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I have just had the injection for treating ghonnorea and I have massive stomach cramping and feel sick is this normal ?

diagnosed with thrush at the ER yesterday I am a 36 yd Caucasian female. Is it normal for everything I eat and drink to hurt down to my stomach?

had stomach pains since new years eve last night I threw up. worried I might b lactose intorarent how would I test for this/ figure out what's wrong?

I am 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I am also 2 cm dilated. For the past three days stomach has been rock hard. I am gbs positive. Plus throwing up. ?

Ive been sick and on antibiotics ince Dec. The dr just checked my gulbladder with hidascan and the ejection fraction as 7.Could this be the cause?

sniffing IVf spray Synarel (nafarelin) I felt it in throat,does that mean it's going in my stomach?As I will be fasting I don't want anything going in stomach?

upset stomach 3 weeks , worse yesterday with nausea and stomach pain Had CT Scan-enlarged appendix. given antibiotics & sent home. Worried or not?

+ test for h.Pylori. Am on two antibiotics, 1 antacid and 1 anti-nausea. Low grade fever for over a month. Taking hida test friday but started getting very dizzy today. What should I do until friday?

10days ago had headache body ache and mild diarrhea i bent over and spit up in my mouth now acid and belching will not go away. Neg, pregnancy test?

13 month old has a hard and distended tummy exactly like colics. Just got over gastro. What shoukd i do?

13 yr old w/ stomach flu, started Mon, vomited for 24hrs, okay for 1 day, ate lite foods, vomited again last nite 4x. Now crying with terrible belly pain. 2 other family had it also. What to do?

16 y/o boy with stomach ulcers.I can't move with pain doc gave me 60g of losack didn't work. ?

1x dry heaved til i threw up something looked like boogers. Horrible gnawing pain under left ribs since. Carafate (sucralfate) bring s temp relief. Stomach bug?

20 year-old south Asian, 7 months pregnant, having bad throat and stomach pains felt due to food allergies, looking for effective treatment.....?

25yrs scared from stomach cancer burning all over my stomach went to dr and gave smz/tmp & omeprazole how long for it to be effective?!still burning

27 year-old woman got treated for H. pylori a month ago, but only got better for a week before nausea and "stomach burning" returned, and lookin.....?

2x tonight I've exp brief(20sec) bubbly/fizzy type sensation in my chest abt 20m apart. I passed gas aft 2nd time. Gas or something else? None since

3 years since having gallbladder out and keep getting the exact same pain like a gallstone attack why is this and how can I stop it?

30 year-old male. I had unprotected sex with sb whose stomach ws gurgling. 2 days after that mine started gurgling with morn nausea & unusual hunger?

31wks pregnant, severe acid reflux for 3 days, v. Bad b/h all day yesterday. Irritable mood, low back pain on and off and baby dropped. Early labour?

31yrMale.stomach rumbles or feel nauseated(no vomit)when i smel somethin being cooked in oil.Have ibs n gastritis since 2yrs.blood tests & endo normal?

34yr F healthy.GB removed last yr.Very nauseous,acid reflux and bloating since last week.Got an endoscopy last yr and was normal. Should I get another?

4 weeks ago I had sushi and within an hour felt very full, burping etc. then I had pain in the stomach area. Thought it was gastritis. Took nexium. It was very bad for about a week but has gotten much better. Did I get a parasite? Or unrelated?

47 yr old male bruise on stomach

4days ago, i went to a restaurant and there i had a spring roll.From the next day I am having stomach problems, nausea, acidity.What may be the cause?

5 yr on vacation hs not hd BM in 5 days. Sd we b concerned? Normally goes every day or every other day not complaining of hurting & not vomiting tx

6days ago I had a case of diarrhoea.I left it figuring I would get better.I am still having a lot of stomach movements, none of them solid.see a doc?

6yr son. Vomiting stomach pain hurts to stand on tip toes stomach bug or appendix. Started 5am this morning. Take to dr. Or am i overreacting?

7yo girl havin major stomach cramps 3 diff days not in a row. Threw up 2 of the times, other just cryin bc it hurt so bad. Alrdy eliminated possibles?

9m old has severe vomiting/diarrhea when he eats solids. Allergy tests came back zero. Drs keep saying it's a coincidence he gets sick? Everytime tho?

A few months ago i was diagnosed with a hital hernia and was put on 20mgs Prilosec a day and it's gotten worse dizziness vomiting hurting. What I do?

After i had my son in mid dec. I have been having problems with my stomach. Every time i eat i get severe stomach pains and I have dieherra. Could it ?

After my c section my stomach has been bloated real bad and pains. what concerns me too is that I have a hernia and I think it has got bigger.

