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i mistakenly took 2 adipex from an old prescription, instead of my ultram. I have a 3 week old I'm bf'ing when can I resume. Ive pumped & trash since?

im on a 6 day course of methylprednisolone, 4mg pills. I'm on 3rd day, 4 pills today, tomorrow 3, etc. Want to go out tommorrow and drink. thoughts?

15mg Saphris, (asenapine) strted smoking fri,sat,sun,mon,tues,wed,then stopped, felt good mon/tues, wed and today feel bad, what is going on?In response Tob/mix

2day go dentist, but he gave me antibiotic n ask me to c him on wed again. I feel so scare n now feel lightheaded, but after take Xanax (alprazolam) den ok.

3.5 yr old has gastro but should be over it by Monday as had it for 2 days and 2 more days until Monday. Should I leave her 4yr old shots a few wks?

Accidentally took 3 at 1x 10-325 norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen). Didn't realize that is what came out til i looked back into my bottle. Feel fine except worried?

Accidentally used epiceram more than one a week should I be concerned? I have to use it for a month I used it I believe since Monday its Thursday

Allergic to pcn and took amox 1 hr ago. I vomited lot 5 min after i took it bc i realized what i took was in same cat as pcn. Can i stil have reaction?

Am 8wks preg. Had bad nausea till last night. Today nothing. Is it normal to come and go? I haven't taken prescribed zofran (ondansetron).

Am i and my baby okay? What's going on inside of me? I'm 9 weeks pregnant. I had my first ob appt 2 days ago. Today they called to say I have chlamydia. Prescribed azithromycin. 1 dose 2 pills 500 mgs. I took is with my lunch. 15 minutes later severe stom

Am on Clomid (clomiphene) 100mg, today is my 5th day but i took 150 mg by mistake (only today) could that cause any harm?

Are glycerin suppository supposed to cause bad stomach cramps? I took half of one last week. Safe to take another today? Constipated and nothing works

Aten50 once daily today evening onwards, is this okay?

Believe i ovulated last tues.Flew sat & took my prescribed xanex. Having cramping and worried its implantation. Could that xanex have hurt embryo?

Between Mon & Tues I took 3 Allegra (fexofenadine) pills for a cold. Today Wed, I'm feeling weird in my head. I also am on Minocycline. Should I be concerned?

Blood pressure on machines at cvs, walgreens and wal mart, tue 139/104, started co q10 100mg 3xday. Wed 142/96, thu 139/99, fri 140/99?

Can i cut oxycodone 20mg ir tablet in half? I started them yesterday but they make me vomit. My dr is out of the office untill tomorrow.

Can i drink beer while taking welllbrtrin. 500 mg x2 and depokate er? 300mg because its my 21st bday come ing up and i would like to go have

Can I have a shot or two of alcohol if i haven't had any amoxicillin today then take it tomorrow? Iv had a very stressful day.

Can you smoke weed a day after taking metronidazole? I took 4 pills of metronidazole on wednesday 01/18/12 and today is thursday 01/19/12

Cant remember if i took my suprax (cefixime) will it hurt to tske two in a 24 hour period?

Daughter was diagnosed with strep today- got in one dose of amoxicillin (liquid) in before bed. She threw up one hour later. Was any absorbed?

Didn't take levothyroxine 50mcg today because i don't have anymore pills but i've noticed that i feel better than when i took them but iron is now low?

Doctor I have been taking Benadryl every 4 to 6 hours for the last week each time I took it I was taking 5 to 7 pills(125mg-175mg) at one time.then yesterday I took 4 pills and my body felt not right I feel like I was going to pass out and I felt like may

Does xanax (alprazolam) get weaker if it's 2 years past expiration date and spent time in a hot car? Dr gave new script took same amount feel a little messed up.

Friday evening my boyfriend and I took fluconazole 200mg, is it okay to have intercourse in a few hours?

Friend just got diagnosed with aids. cd4 = 10, took ARV drugs on thursday now feels weak. Is this normal?

Gave my child first dose of zyrtek last night and today at noon he started to get stomach pain and vomited, could this be related to the medicine?

Getting colonoscopy tom, yesterday accidentally ate veggies (approx. 40hrs before scheduled appt) & oatmeal (approx 36hrs before appt). What to do??

Good afternoon 4 days ago (Sunday) I had a SVT and they prescribed me Metoprolol to lower down my heart and also my blood pressure. Monday & Tuesday & Wednesday I felt good walking around just normal day but still taking it easy. Thursday morning I felt

Good afternoon, i am 27 years old, married. Since it ac?

