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2 months ago my mom suffered frm uti, again she's sufering, having severe back pain, mild fever & joint pain in her legs, please advise some blood test?

21 yr old fiancee had TB meningitis in july 2013 wid bilateral infarcts, she has recovered alot bt still has weakness in right side nd spasm in lower limbs nd very sleepy most times. Will she get well

25yr male hvng prob of one sided body bcme stiff fr 2sec and recover spontanously. it happen when i am standing from sitting position.CT&EEG nrml.

28 days bck.Twsted my hrzntly lying rt.Testicle to verticl.Met urolgst.Dne usg twice(nrml).Still plling pain.Gubernaculm/othr tissues injurd?Mri help?

28yrs old.I hv mild dextroscoliosis of thoracic spine. Hv back pain sometimes. Will it cause any issue if i plan to be pregnant?

29 f, 5'2", 156...Stress frac n heel n july. Rest, meds, shots, no surgery. Better n jan. Off wrk jan-feb.Now back 2 wrk.Pain returned +nerve pain?

29 yrs F,have pain above both breast(immediately below neck) for past 4 days and while touching its paining more and no other symptoms.wat would be re?

30yr old f/m experiencin agonisin lower right back pain wit loss of appetite n shortnes of breathe hav been treated 4 UTI n no kidney stones on scan?

32 yr f. At 20 yrs had Hodgkins lymphoma n health got worse. I am always having joint pain that is gettin worse. Knees, n hands n hips. I'm to young!

34 yr old 12 wk pregnant.have multiple benign cysts in my breast.i weigh 41kgs since always.hav smtimes a slight pain in my armpit.shal i get U/s done?

37wk preg.LUQ burning pain.u/s showed hypoechoic area.(minor retroplacental bleed)5days hv passd,stil burning,can bleeding b causing burning pain4long?

3weeks aftr abortion abdominal pain, it is still dere aftr 3 months sometime wid back pain. Got ultrasound and culture done reports r nrmal .Wat is it ?

40yr lady h/o of clot during delivery 8yrs back, now hving increase hr, anxiety, shoulder pain, chest heavines, further invstigtion n treatment?

50% tear rt rot..Bursitis.. And lately feels like pnchd nerve in rt shldr blde...So much pain.Rt arm n hnd goes to sleep in sit-up pos. Elbow excruci?

6mon.bak Heavy n huge blood wen need to urinate.Kleibsela5tims.No relief frm.antibio. Kub ct,ultrasound norml.burn pain in suprapubic,rt.thigh&hipbone?

6th week of pregnancy. Hv been taking progesterone inj on bottocks. Hv to take ten more days. Hard lump on inj area causing severe pain. Any Remedy?

8 yr old daughter has constipation takin miralax, (polyethylene glycol) has stomach pain nausea & nw chest pain. Dr appt thurs or should she go nw. Hurts n middle of chest ?

8-30 l3-5 laminectomy much worse than pre op pain n huge spsams all dwn bk lwr bk rt side pckt of fluid pain dwn side leg cnt stand mre thn 5-10min?

8mm complex renal cyst,101 fever,pain under rib n back,night sweats,2 doctors n neither will remove.How can I make this go away?Will I b in pain 4ever

9wk preg Treatd 4ulcers. Recently got Purmycin antibio 4discharge. Dis safe 2use?Wont bring back ulcer pains? Don wana relive dat aweful pain

Ad knee cartalige out age 13 am now 43 hving survior pain constant nagging frm my ass to my foot ?

Aft.Removel of gall bladr by lap..Later i felt that my penis dsn't errect n low sprm..Is it related to operation of gall bladr.Pl hlp?

After gallblddr removal I have severe pain upper stomch. Lasts abt 5-8hrs/episode feels like intestnes are severly spasming. Wht cld it b?

After my lines removed I have too much pain n swelling in arms after severe asthma n abgs what to do to reduce the disconfort plz?

After taking appidural my bck pain alot?

Aftr 9 mnths of TB meningitis my 22 yrs old fiancee stil feels terrible pain during her physical therapy of legs? She HS mild dystonia of right nd mild hemiparesis of left, taking baclofen+tizanidine

Aftr an accdnt bld clttd in my cheek,and have sweeling.dis is 3rdweek.nthng have changed.and i done xray but no fracture.nw what i do .sir.ihave pain.

Aftr je treatment frnd is nw hvng stiffness in left hand and leg while awake but it's gone whn she sleep? Is this a good sign or bad? Cure able?

Aftr jpns encephalitis trtmnt frnd is hvng stiffness i left hand & leg while awake bt it goes while she sleeps. Is this a good sign or bad? Cure able?

Am 39 years old..A week bk went to gynac complaining of breast pain.Hv prescribed me with ormeloxifene.Now i hv more pain and heavyness.Is it normal?

Am having severe trapped gas pain in right upper abdomen since 3 days,i cnt sit and liedown,,wat wl do next step..i tuk syrp antacid nd all home remed?

