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I am having terrible morning sickness! Every hour it seems like I'm running to the toilet and it's miserable! I can't keep anything down. Any help?

 I just received a flu shot today and now suddenly I feel ill. I now feel drowsy and I vomited, is this a normal side effect?

1 years ago I felt a nausea the doctor said its GERD and I took a medicine Now I fell the same felling( without other symptoms Should I see the doctor?

11month old seems a bit warm.Clammy hands but no fever seems fine just a bit tired with a light cough. Can i give her over-the-counter med? If needed

12 year old female. Vomited once acutely today. No fever but weak and feels hot inside her body. Not sure what next step is... Pls help?

16 weeks pregnant and getting over a bad cold, today started bad diarrhea- is this normal, and when should I worry ?

17 yo. Past month have had multiple colds/stomach bugs that come one right after another. Feel fine for coup. days then sick Why do they keep coming?

2 y.O hit head on cement 2days ago. Since then he's very irritable. Still eating& drinking well. No other sx. He is getting molars. Should i worry?

2 years old sick for 7 days with the flu. We went went to the emerg on day 3 and he's better than he was been but he still can't fully keep food down?

2 yr has had bad breath since friday evening. It has gotten worse since then. He cries when he swallows?

21 yrs old. Had fever last week and after that it started to have dizziness and feel like vomit. Didnt go to hospital at all what can it be?

27 weeks pregnant and since 5 days i need the toilet an hour after eating. Seems like mild direah. Is this normal? Makes me feel sick and dizzy

29f. Jogged 4miles today in 90° weather. Started getting chills towards the end of my jog and.Now am very exhausted and feel flu-ish. Too much sun?

35 weeks pregnant this morning i had blurred vision and was tired and felt sick in my troat and now i've diahorrea and piles and yeast infection?

35wks pregnant and vomiting for a few days, had diarreah tonight and feeling weak. Saw mw tues no infections and BP fine... Babys movements hurt also!

39 yr old female, dizziness on and off last couple weeks, today really bad, got all sweaty and then threw up, feel better now, dizziness gone so far. ?

3weeks ago i started having this stomach pain along with nausea. And til today i still feel it. I can't eat or i'll feel ill. Any home remedies?

5yr old had stom flu two days ago. Started to feel better now had loose stool again. How long till it goes away and shes not contagious?

A few days ago i became very sick with what i belive to be a cold. I'm worried because tonight after coughing violenty for days i felt as if the top p?

About 3 days ago I woke up with a very sore throat and then started experiencing sudden periods of a stomachache. Should I go to the doctor for medication or just keep resting till it goes away on its own?

After being treated for scabies is it normal to feel nauseated?

After i swallow nyquil i felt burning scary feelin in stomach 1st it happened. I take only omepremazole 1 in the morning what happened i'm scared?

After my fever was gone, i started to feel dizzy and sometimes nauseous. Doctor said I have an urine infection. I just want to doublecheck.?

After Sex I felt dizzy and vomiting but nothing come out,then started having cramps bad I felt sick that I wanted to go to the ER,but then felt fine?

After throwing up 4 times yesterday i threw up a very small amount of blood. I still feel sick today and my throat feels swollen, should I see a dr?

Am i in danger of dying? Last night at about 8:30 i took about 30 aspirin while high on marijuana. Once i came down it seemed like i was going to be okay, but i woke up around 6:00am feeling very nauseous. I got ready for the day and went to school as i a

Any advice? I have got phlegm going on.. Not too much but i'm also congested.. I don't feel sick yet but.. Worried.

Any tips on how to feel better? I started my period and it feels like i got the flu at the same time?

Are antibiotics supposed to make you feel sick at first I feel really nauseous and sick she gave me a three day supply for an ear infection first pill?

Around an hour ago, for no reason i started to feel really nauseas, like i was going to be sick. It's only now started to fade. What could cause this?

As soon as I finished breakfast I did dishes and started having bad stomach cramps that seem to come in waves, I'm scared what they mean?

Ate a burger that was a little rare. Worried I will get sick. Have a little stomach ache next day. Am I over thinking this? A little nauseous

Back in july i came down with a cold and had some stomach issues and now my hearbeat feels like it is skipping every other day, i was wondering what c?

Been feeling sick for the past 5 dats and want to know how to feel better becuase i am back at school?

Been fighting a cold and went to the dr twice and he says its fine tired and weezy and don't eat much. Any ideas besides waiting it out?

