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If I cannot get surgery for my untreated umbilical hernia (no money), will weight loss make it less problematic if I'm overweight/almost obese?

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After I had the testicular torsion surgery I'm gaining weight.. I'm very obese now ! What will be the reasons ? How can I lose weight ?

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Am I likely to gain the weight back after bariatric surgery?

Any type of operation or surgery is good for fat loss?

Are hernias & weight loss related? My boss had one after gastric bypass. I am doing ww to lose weight. I have a hiatal hernia too. Had lost a lot b4.

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Are you more fertile after a gastric sleeve & weight loss?

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Can the abortion procedure; both medical and surgical have anything to do with weight gain or weight loss?

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Can weight loss reverse a ventral hernia?

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Can weight loss surgery restore periods and/or help reverse PCOS? Really want to have a baby in the near future

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Gastric sleeve surgery, how much weight will i lose?

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Had gastric bypass 12 yrsago. Lost 130#. Gains about 95 back. Would weight watchers work for me. . Can't afford a revision.?

Help please? What is the cheapest weight loss surgery?

Hi i've had gastric bypass surgery 3 years ago and i stopped losing weight 1 year after the surgery... I'm still not happy with my weight what to do?

Hi, I have had an operation and lost a lot of weight. What can I eat to regain the weight, bearing in mind i now have an ileostomy bag?

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How do you know whether have loose skin or a tummy after weight loss. Two dr. Tell me could do situps. Plastic surgeon says need surgery. Confused?

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I am 230 pounds and I am scheduled for my gastric sleeve surgery how much weight did you lose?

I am 25 years. I weigh 224 an I am thinking about doing a gastric bypass to lose weight. Do u think that's a good choice for me?

I am 5'3 230 lbs can I have weight loss surgery?

I am 6'4 376 pounds i need to lose weight. What is the best way for me to do this?

I am an overweight myope who has lattice degeneration and corrected detachments. What exercises can I safely do to lose weight?

I am losing weight after partial thyroidectomy, is this ok?