Am thyroid patient fr last 10 years n now sufering frm swelling at fore arm, chin, ankles. Feeling sleepy n lots if fatigue. Pls comment?

Arthritis n narrowing n my neck.Severe head pain n eyes swollen n a.M.Began therapy n severe pain again.Can feel pressure n swelling n my head.

Ave severe itchyness inside hips and legs couple months getin worse hips and thighs getin biger wil an exray show whats causing this am very worried ?

B4 6 mnth i have back pain due to Disc protrusion at l4-l5 level. Now i dnt hav any pain. Can i play foodball now days?

Back head pain whn lying dwn in straight posture 4 mor dan an hour+forehead area abv both eyes pains 2.Is it sinus?Xprncing since 3weeks

Been havin headaches on 1 side during day.Goes away when i sleep. comes back late afternoon. Hav cervical disc prob. Wat could be the issue?

Bk n jan i notcd a sml lump under skn vry pnful aperd2 b smthg in it i dug an nthng was, i cudnt dig frthr 2 MCH pn lump gne still pnful it CM rt bk?

Breathlessness from past 2 days. Now slight pain in left side of chest near ribs. Nvr hd problm bfr dis. Wnt 2 doc ystrday sd spasm. On med.

Burning stiffness n bulging in both legs, shortness of breath n pain in back near shoulder blades, could this b a clot or embolism n what should I do?

Can 30 yr old have MS?Had vit B12 N vitD def(138 n 4).Since then leg's weak(no pain)N body fatigue when I walk/drive.MRI,NCS,CT normal.Doc is clueless

Can HPV n herpes be causing me chest pain n trouble breathing or lead to cancer, my legs keep bulging/burning around my left knee n groin what is this?

Can lamictal cause sever arm pain from one pil?I took it once&couldnt mov my arm for 4days so i stoped it m diagnosed w bipolar shoud i take it again?

Cast 4ankle sprain removd after5wks 4days bak.Dre is swelng nd vry MCH stifnes esp at bak of leg.I do walk but i limp.Whnl i b able 2walk?Wt shd i do?

Center chest pain occurs every mrng aftr waking up i know this is not any cardio prob. Coz i m just 20. Is this sternum?If yes , then what should I do

Chst pain undr lower armpit & s/o chest for 3+weeks, now deep pressure w/o cough but a few sddn urges to cough up smthng, it's drk green mucus, cncrn?

Could gabapentin, lidocaisne 5% patchs, or prednisone be causn my face and rght arm to swel? I hav atrophy n ntir rght arm & hav severe pain n it.

Dad said that his legs have been paining in irregular bouts. What symptoms are these?

Dct tried to get an IV in my right foot moved the needle around no return took it out its been swelling since then n painful that was n nov dec.?

Devlopd issue wit knee shrtly aftr i was prscribd heel lift 4 same leg. Throbs after run, discomfort when xtnded. Wat cud issue b? Spine was ruled out

Diagnosed positive for pelvic inflammation. Doctor denied to treat until 1st day of my periods. Havng continuous abdominal pain. Should I c othr doc?

Diagnosed w/ pfps about 2 years ago. Left thigh is weak n quivers. Hurts after walking n radiates down. Fatigued easily. Stretching hurts. Norm?

Do muscular pain have anny cure?i hav it coz of accidnt but 3 yrs still pains if i lift heavy.please help also tried physiotherapist 17 yrs old

Doc i hav got swelling of my right preauricular lyumphnode which is painful nd mobile abt 1cm...Nd hav no other syptoms....Wat can b the cause..?

Doc said my appendix need to be rmove cz it's swollen due to a cyst pressing it. But i ask to dlay fr 2wks cz i hv big exam going on. Is it dangerous?

Does any1 hav a fix for pain in the foot?

Does breast pain exist few dys befor periods?I'm 24yrs I've pain in d lateral n inferior part f my breast I can c some superficial veins Neva had

Dr my leg bone(ancle at the botom)was crack b4 2mnth n aftr the removal of plastr cast stil can't walk lyk b4 n swells with litle pain so hw can I cure?

Dr suspects bilateral thoracic outlet syndrome. Risk of clots? Hands went white n cold for 20min other than that are pink but ache n slightly swollen

Dull armpit pain for 2mnths dr checkd no lumps.Hv degeneration in top and lwr back+sore shoulder blade.Could it b related?Not hot or gettn worse im 41

Esr45 constant rght tmple pain vision has changed pregnant now smtme jaw shoulder leg pain sens scalp feel depressed what is this?

F 43,L4L5 severe protruding disc,coughing 4 >3 wks,on Clarac 250mg(1wk) & nurofen(3wk).centre chest pain every 20 sec.stabbing pressing pain,wat 2 do.

Facet n medial branch jab C5/6/7 11 days ago. More stiffness n pain 2 days after jab till now. Doc no clue n did nothing. Wny? What can be done?

Felt stomach being compressed/swollen when woke up in the morning or middle of night for contd 2-3 days. Cld it be somatic or sth serious?

For 1 mnth have had burning sensation by heart area. Same location and pain. Lasts 3-5 seconds. Been on nexium 1 mnth. Other suggestions?