Already been diagnosed with Gerd. The past few months can't eat without feeling like vomiting. Tired all the time. Gallbladder problems possible?

Ask gastro ? After some tennis should I be concerned?

B4 diagnosis wit UTI had gaggy feelin in throat weird feel top stomach. Have UTI take Antibio. Throat feel better. Appetite gone. Is it UTI?

Been 3 days since stomach bug and i attempted my normal workout routine and my stomach got achy. Low appetite too. Is this normal 3 days after?

Been having diarrhea with cramping, stomach is hurting, low back pain, I'm 32 weeks and the baby has been turned since 28 weeks and he has already dropped. Could the diarrhea mean I'll be going into labor soon?

Been having gyne and cardiology (left vertircle under investigation) 22 yr old F now got lower stomach pains (gyne) and Green sick with sweats?

Bleeding hemorrhoid for 2days. Lots of bleeding. Today, while standing, I got so weak and nauseous with sweating that I had to lay down. I used prep h cream yesterday and may have undiagnosed diabetes. ?

Bloated for 4 months so I decided to get checked &was recently diagnosed with h pylori. Just finished 10 day pylera, when will the bloat go away?

Can I have a tubular pregnancy even id I do not have my tubes tied? Im feeling bad stomach pains.

Can omeprazole cause vomiting? I stopped it for 2 weeks for hpylori test. Back on 40mg straight away but vomiting and dizzy. Thanks

Can stomach gas get stuck in area where gallbladder was from time to time? Had lap 7mo ago and was recently diagnosed with a lot of gas in stomach

Can stress and fear cause a person to no longer feel as if he or she has to use the restroom i recently had to use the restroom and something had occurred that scared me. I immediately lost the cramps and "gurgling" sensation in my stomach and actually ha

Can too much pop over the years cause diareah ? I'm a big pepsi drinker and recently i've been haveing diareah everyday for the past week

Can u tell me all the symtoms for aortic dissetion im scared as i had chest and stomach pains untill i poop then i saw aoric disscretion online?

Can you get the same bout of gastro twice?

Can you please give me some ideas what could be wrong with my stomach. I am 24 years old. And have had an ulcer sence i was 15. I have had trouble on and of with it for years. Especially when i was pregnant with my daughter. And in the past yr I have noti

Canu get c-deficile again,itwas inmy stomach thedr said from a antibiotic. after Surgery.I had started throwing up andthe runslikewater withbad oder.w?

Chest and back pain feels like a huge bubble. I have night sweats and nausea. Was told it was acid reflux went to hospital again in extreme pain they took gall bladder. Still have c&b pain. Gb was ok?

Chest pains please help! 17 year old male no history of health problems last night i was awakened by an upset stomach accompanied by diarrhea which i normally get from time to time i'll just take some pepto and i'll be fine well it happened around 3 in th

Chlamydia. Empty stomach 3 times threw up within 1hr30min azythromicyn its been 3 days n i feel symptoms i never felt is it working? Less discharge

Cleaned with ammonia two days ago and my stomach feels sore as if worked out, please help.

Could I have got a hiatal hernia from the stomach flu? Threw up harder than ever then a week after ended up in ER with breathing trouble+chest pains..

Could i have the stomach flu? A kid around me had it but I washed my hands/sanatized every object. I had sharp anal pain and then got diarrhea.

Cramping stomach pain in the upper centre of the abdomen. Blotted and nauseated. Stool test negative for Hpylori. Currently on nexium but no relif?

Diagnosed w GERD, on pantozole 40 mg, feel nauseous/tired after meals, not pregnant. feel this often, got treated for gastritis 3 times in past year?

Diarrhea for 2 1/2 weeksnonblood went do doctor on 8th day got probiotics feel better but still have diarrhea,cold hands w. feet I think Colon Cancer?

Do hiatus hernias ever go away ? I was diagnosed two years ago, and since then I have been normal apart from the odd stomach cramp

Doc, mywife has suffering 4 over a year since gallblader removal. Every morning at 5 am she wakes up to diarhea and a has sour stomach on and off daly?

Doc. i am pregnant and i am not ready for it. esp. now my stomach always paining the doc. said i have h.pylori. i keep in vomitting pls help me doc?

Drank water two days ago threw up and haven't been able to keep anything down since then, stomach in major pains/knots what's wrong?

DX w/h colitis two days ago, been sick since last Friday, nauseated, can't eat, gas, watery stool. On cipro, (ciprofloxacin) lower back pain. Trouble breathing..

Endoscopy 2 weeks ago inflamed duodenum pain getting worse swallowing bile yesterday and today?

Ever since my family (2kids, husband andi ) had a tummy virus 4 months ago, our poop all smells weird and the same. Like moth balls. And gurgling stomach and refluf symptoms. Does this go away alone?

