoderm patches don't help at all and pain is lowr bk on both sides so is that evn my kidneys?

My wife had a cist in her wrist.After medicationthe cist is gone but the pain in the nerve of that arm is still there if moved too much.Wht to do?

My wife has used copler t for more than 13 yrs nw she feels pain i her vagina due to that wounds plxz help me out?