Been home for a week, bronchi infeccion, taking several meds, I have no fever, put i feel dizzy, nauseous and feel like trowing up today.Is it normal?

Been Ill past few days and barely eaten 400 cal each day, started seeing things and feeling like bugs crawling on me, is this normal what is this?

Been in holiday to malta, got bitten by mosquitos 26 times they've swollen and blistered. I'm currently feeling sick dizzy tired and i don't know why?

Been on cefdinir for 6 days now 4 my UTI and im still feelin like im going to throw up and I have a fever. I have 4 days left of meds. Is this normal?

Been on my period for 12 days its not bad but its there.Depo in a few days.Been weak dizzy and sick.Stomach so sore to touch.Should i see doctor ?

Been taking antibiotics since yesterday, but feel extremely unwell. Could it be that it'll get worse before getting better?

Been to ER twice in the last 2 days. One for asthma, one for dehydration. Feel worse today, weak, diarrhea, feel like i could pass out. Do i go back?

Bin on citalopram 20 mg for 2mns, week after started felt much better but for the last 10 days i'm feeling as bad as i was before i started. Why? Help

C. Diff. Put on flagyl. Temp started 100.5. Feel weak. Hot. Clammy. Just a ill feeling. Am passing gas. Be from medicine or be worried?

Came home drunk. Woke up, still feel drunk and feel like vomiting. Are these symptoms normal after a bad night? What remedies can I take?

Can a kindey stone get stuck in the urthera? I have throbbong and odd stingy felling all the time. Ever since i got the violent shaking chills-puking

Can a lupus flare feel like the flu? I had a headache for 2 weeks, now i just feel fluish- i just got diagnosed 2 months ago- very new to this stuff, and if it is do I call the rheumo? Or wait it out

Can throat b irritated from Sunday when choked on water or could be something else. It doesn't feel like it does when I norm get sick tired?

Can Tresos Natal by Eagle make you feel nauseous? I started it about a fortnight ago and have been feeling ill throughout the days since.

Can you tell me what to do if i went gluten free and i feel worse than ever?

Certain I have kidney infec feel quite ill have had a non stop fever for 36 hours cnt get to docs til mon what can I do at home to make me feel better?

Changed contraception pill yesterday, don't know if linked. No hiccups in ages, last night, woke up hiccuping and feeling sick. Dizzy morning?

Chest feel strange can feel heart beat. Bit itchy.. Was in ibiza and had to go hospital consistently getting sick gastroenteritis Monday night?

Chest tightness that comes and goes light headed fuzzy feeling in my back. All symptoms happen and go away. Whats happening they thought it was broncides and gave me doxycycline just finished i and a step down of prednisone and a inhaler. And take an 24 h

Chest tightness that comes and goes light headed fuzzy feeling in my back. All symptoms happen and go away. Whats happening they thought it was broncides and gave me doxycycline just finished i and a step down of prednisone and a inhaler. And take an 24 h

Cleaned with bleach yesterday about 5 hours throat felt funny after took treatment now today it is more bothersome and feels dry should I make Dr apt?

Clowdy memory , yesterday feels like weeks ago morning feels like yesterday... Labs good CT brain neg, tingly jaw, can't recall things from today.

Coffee grounds diahrria for past three days. Havent been feeling well for 2months now. Tired and weak. Also coming up with rashes.

Cold started 2 weeks ago have bronchitis on Friday after the shot and meds I feel worst I can barely make my neck around . ?

Cough since Tues.Took Sudafed yesterday & can feel the cough breaking up in my chest--feeling better.Today there was light blood on the toilet tissue.

Current smoker for 3 years. Just started getting nauseous feeling during and after smoking. What's going on with me?

Dizzy..What now? On thursday march 1st, at around 4:30am, i started my 24-48 hour stomach flu. Before this, i had a cold, and after the flu i started "back" with my cold. Since probably march 3rd or 4th I have been extremely dizzy- i can't drive, stand to

Do i need to see a doctor? I am 19 and a college student. I got sick about a month ago (bronchitis and strep), and i haven't felt well since then. I am still tired a lot. I have had weird things happening about twice a month for the past couple of year

Dr.Jeff thanx so much. I am extremely nauseous tonight. No matter how much water I drink I don't feel better. I feel horrible. What shouldi do to ease it. Im starting to think I really might be pregnant?

Drank 500 ml. wine almost daily for past yr. Cut back,no drink in 4 days. No w/d symptoms in past or now. Past pt. of a serious w/d since i feel fine?

