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Hi dr my prblem is it had been 4mnth of my leg fracture n i had al medicn n cast also but stil i fel uneasy and pain while walkin, swelin 2 what 2 do?

Hi have vomited brown blood last nite.Have had pain in lft side after eating.Had colonoscooy.Was ok o n lft bt some inflam wit fissures on rgt side.?

Hi I am having some pain n in my chinbone area what could be th the problem?

Hi i broke mi hip wen i was 16 2005 got pinz etc which got infectd 2 years latr so they got takn out been wrking fulltime untill 5 m ago having issues sharp pain in hip and swelling only that one side foot/leg now recently mi face.

Hi i had accident in 2005 broke my hip and wrist got pins put in thn got infectd thn takn out, now 10 yearz later having issues sharp pains swelln leg?

Hi i have c o p d bronkitus and ashma i have a pain in the middle of my back at the top and my lungs feel fealy heavy can you help please thank you?

Hi i hve reactive lymph nodes in my neck under the jaw. What could be the reason for tht? Its been dere for over 2mnths nw

Hi I went gyme Bt chest pain Bt went my doctor he was chack me he said is muscle pais is normal?

Hi i'm curren strugling with m back bn 2 doc and said it was mussel spasms a gave me diazepam and a gel but this morning i can t sit dwn with the pai?

Hi sir, iam having chest pains that comes and goes ..I also feel pain in my arms and iam sweting a lot. Iam having mild mvp.Iam 19 years old. Thankyou?

Hi, I am 28 yrs old woman, i hv a mild pain in my right shoulder blade for 4-5 hurts on touching n thr is a patch of skin with no sensation?

Hi, i suffer frm anxiety - one of my symptoms is left arm pain - can move to neck too, I've ha ths for abt 3-4 years and been hapning 4 past 3 weeks! h?

Hi, my mum is 52, suffers severe gas, wenever eats sumthing, gets breathless and severe pain in lower left rib and stomach, antibiotc NT wrk- help?

Hi,my,daughter is 2.5 yrs old she got bowing left leg ,her xray ws ok but still it seems bit odd ,gvng,calc n,vit d drops ,is it curable? m,worried

Hi! i've bin xperiencng pain in my right knee almost every month. only aspirin eases the pain.both legs are often swollen.wat cud b the cause? thanks!

Hi.Im24,f. hv scolio and mps.Is it posible i have fibromyalgia? cause im feeling a nvr ending pain on my bck chest neck and hips.also get tired easily

Hiii! I hav blue spots in my panty for several days.i hav a little pain in my lower abdomen my periods r normal.i havalso a prob of slipped disc?

How long will liver pain stay n disappear totally?i was diagnosed about 13 months ago of fatty liver n since den I keep feeling right chest pain.

Hv chronic muscle spasm n pain on my shoulders 4 day last 10 yrs, a few time wit headache but most of the time witout it, hd physioth treatment, no use?

Hvn mild bk pain but wen i drive i always lean 4wrd & yellowish greenish d/c on underwear No itch or smell could it be bv & bk pain du 2 way i drive?

I 24 and i GT a severe pain in my lower back, im married nw its been 6 months..Im thin my weight is almost 44.Wat could be the reason n what should I ?

I have waitpain?

I went to a doctor, cz i feeling pain on left side of body, lik nerve issue.He tested my ESR and told no need of ELISA test.Both of them have relation?

I already been in diff specialist, I'm very worried becoz the back pain is almost more than six mos. and no one can giv me right treatment help me pls?

I am 25yrs old I do hv body pain all over my ribs n atime i always broken down by malary and headach. Pls i need solution n how to live healthy.

I am 27yr old lady. I used to suffer from severe back pain whn i got up in d morning..Wht shd i do?

I am 28 years old female who just got married 4 mnths ago. Since last 20 days I am experiencing numbness, pain and tingling in feet and around knees?

I am 38yr old & hv a 25 day cyc. lst time I had pain around my left nipple on 11th day & slowly my right breast also pained& GT ok aft my prd is ok?

I am 50 year old female my Right kidney is 7.6cm n left is 7.4cm what should i do & not suffering from any of symtoms besides back pain rarely n HB 9?

I am having a curved upper back or u may say lump nd my back aches at times. . I m NT fat nd neither too thin. Nd I am 21 yrs old. Please help me.?

I am having severe acdity with shoulder and arm pain. I havetaken my antibiotics nd painlikker before food. I am 40 yeRs old female andi am on no othe?

I am suffering fr hypertension. Now a day having pain in left hand. I am 56 yr oldale?

