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been having on and off throbbingpains in my left temple andthe last time it happened i felt faint nauseated andmy shoulderhurt Should i be concerned?

when I got out of bed I felt dizzy- had to hold onto something and my hands began to shake. Since then my right arm has felt almost Asleep. ?

(ive had previous concussions) i bumped my head yesterday and all throughout today ive had muscle spasms in my right hand. should i be worried?

13 weeks pregnant, both upper arms are sore, feels weaker. Is it something I should be worried about or is it from holding my 30 pound son?

16 y old. I was sitting crossed leg. My right hand felt little tingly. When I got up my right leg fell asleep, both went away few secs. Worried stroke?

19y/o had sting/heartburn feeling in one spot on off/ near my sternum. Yesterday. Woke up with slight numb spot where it happens. Is this indigestion?

2 days ago I felt in a pain in my arms & legs & felt freezing.Yesterday I was better but today I feel after urinating in a simple burning,my T°=37.5?

2 days ago my left hand felt heavy.I got my blood pressure checked which was 170/100. It hasn't changed much since then. Can this be a serious issue.

20 year old was on their laptop when she felt weird. Her forehead&mom top of it felt numb. What's wrong? Is this normal? What should she do?

20activemalefew hours ago out of nowhere, vision got wierd.head felt foggy,couldn't think, remember anything or complete a sentence or talk right.feltright hand start to tingle then cheek. ministrok?

29 year old son woke up 3 days ago with left side of neck barely able to move, no other symptoms, not sick, scared of meningitis, could this be?

33 weeks pregnant . Left side facial tightness comes and goes for 4 days ..doc run zero tests when I went in . Scared it's a stroke?

4days ago,I went to ER and they drew some blood frm my right arm.Since then I've electric shock like pain shooting dwn my forearm wen i stretch/touch?

5 1/2 yr old woke up with sore left side of neck. Seemed otherwise find. Few hours later went very pale. Sore all over. Laying down. Very out of chara?

6 weeks ago, i started getting a shooting pain down both arms whenever i got a fright. It was a sudden change and it's continued since. Should i worry?

7 wks ago l shoot up meth in outside of wrist weird feeling started nevrer pain than deep bruise. feeling in tricept begane . what could it be?

7am Tuesday left leg and arm went numb.I couldn't move other symptions.i had had this happen in 5 min. has now been 24 arm up?

9 week old was sleeping on my chest when apnea monitor went off. Picked her up off of me - she seemed stiff but then woke right up. What was this?

A few days ago got upset, had numbness/pain in hand. Havnt felt right since. No insurance, don't want to make an issue if it's nothing, or just panic?

A friend of mine was playing volleyball today when she turned her head suddenly but then c/o of severe shooting pain on her neck that lasted a min.

Aerosol exploded into side of face, cut to head n bad swelling round eye n temple. Should i go 2 hospital even tho i feel sick but haven't been?

After an intense cardio workout i started to feel tingling on both arms like it was vibrating inside my arms. It faded away after 30min or so. Why?

After waking up from a short nap yesterday: I had difficulties breathing, felt light headed, my right eye started twitching and my face felt numb.

All day today I have had numbness and tingling on left side of my face. And I get get sick to my stomach when it happens. And I get dizzy. I?

All of a sudden my hands got hold and also felt my pulse went up than normal. Why is this?

All of a sudden wife's ankles started to swell up and she got a little dizzy. What could be causing this?

All sudden my middle n ring finger got lockedtogether n moved right couldn't separate them n it hurt Stopped after 5 min now keeps happening No injury

Am I having an allergic reaction to the meds I just took? I got really dizzy and my cheeks and neck feel swollen and my chest feels tight.

As of yesterday morning, my upper lip has been feeling numb. I didn't hurt myself or any pills etc. I did make out with my bf but nothin wrong with him?

Been feeling a bit of numbness & tingling in my fingers esp when/aft i wash my hands ever since methotrexate(started abt April, stopped 1mnth ago)Why?

Been sleeping late but still slept an average of 5-6hrs. Recently experience Chest pain left side, occasional cold n uncontrollable shaking in morning?

Blood pressure of 156/136 yesterday and burning in upper left arm today with sudden diarrhea should I be worried?

Both arms go numb while sleeping. Only happens at night. Started when i was pregnant but has continued. Why?