For the past fyew years IV been gettin problems with my right shoulder the muscle feels tight and clicks and grinds all the time n burns its constant pain n it travelles to my neck?

Frm y'day I have a dull to moderate pain in lower left abdomen it's only hurting if pressed upon or if I move a certain way Not constipated.Wt cn it b?

From 2 days i hav little cloudy dischrge frm right nipple on pressing. I hav invertd right niple n dischrge is exactly frm center point. I m 22 ?

Good day docs, I hav a dry cough n when I cough it aces me n I hav pains in my joints, especially my lower ankle n my waist... Thanks. ...

Got a tremor distonia i think that but still invging my symps, but havin troble with walking at the min and get a really sharp pain up my leg wen walk?

Gud day. My son is 6yrs old,he is experiencing left leg pain.what does it mean? Thanks

H/o postherpetic neuropathy n bells palsy she get pain in head n sweating at lower head n neck she also have osteoporsis n arthritis wats reason sweat?

Had a c sec 4 mnths back. Ultrasound normal.Feel tight and stretchy on right side of incision. Wat cud be cause. Adhesions? Will it be ok wid time

Had a c-section delivery 13 days der r 9 or 10 clots in my buttocks...vry painful..gettin fever in nyts..wat could be d reason?

Had a pelvic fracture tru mtr acdnt nd has been doing as instructed by my doctor itz been 3 monts nd stll feel pains @ my pelvis nd my back..Pls y?

Had back surgey in jan all in records but the pain is still here when I move the wrong way cough does this mean the sur didn't work?

Had gall bladder surg 4.5 mo. Ago. Have chirrosis of liv. Had no pain for mo.S. Since yesterday pain is severe, like when just out of surg. Why?

Had medical abortion now 3mths aftr still no period but having large amnt of pain in vagnl and abdmnl areas on irregulr occasns. Plvc ultrasnd is clr.

Hav a left ov/cyst 71mmx48mm is it neccssary to hav surgery? I also hav pelvic pain on my right and swollen lymph nodes but doc say itz ok. Is it ok?

Have bulg. discs & pinchd nrvs in neck.Want 2 avoid surgry. I hve noticd sorenss btween thumb/forfingr when in use Doesnt feel rght. Wht cud b wrng?

Have numb chin off n on few day n pin n needle feeling , do done blance test , n few other, told me its NT tumor , so doing neck n head MRI is tumor?

Have veins that occasionaly will buldge in my breasts but this time they have buldged so mucb i cn feel them witb my hand im not on bc. But my ovulat?

Havin eye pain(l.eye) acompanyd wit sever headache. Cheked wit eye doc. Doc said not d eye prblm. Then wat cud it be.. plz help.. so much pain?

Having bad pain n lower back at r aronnd kindnes shes 48 and my wife can't stand to c her n pain so please help?

Having flaking dry brown feet with extreme pain esp at night ...And some wounds ...Please suggest some ointment urgent with pain killers ...N wht to d?

Having knee pain for the past two days.went to ortho said might b inflammation.pls tel what it is and cause 4 the same.

Having pain in left hand.Wat could be the reason. I am suffg from hypertension?

Having watery discharge a lot n dat caused back pain n lower abdominal pain please prescribe me sum natural remedy?

Hd 2 ct scans abdmn n up. N abt 5 x-Rays chest n shoulders in past 2 yrs. All ok. Dont plan on ever getn any again. Really fear my risk of cancer? :(

Hd sex on prev day of ovultn.Felng tired, left brst swollen no pain, mild headache in aftrnoon goes off wid food.On12 DPO symptoms other than ?

Headaches bad 24/7 3wks str8!local sharp an dull pains back &r l of head but xtreme whn i try sleep 2-10am! non-con CT neg, wry bout anni or lil tumor?

Hello I suffered sudden pain in my left testicle n fever about 4 days back I am taking levoflox pain hs subsided but my epididymis is hard wt shd I do?

Hello sir...m Dr.Neha BPT want to ask u dat can i do aerobics after 6yrs of surgury of ovarian cystectomy(removal of 1ovry)coz i feel pain during exs.

Hemorroids n fissurrI taking pain killler for is bad for my kidney n liver?

Hey iam 14 week pregenet and iam having sharp pain its been 2 days iam laying down with my legs up and it controles the pain is it nrmal or go to e.R?

Hi I hve got pain in left leg that starts frm leg joint n when I go to to bed when leg straight then burning in hip n in thigh n under foot starts n upper par between left leg is numd I have got piles n urine infection as well kindly tell me what sh

HI Doc . I have questions I have a chest paining what could have cause it and what shoud I do?

Hi doc, I have quite regular pain the neck till the mid portion of the back. Havin giddiness too, alot. Hving meds n heat treatment, but no improvement?

Hi doc, i hve pain in my lower back and hve noticed on my left uncle esp when i sit or stand for long. Kindly advise. Thx?

Hi doctor . Its me sam . I have a small pain my left chest . So what do u think abt it thank u?