I am suffering from frequent urination and low back ache. I havw been diafnosed with vericocele on thr left side?

I am suffering from pain in my left side of chest from last 2 days. I thought it is due to acidity and took some antacids. Bt pain startd agn just now?

I am suffering seveir backaches for this i went hospital too, sweating i plams n feets?

I feel pain in my forehead smtimes left and at tyms on right. The pain worsens and subsides only after taking saridon tabs.. Kindly advise?

I feel pains inside d muscles in my thigh down 2 my legg. Wat could b wrong & wats d remedy ?

I get severe left sided headache evry month d day before my periods...Y is it so n to which specialist should I consult?

I got a hairline frcture in left shin 6 mnths back still i feel pain nw with a nw xray reprt, dr has shifted me to endocrinologist. Why do I need this?

I got back pain for 2months in my lower bak betwen my bumps, dr says u get beter, doesn't want 2give xray, now i'm pregnant, stil got pain.Wht shal i do?

I got pain in left arm n shoulder n neck it is severe today my stool was lime green i don't have a appetite either?

I got prob in my back MRI repor It says L4 L5 are narrowing n pressing nerve root what should i do N can ido jogging or running in this condition?

I got severe upper abdomen pain, been admites and ultrasound neg, xray negatve , been tking nsaids for a year for my uper bckpain is this dangerous?

I had an back MRI scan on 12th July n result just come yesterday n they told me tht I have a joint problem on my back spine n?

I had an MRI scan of my back n they said me tht I have a joint spine prob so what type of prob is ths?is ths serus?n they will put 4injections a day.

I had calpoperionearrophy n cortary on 28th march how long do I hav to stay away from yoga n walk?

I had check scopy yesterday n found swelling in bladder aftr bcg. Is it a bad sign?

I had d and c in 4month back,dis month my uterus is bulky I hv pain in abdomen my doc said after some time it will b ok.. Is this normal or harmful!?

I had my spleen removed 4 months ago nd just 2 weeks ago i started having excruciating pain where my spleen was nd it's NT stpping, what's wrong.?

I had septoplasty 3weeks ago bcs my left nostril had block i breathe good after surgry but now prob is same i not get satisfy ans from doc please advice.

I had sex on 30th april we used condom nw 14dysover nwm feelim stomch pain lose motion bck pain tired feelin i was not on pills r dese symptoms of pre?

I hav alcohol 2 weeks once next day I have the symp tired aft eating, lite sweating in leg ankles, taste diff, pain in right back ab, no symp aft 2 days y?

I hav been urinatin a lot more often, & i hav noticed sum occasional mild pain (not often & pain doesn't linger) in penis and testicles, what cud this b?

I hav ben on period 4 1 mth+ now i passd some tissue& clots1/2 $ sized my cramps r so bad i can't move the dr says its just severe cycle any opinions?

I hav bp150/90 n cest pain n tight doctor advice me to check ECG n blood test.My reports were normal then y my chest tight n pain?

I Hav Gastritis Bcuz I Hav Da Urge 2 Vomit . Slight stomach Pain N Lower bak Pain Scheduled 4 A Colonoscopy on Da 25 But Wut Should I Do Until Then?

I hav hypothyroid frm 6mnths and my periods are irregular and i want to concieve n i hav severe joint pains in legs and fluctuating thyroid ranges

I hav knee pain, constant headache and neck pain so which specialist to go for?I am confused!gp said nothing is rong wit me but i really hav mild pain

I hav pain down my spine from top to bottom what cud this be I don't really hav any other symptoms?

I hav pleurisy. So painful. So hard to breath. Hav had it bout 6 weeks. How long will this last. Ben on prednisone twice.

I hav rt hip joint pain wd lower back ache n left knee difficilty in bent n daily activity suspect to pregnancy NT confirmd yet didn use any anakgesic?

I hav severe sinusitis & need surgery. Could this contribute to all of a sudden having night sweats? Nvr had b4 but mainly legs sweat, sometmes bak 2.

I hav spondylolisthesis displacement of L5 ovr s1 & recently the pain has increased tht i cnt evn stand or sit more than a min properly so any advice ?

I have a cyst in my arm, my dr, told me that is atached to my nerv , do I need to remov it, its causing pain, on and off, he dosent do it, what doctor shod i go to?,

I have a swelling below my right knee no pain but it's been there for a week and ain't going down wat could it b ?

I have a vein on my upper leg which is hard n sore n red all over it I'm on warfarin n had 3 dvts n INR is 1.2 could it b another one ?

I have adeep dull pain tht strtd ovr the rt cntr part of my forehead now abt an inch above my lft eye. 2 weeks old pain not constant meds hv not hlpd.