Ever since i got a hemorrhoid, my stomach i feel the need to go #2 more often & my stomach tends to hurt a lot since i got it?

Every time I eat, My stomach aches and twisted and rumbles! I don't have my gallbladder anymore! And I been tested for ulcers and I have none! Help!!

Extreme naseau/gagging/burping no pain only in morning since end of sept. 100% not pregnant. Never have vomiting, life altering. I cant work togoto dr?

Extremely bad pain in lower abdomen everytime i yawn. Had gastritis because of h.Pylori. Took the treatment. Been done for 1 month. Whats happening?

Feel like food is stuck in my chest. Saw a doctor and said I have esoephigitis reflux. Have been having medicine since 3 days but hasnt helped much.

Feeling sick! every pregnancy i get "biliary reflux"! I am only 9 weeks and have had it for 3 weeks. In this time I have lost 4kg's what can cure it?

Female, 47, stomach cancer to liver.She lost about 5-7 kg, vomited lately(the last 6 mounths)Is it curable or not?If not how long is she going to live?

Finished abx for h pylori on jan 23. Now my 1 & only symptom is back. Constant hunger pains. What is causing this? I cry all day. It's horrible.

First i was on 325 and then on 350 and then on oxycodone hlc 15 ... I feel terrible, I am sick at my stomach al the time ... Helpme get off this stuf?

For 2 days when I've eaten got really bad stomach cramps followed by dioheria and it lasts all day?

For a long time now, my husband wakes up with this burning sensation in his stomach but he is afraid of cancer.

For the past 2 days my stomach muscles have been hurting and sore I have not worked out or done anything differant in my life?

For the past 4 years I am being diagnosed by giardia once every year! i m drinkin the best water here ! is it somethin that reproduce on it's own?

For the past two days I've had nausea, white tongue, it burns a bit and burping. I took Pepecid AC last night and it helped a bit but I still have nau?

Freq nasuea and mild stom pains with occasinal shakeing like im cold. Been to docs found nothing GI doc next month anyway to stop the shakeing?

G/f went to the doctors w/ back neck stomach and headache they put her on hydros and finnergan now she is throwing up everything any suggestions?

Gallbladddr has been gone 3 yrs. 4mnths ago had bad stress have dirreah every meal Have lost 15lbs. Had a uppr GI & colonoscopy today showed nothing ?

Gallbladder taken out june 2010 . Just yesterday my incions start having this real sharp pain. Vomitted twice cofee ground. Help?

Gastritis won't go away. Have had for 2.5 months. Taking Zantac (ranitidine). Came on after bout of norovirus. Stinging needle feeling in intestines. Thoughts?

Gastro issues bout 4 yrs now;dis didn't happen till post gastro issues.Now,get these weird sounds win pass gas.All kinds of sounds.What caused this?

GI Tract hasnt been right since I threw up from drinking and now on antibiotics for Uti. Neck muscles hurt and excess saliva. What should I do?

Good morning, is it possible my daughter can have celiac disease if she doesn't sweat n goes to the bathroom after every single meal and is short?

Got a cholecystectomy, but still have burning/hungry feeling before eating got tested for H.pylori came back negative what can it be??

Got endo/gastoscopy for pains in gut told had gurd n given omeprazole since the scopt 4 weeks ago freq nasuea n gas pain cud that b from the medicine?

Grandma got really bad stomach pain and chest pains and throat pain can it be beacuase they recent changed her from nexuim to pantoprazole sod?

Had a baby 12 weeks ago, been nauseaus ever since? Dr told me she thought it was from heartburn. No blood work done. Omeprozole no help for nausea.

Had a raspy voice for five years. thrown up blood Went to to er and it was determined no blood in the stomach. Worried its esophegas cancer?

Had acute pancriitis. Discharged from hosp. 1 1/2 mo. Ago. Still have stomach aches & water gurgles going dwn. Feel knot above diaphragm - maybe. ?

Had breast implants done and getting sharp gas like pain in stomach. took gasx, mylanta, docolace and nothing seems to help. what can I do to stop it?

Had clean egd in apr. 13. Started having stomach pain in oct. 13. Took bentyl (dicyclomine) and align for 3 days and pain went away until jan of this year. Ideas?

Had dinner last night, parents got into fight immediately after, ran upstairs on full stomach and was on full alert. Stomach pain after 20 min. Ulcer?

Had gall bladder srgry12/21 got sick frm germs vomit cold cough upper rgt ab hurts w/ burning hematoma?

Had gastritas from h pyroi for the last 5months really making me depressed now. suppose to go away in a month. but dont want to go like this please ?

Had hirschsprung disease at 2 days old.Fine after pull thru. Been complaining for stomach ache for the past 2 weeks. Should i be worried?