Earache 2 days (today not as bad but still there), today on&off bad dizziness & nausea enough to come home from work but suddenly feels fine.Thoughts?

Ever since I started practicing singing with my diaphragm I've been getting sick. I feel nauseas during & after practicing and sometimes vomit after.

Every morning for past 4 days I have been full on throwing up (pretty much whatever i had for dinner the pas night) at 4am then feel fine after.. Why?

Feel like crying PMS or flu related? My period is due for another 5 days im coming down with a strong flu i can't stop shaking im cold no matter what

Feel like I have the flu or something worse but took my temp and it was 95.3? Should i be concerned ?

Feel sick in car sore tender breasts diaherrea boyfriend had fingered me the day b4 i got my period and the last day I have also been very sick - flu?

Feel weak, and ill. Just not right. My BP is super low and I have been having horrible heart burn/pain. Should i go to ER or wait for dr tomorrow?

Feeling weak/feverish suddenly since this morning. No major issues. Just went for a run yesterday and busy with friends this weekend. Any thoughts?

Feels like lump in throat and feel sick in mornings. Doc said esophigitis and gave me Zantac (ranitidine) feel much better, how long to heal, they gave me 1 months?

Feels like something is stuck in throat happened this started 2 days ago after I ate something and hasn't gone away male 20 gets worse after eating?

Felt horrible in my head/sick. Blood sugar 3.6mmol uk. Got dysautonomia pots. Ate lots now its 6.6 feel so much better. What should I do?

Felt unwell for a week. No vomit. Got no better, no worse. Have also had 1 yellow spot on my right tonsil, again this has got no better or worse.

For a couple of months, i've felt like there's something in my right nostril, but there's nothing there. I'm not sick or taking any medicines.

For the past 24 hours I've been hurting all over. I don't feel sick, my temp is normal, but I hurt a lot, like the flu. Is it likely just a virus?

For the past few days ive had the feeling of a hair in my throat that i cant seem to get out. Ive tried drinking fluids but it doesnt help?

For the past two weeks i have been vertly nauseous, dizzy, and itchy.Today i had a heavy bloody nose didn't stop for at least 20mins. What causing it?

For two weeks I get this nagging feeling I need to puke, but it lasts a few minutes and is gone. I have no fever or any other problem.

For what reason do I feel way more sick now that my fever has broke?

Found out im anemic from being rlly tired, dizzy, etc. How long will it take for these feelings to go away if i eat right? I start school monday:(

Four weeks ago i started feeling like vomiting but i let it go now my nipples are getting dark an i feel sick but i got a negative result an am bleedn?

Friend had oysters yesterday, felt bad in afternoon, had hallucinations that night. Causes/Concerns? even though better now? Should have hospitalized?

Gf got anxiety a month ago from a car accident now everyday she gets dizzy feels weak n has a headache she take medication but shes not getting better?

Gf has took some antibiotics and feels like needs to be sick. Will they work if she does be sick? Took them at 10:30 current time 12:35

Girlfriend came down with flu yesterday, feeling much better today, but aches persisting; how serious are the aches and when should they go away?

Girlfriend has been unwell tonight, we have got to bed and she has boiling hot skin and is a bit sleepy and confused. What shall I do?

Got a bad sunburn yesterday and since I've had a horrible headache on and off and been tired. Dehydrated maybe? Will smart water and gatorade work?

Got a migraine 2 hours ago, took 2 excedrin, threw up a little, and now I feel weak and my body is feeling cold and cold to touch.

Got drunk after walking an hour in the rain. Today i feel fatigued and feverish with soreness in back and headache. Cold or hangover? Something else?

Got my wedding dress altered today. After standing for a while in a warm room, began to feel sick. Wanted to vomit etc. Felt better in cool air. Why?

Got three teeth extracted yesterday had infection today i'm feeling a little shaky and short of breath is that my anxiety actin up?

H, I am 36 pregnant and while everything was good and feeling hot strong and healthy, now I have started to get a cold , I am cold. Should be concern?

Had a bad fever with bad body aches, etc. Woke up today morning to urinate and I blacker out. I know abt mic. Syncope, should I be worried. ?

Had a car crash on tuesday and today (Saturday) im feeling unwell i have a headache feel like i want to be sick and i keep over heating is this normal?

Had a cold or allergies. Then got better. Woke up had muscle aches, the chills and felt so weak.Then i found out i got my period. Am i sick or period?

Had a colonoscopy yesterday I'm worried about perforation or infection what is the cut ff time for this worry? I feel tired weak and nauseated today