Good evening everyone, my estradiol on wendsday was 93 and on friday 131.17 tomorrow i will repeat it.Is all this normal or I should stop doing IVF ?

Good evening everyone, my estradiol on wendsday was 93 and on friday 131.17 tomorrow i will repeat it.Is all this normal or I should stop doing ivf?

Got a bad clod what to take ?

Got a shot of estrogen today for PPD,get another tomorrow,start pills on Fri.I brestfeed my 7 wk old son 1 or 2 times a day. Is med safe while breastf?

Got prescribed Lexapro (escitalopram) last friday.Doc said wait until monday(today) to let the st johns wort clear out of my system. Was this enough time? three days

Grandpa missed dose of Xarelto 20mg this morning and i het his refill today or tomorrow, what do i do?Does he take one today or just continue tomorrow

Had heart cath last Tuesday . Monday started having headaches Monday . Taking ibeprofin doesn.'t help anything else i can take?

Had sex last night & today i took a 800 mg ibruprofen to ease the pain of my tooth & ' today i should be ovulating or tomorro can it effect conception?

Have been taking Flagyl for the past three days. Would it have made me vomit by now ? Scared as I am going on holiday tomorrow

Havent took a dump in two days have to go but can't what should I do?

Having a colonoscopy done tomorrow at noon, since taking pico-salax at noon today, I have a severe headache and vomited. Should i cancel appt.

Having an EEG on monday will a couple beers sunday effect the results i had a seizure last friday first one ever. I turned 50 in feb. I have 4-6 beers a nite. I am having an EEG on monday - will the beer effect the tests if I have a couple on sunday nit

Having epidural block to neck on Friday. Took antacid on Tuesday and pepto Saturday. Is this going to mess with my surgery do I need to cancel?

Havnt had per in 5mo but last had sex in may until last wed nite @9pm & i think condom broke. 3 days later took planb @4pm. I feel nausic 2day. Prego?

Hello I took Inderal (propranolol) today 10 mg with expiry date from 1 month? Should I go emergency? And what shall I do? Thank you.

Hello I am going on my honey moon tonight until sunday i just got my period today is there any over-the-counter pill to make it go away?

Hello I have a question about clymidia . I took the one doze pill yesterday and I feel sick is this normal ?

Hey i was having a lil bit of a Axieaty last night and i took .5 xanax (alprazolam) i am currently breastfeeding and i was wondering if i can still breastfeed?

Hey I was wondering if I took more then one Wal-Mart allergy equate pull within 14 hrs of each other when it's supposed to be 24 hrs will I be okay or?

Hey if I accidently took 1 10mg Percocet at 35 weeks pregnant and will it be in my baby's system im so worried?

Hi I am a hepatitis B patient on a meditation called viread i havent been able to take my keds since yesterday. I will have to wait untill monday ?

Hi I am along way from home and i havnt got my tablets (citrolapram) or description i'm currently in a hospital with my son how do I get them please?

Hi I have a uti, I waited a little to long to see a doctor, he gave me macrobid for it. I took the med at 3pm, then around 8Pm started to throw up.

Hi i just got my period today and i have a 4 hour pool party tomorrow. I can't use a tampon so i was wondering how can i swim?

Hi I ran out of my pressure pills I took the last one yesterday morning I get my refill tomorrow will I be alright?

Hi I took the morning after pill on the 1st may. But need to take it again today, is it bad for me ?

Hi im 20. Previously i took alot of laxatives for months. I took 3 to 4 tablets every three days I stopped few weeks ago as i knew it was bad for me. I havent had my period for 4cmonths. Please help?

Hi my 3 year got a hold of her singuler pills and she took about 5 what should I do se se fine and has kept everything down?

Hi my doctor gave me a shot of B12 yesterday. And I forgot to ask him how long it last. ?

Hi, I have a colonoscopy scheduled for this Wednesday. Last night (Sunday) I took 600 milligrams of ibuprofen. Can I still go through with the procedu?

Hi, i usually take half of 1mg alprazolam to calm me, but i ran out of pills today all I have is little tiny pieces of it left, should I take them ?