I have an endoscopy in few weeks for upper right side pain for nearly 1yr. Is dis usuly done by gastro doc? Nurse? Or someone thts has been trained?

I have aosd, I've started mtx inj .4cc, when is it going to start working? Its been 3weeks n my hair is falling out in chunks, but pain, rashes, fevers, swelling stil present

I have axillary soft lump in armpit frm 2yrs, frm 1year thrs a great discmfrt in arm, NT alwys,couple of days in a mnth..pls teme d reasn fr arm pain?

I have backpain &legspain what shauld i do?

I have brownish discharge after ovulation n too much leg pain at night upto toe to knee..Untolerable coudnt sleep at night.Whats the reason u think?

I have continous leg muscle pain 4 a week nw n little pain in my back. doc said it may be coz of dehydration. after lot of water also its there.

I have cps that leaves me in pain24/7. My dr.Put me on a good reg of meds 4pain, but has cut them in1/2 due 2 the dea.Wht 2 do now i'm back to point a?

I have evening fever with burning,bone n joints paining,weakness,swelling,n body paining from 3yrs.wt's d name of this dieses plz,It's so paiful 4 me.

I have gt swelling n pain in ma left testicle. Thr is some hardness I feel some growth. Wat cud it be ? Which specialist doc shud I see ? Pl advice

I have itching all over my body from last 6 years. My arms hips and back is ful of scares..Qot is this problem? N i ussually suffer from cold

I have legs pain since childhod n i had asd now since year i had lumph near to my spinal cord n it has pian n increasing size wht is that please tell ?

I have lower back pain and ear ache past 3 days what could be the cause.ear ache is notalways jus fr few seconds and disappaer continues after sme tym?

I have mild polyhydroaminos at 24wks doc suggested progestorene injections till34 wks. But having numbness in right vagina n thigh. Plz suggest?

I have mild right sided hydrocele since 2 years which was diagnosed 3 months back. I hv joined gym 2 weeks ago. Will there be any problem?

I have pain & swelling n left side. Had a blood clot heart attack n spleen 2yrs ago. Also feel like shot n shoulder & nausea/dizzines. Worried?

I have pain below my ribs on d left side, my sgot nd sgot are 38 nd 60. My triglyceride is 220?

I have pain while working on computer hand pains or on activity wht cud cause this?

I have peripheral neuropathy & tn. I have pain, numbness &burning pain all over gng to mayo in sept. Lost 90+lbs since last aug, what is treatmnt?

I have problem of likoria from last 11 years bt don't have much cure, nd nw body become weak nd leg pain ocurs at any time. Kindly suggest?

I have recently been getting legt sided chedt pain and heartburn . I am a 49 yeat old overweight female ( non-smoker)hshld i be conconcerned?

I have refractory NS hodgkin.last chem Dec 25th.just noticed a supraclavicular lump but i am out of my country for the next 18 days. Do i have to back?

I have seruse pain in my teeth what should i do n i have taken NISE n COMBOFLAME but still i have pain i cant sleep plz advice?

I hv a gud posture but i hv problem of lower back pain from 20 days and i apply pain releif creams , they don't help me and the next day the same?

I hv a small tender spot on rt side of frontal part of scalp. No swelling or cyst. Just pain only on touch n pressure n brushing hair. What it cud b?

I hv a superficial bld clot in my lft arm.Burn, pain frm my shldr to my wrist. I've iced, heat as well as ibprfn n stll pain.Wht shud I do 2 treat?

I hv bad pain lt side flank i hv IBS hd norm bm but pain is stil there more then 2 hrs, tk dicyclomine no help also hv medulary sponge kidneys, advice?

I hv diabetes, recently my penis skin crack easily , my right side stomach near gastric pain on n off (abit pain) for 4 mths, is it ok? Thank

I hv gone through an ectopic ovarian surgery,my legs r swelled n bolted stomach n slight pain , advice wht to be done post surgery. ?

I hv gt a lump in my right testicle n in my neck doctor few months ago conducted a sonography wch turned normal. Bt it hs grwn it cancer?

I hv irregular peeiods n back burning pain n pain in ma left stomach y is dat a sign of womb cancer plz help?

I hv mild, painless right side hydrocele since 2 yrs which was diagnosed 2 months ago n confirmed on usg......For hw long can I postpone the operation?

I hv pain since last night in my left hand near joint..It is paining..I fall down yestrday .I know it is not fracrured..How cn i get rid of pain?

I hv pains on both hand and leg fingers, and arms too pains. i feel very tired.i hv this for past few it nerves probs? wat sud i do?pls help