Both cheeks in face feel tight and tinglish. Lasted a week, and came back a few weeks later after crying. Scared, could it be a stroke warning. I'm 18?

Both my hands went blue, I have never seen this before and i felt normal. But the colour did not come back for about 10/15 minutes?

Both of my hands became numb. The tightness was painful and the pain went up my arms. Later i felt nauseous and had a slight fever. What was it?

Can you develop trigeminal neuralgia suddenly? I'm in my 30's and since yesterday randomly get a sharp like jolt in the same spot-upper tooth area.

Concerned about leg pain last week i was sick from tuesday - friday. I never went to the doctor just had body aches, headache, dizzyness and plain felt horrible. On saturday when i woke up i felt better but i had weird leg pain when standing. My legs f

Concussed few weeks ago. headaches still. Woke up w/ completely numb arm last night. Feeling came back upon moving it.Do I need to worry about stroke?

Constantly dizzy n light headed.. My whole right arm hurts when i wash my hands... What's going on?!

Could you tell me why my left leg suddenly started shaking and it won't stop?

Dad was stung by a bee yesterday and now he is really tired. His chest and jaw are also in some pain. What do we do?

Daughter 8 years old almost fainted. Became yellowish face and lips white. And felt sweaty on her neck and back. And nauseous What could it be ?

Dental work yesterday. Today twitching on side of left eye but I can feel it in for head and cheek too. Just feels strange. Any real concern?

Dizzy light headed left side hip hurts this has been going on since yesterday please help as soon as possible. Just not feeling good at all.

Do I have TSS? I used a tampon yesterday I left it for 2 hours. I started to feel feverish (99.0), body aches, bad headache, neck hurts. no rash.

Doc, i was drinking alcohol (jack & daniels) on saturday, it is now tuesday and my hands feel tingly and numb. What can i do to stop this feeling ?

Doct was trying to get an IV in my arm middle part soon as she went in I felt like a rush down my arm n my hand it felt like a fast tingling thing hlp?

Doin stretches earlier when suddenly a burning feeling started behind my shoulder felt like sunburn now happens everytime bend my head to left?

Dr.Hello since 2 weeks i got my problem which is in my head to be fell a burning sensation or to be numb .What should I do.Please give good medicine.

Eye started hurting, hand went numb, got real dizzy. had to count money couldn't keep up with the numbers not even ones or fives what's wrong?

Face feelz slightly numb but I can smile, laugh, am taking normal. no headache, maybe just slight pressure around head. I I just saw the doc today.

Felt fine then got a sharp twinge in upper left chest.then head felt stuffy,eyes heavy and tired.any insight?

Fever and chills today. Had this weird burning feeling in my sinus then my hands went all tingly for a second. Worried about something wrong in head. ?

Fingers in right hand felt a little harder to move earlier. Then that went away but it's back. I'm 16 with bad anxiety so i'm very worried about this.

For the past couple months..maybe six..ive been waking up with bruises all over my.legs...why!?

For the past couple of days, I've noticed that my left thumb keeps moving by itself. It started off with once a day & now a couple times a day?

For the past two wks, the top of both hands wake me up at night in horrific pain. Ideas? Seemed to have started once i started pt for neck issues.

Forehead & both sides of cheeks have been numb and tingly on off since last morning. No headache. Only 18, and parents won't take to doctor. Scared?

Friend complained about getting out of the shower and suddenly feeling light headed, seeing white spots and feeling tingles in arms and legs?

Given amitriptyline for headaches 2 wks, ago &has helped. But under left jaw feel sore lump that comes & goes, doc felt 2 weeks ago but never felt it?

Good afternoon. I was watching tv and choked on some juice. I got up gasping for air and ran to the bathroom. I threw up and suddenly felt a snapping sensation on the left side of my abdomen, just under my ribs. It was so painful I vomited a second time.

Good day! I was recently in a MVA about a month ago, since the accident I was having numbness in both my arms that only went to the elbow and not any further (feels like when you hit your funny bone). For the past two weeks it seems to be traveling past

Got epidural blood patch 5 weeks ago. My right side of head gets chills and a numbing feeling? What can this mean?

Got hit in the left temple at work. The pain lessened within minutes but my cheek feels a little numb/tingles. What do I need to do?

Got upset, rasied my voice & immediately experienced pain on right side of neck, which will not go away. Shd i be worried?

Had a hip implant done in 08 I got extremely cold today and since I have been what feels like electrical jolts going down my leg ?