Hi, is it ok to take 'andrews salts' for tummy upset, whilst on citalopram. I took a 5ml spoon, but forgot to see if i can?Now i'm worried incase u cant

Hi, my friend just took 8 paracetamol n 2 Roxid antibiotic at once..I'm worried. Please tell me if he will be fine? He's going to the hospital

Hi, on feb15 i wrote a 5 hour exam.Next day my thumb was numb.On feb18 i flew to the 10 hours and the feeling got stronger. Its still there.What do?

Hi, so i took about 4 Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) 50mgs yesterday and after my girlfriend gave me oral for like 20 minutes i went limp right when we were about to have sex. ?

Hiya I took 4 tablets off azithromycin at 6:23pm and than felt sick very quick and throw up at 7:01pm does this mean have to go get more tablets?

How long do I wait to tan after stopping a sulfa drug? I took last one yesterday at 8:30am can I tan after 3:00 today

How long does it take a vaginal suppository to melt? I had one put in on thurs. By the dr. It's sunday and i can still feel it.

How long does it take for a fentanyl patch to work put in on yesterday at 1pm and it still hasn't started to work yet?

How long does it take for laxative to go away. I drank a laxative on monday and today is wednsday and i still have been going to the restroom. ?

How long does it take for zpack to leave your system? I took 2 250 mg pills yesterday and one today. I'm having bad side effects...

How safe infed iv? Doc wants me take this next monday, scared of all I have been reading about it online. I know will be premeds b4, still worried.

Husband took an antibiotic about 30 min ago. Has thrown up and is wondering if he should take another?

I accidentally started my BC on Sat instead of Sun now I don't know if I should take tues one or wait until tomorrow and take it. What should I do?

I accidentally took Metformin 1000 tonight after a CT today. Will I be ok?

I accidently took two allegra (fexofenadine) today the 24 hr, one this am, one just now. Should I be worried?? right now I am just feeling tired and

I am 31 weeks pregnant. I took a cough syrup that contains ivy leaf. Since I took it the top of my stomach has been cramping 6 hours now. Is this ok?

I am 5'2 and 157lbs. I was prescribed flexeril 10mg and took two. I took one before I ate and then the second one after I finished. Shoild I go to ER?

I am about 14 wks pregnant. Is it ok to take day quil tonight and tomorrow?

I am going to a wedding tomorrow so scared about it should I take xanex ?

I am on Amoxicillian for strep throat, but i got distracted and accidently took 2 pills rather than the 1 i was supposed to take. should i be worried?

I am on diazepam10mg90 a month so I got my script and the next day my wife and I had a bad argument and she threw my pills down the toilet and I need ?

I am taking prednisone 50mg today was my last dose, however today n yesterday I have noticed a odor could this be from the medicine?

I am tapering of of prednisone. And went from 30 mg to 20 mg yesterday. Today we left for the beach and i forgot my medicine, will this cause meffecti?

I ate some crabs ealier today and now my top lip is swollen. I took 2 Benadryl (diphenhydramine) 4 hours ago and now i just took 2 more. Should i go to the emergency room or wait to see if this helps?

I bought melatonin pills today because I am flying to capetown. Will they help?

I broke my humerus bone and the ER only gave me a few hydrocodone pills and i took them all. What can happen?

I broke out in hives and went to the er. They gave me a few shots and they cleared up until the next morning. Nothings helping :(?

I came off the z pack Saturday. Is it ok to go ahead and start my augmention? I heard they can interact

I cannot remember if i took my venlaflaxine today, what do I do?

I did not take the 5 day break n started a new pack right away, i also was late a couple of days like 30 mins one time i took 13 hours later. Am i ok?

I didn't take my Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) yesterday bc i woke up late n of course not takin it made me very tired. Why am i still feelin tired 2day even tho i took it?

I didnt know that arnica pellet isnt safe during pregnancy and i took .Is something wrong going to happen for me or the baby?? I took it 2 hours ago

I drive a school bus. I took cough syrup w/ codeine on sat . If tested will it be out of my system by Monday am?

I finished my amoxicillin yesterday and haven't taken any today. Would it be okay if i drank alcohol tonight?

I forgot I took melatonin then took zquill. I'm 37 weeks pregnant should I worry or go to the hospital?

I forgot I took my lisinipril 10mg 11oclock this morning and turned around and took it again this evening about8oclock will i be ok?

I forgot my bithcontrol pill saturday and sunday i drink then today and also drink the one for today in total was 3 and i had sex today what can hapen?

I forgot to put in my nuvaring the day that was schedule (Wednesday 11pm) is it safe if I put it in the next day?(Thursday 11am) chances of pregnancy?