Had a severe toothache yesterday.took mefenamic 500,the pain subsided after 30 minutes.went to bed and woke up feeling numbnesd in my left chin and li?

Had allergy testing yesteday. Little needles in my arm. Ever since then my arm has ached and feels slightly swollen. Not sure if from tests or shoulde?

Had ear ache for 3/4 days was bleeding last night (only a little) today can't feel right hand side of face and keep going dizzy?

Have a weird feeling in my tongue, mostly on one side. Had yesterday too but it went away and around the same time last year. Is this seasonal allergy?

Having painless throbbing below naval. Started yesterday & is still happening off & on; most common when sitting. Can be felt with hand. Worried- AAA?

Hello Doctor ever since i feel on a comer of a brick house my left side of my head has been numb Why is this?

Hello doctor, for last 3-4 days i started to feel tightness in my chest & very very itchy and scratchy , so i started to feel dat it might be a normal ?

Hello Dr. im a little worry, on the weekend i felt sick. first i felt tingling on my right side of my head, then on my right side of my cheek . I felt very weak, and then dizzy. i got home and felt worse, my right leg was swollen, and my tongue, very very

Hello my names jared today my hands and arms feel hot what causes that?

Hello! I recently had surgery late Friday night ever since then my back and chest has hurt so bad I have a dry cough, also my arms are so sore feels like I've had a tetanus shot in each arms they are achy not sure what's going on ?

Hello. For the past five years half of my face goes numb.. I think its because of my weight, what do you think? Thanks

Hello.. Im having pain on my left shoulder, left side of the neck also i feel lke my left hand is getting heavier on me.. since bp was 100-60 n pulse was normal.. Wut symptoms r these??

Hey I'm 36 weeks pregnant. I've been having reply bad burning sensation in my left legs when they go numb. What can I do to stop it?

Hey, it is nearly 4am here and I am really suffering from aching in both of my arms, it really hurts and I don't know what to doj?

Hi In morning after waking up early feel slight heaviness over my left eye and ver slight pain on leaf sidenof head.happening frm last one week.

Hi , Today I lifted my niece for 10 minutes and after that my forearms started trembling and I felt as If my muscles were shaking. I am tensed, help!

Hi about 10 minutes ago my arm suddenly felt weak and a little heavy and tingly too. Could it be because I carried something heavy?

Hi Doctor, I helped lift and carry a washing machine on Sunday I seemed fine at the time, but I started to get pain under left wing up through my neck?

Hi I am 6 months pregnant and since earlier today at around 2pm i had a shower after an hour or so my left side neck and shoulders really aching?

Hi i woke up early hours of this morning with pins and needles in my left arm and i still have it now, I've suffered with tachicardia in the past?

Hi im 21 weeks pregnant.And my.Right hand went numb today.And.Pins and needles what could this be thanks?

Hi my arm is hurting i sletp "on it" for an hour or so, should i be worried?

Hi my left arm feels cold . And hurts abit was diagnosed with shingles over a week a go but that never happend. Had ECG was clear?

Hi there could you help me I have been getting this pain in my arm for the last couple of days. It started in my wrist and I really worried about it. ?

Hi, about 6 months ago I was lying down and started to shake violently, chest went tight,and I've not felt the same since, can you help? :(

Hi, After I came from 4 day trip, i started feeling my head heavy. Yesterday i could feel tingling on my face. Unable to concentrate on laptop?

Hi, I am taking sertaline 200 mg and clonazepam. 5 mg at night, already 6 month passed, I feel tingling sensation in left arms, chest area now, ?

Hi, yesterday I suddenly had nausea and felt like throwing up then my body started tingling and my fingers paralyzed for a minute. What is that?

Hi! i'm a 16 year old girl. Starting in aug, my left knee would get sore, in middle of august = both legs would feel tingly, now my arms are bad! why?

Hi! Since yesterday I woke up and every few minutes or half hours I feel a tingle/pain in my nose for a second and my sinuses flush out, but only on t?

Hi. 28 yr old female and recently noticed a pulsating/throbbing sensation in my head when lying down. The past few nights it has kept me awake. Ideas?

Hi. I wake up every morning with a small rash on my inner left arm. It's been going on for 6 months. I went to doctor and they weren't sure?

Hi. Just today out of nowhere I started getting a tingling numb sensation in my lower back. Is this something I should worry about?